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  1. I wonder how many fans who were thinking about coming tonight and looked at the team sheet and thought *** it, I'll stop at home..
  2. I'm also enjoying a nice light beverage whilst cooking my tikka massala. Totally not thinking about football... Oh wait Im posting on the oneboro forum 😆 oh and as for games I'm about to start red dead redemption 2 tonight.
  3. My concern even with a director of football is, that its all well and good having a figure making all the footballing decisions at a club but if he won't be backed by and left to actually make the decisions by the owner, then we will be no better off. If we do ever go down that route I hope gibson gives him his remit and leaves him to get on with it.
  4. Which speaks volumes about our attacking players quality.
  5. For anyone who wants a link its working on usagoals.
  6. Unless coulson is being played on the left of the attacking 3 and tav of the right with wing floating around in the middle.
  7. Who do you think will replace him if he is sacked? Mac or one of our coaches?
  8. Doesn't mean he hasnt been sacked after it though I guess?
  9. Couldnt do much worse than our current strikers. 🤣
  10. Hope he does then we won't need to pay him off.
  11. You tried the tikka massala Pringles?
  12. Wonder if it will be in an official capacity then or just helping in the background, he can't be a new assistant manager because Keane is the assistant manager, and if it would be too costly to remove him it may be a director of football role then?
  13. I thought Gibson fell out with McLaren?
  14. Do you think a bit like when Venables helped Robbo? Didn't last long after for Robbo did it. I'm not totally against it. But would rather we stopped repeating history and making the same mistakes over again.
  15. I wonder what will cost the club more in the long term relegation or severance pay.
  16. I think he is out of his depth, the club is not at its most stable at the moment which in my opinion is not the time to have a rookie manager in even if it is "one of our own" 🤦‍♂️
  17. I think that would just be seen as papering over the cracks and a complete change would be wanted. But perhaps Woody's fans would be very open to that idea.
  18. But Never accepts his part in all of this.
  19. Exactly, and probably why stojanovic isnt in the squad.
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