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  1. Ok, but that guy has 183k followers if that's supposed to mean anything, also checked back through his tweet history and gets alot of thing right regarding transfers. I couldn't remember if I had seen anything posted in here with a link to a source about Santon. So I posted it, to keep brunners happy.. 😜
  2. Twitter journo say we close to signing Balogun and Santon. https://twitter.com/NicoSchira/status/1479640949059952643?t=s4A1UH7SdcdZRRuAFGU4-w&s=19
  3. I'm going for a slightly changed side but hopefully strong enough to beat Mansfield. Resting a couple of the first team lads. While giving a couple of the fringe players a chance. -------------------------Brynn‐------------------------ ---------------Wood Bamba Peltier-------------- Gibson--------------Howson----------------Taylor ----------------Payero----------Tavernier------------------ -‐---------Sporar/Balogun---Conolly------------------
  4. There is a link from October, and is the first post in this thread.
  5. If we have 1 space currently in squad, that means we can bring in connelly without anyone leaving. I imagine Wilder will want all the squad allocations filled. So if we are likely to send Stojanovic out, but bring sol brynn back that's a straight swap. JLS's loan is likely to be terminated, so will need a left footed midfielder = Riley Mcrgree? Hernandez isn't a striker and as likeable as he is I can't see where he fits in our system, so another striker in. Hall out = Nathan Wood? But he's under 23 and doesn't take up an allocation? So possibly another CB coming in. U
  6. I literally have no fingernails, last time my fingers were subjected to this level of harassment was when we were promoted.. 😬🤣
  7. I just love watching us lately, it really does feel like the good times are back.
  8. Aslong as the lad wants to come here and does well for us, that's all I care about. He is still young, has scored goals in the Premier league and also at international level. Can play LW, RW CF and SS (according to transfermrkt) Our team seems to have a good morale and it might rub off on him. If he signs I'd give him a chance.
  9. Can it be for dark markets only? Set your vpn location to Luxembourg.
  10. I honestly think we will see the best of him next year/season. He will have a full preseason with us, will know the language better, and the league.
  11. Merry Christmas everyone, and I'm looking forward to boxing days game! Bring on the forest UTB
  12. Tbf it's a difficult one right now as all three CMs are playing well. Payero when given his chance needs to shine. Interested to know though out of the 3 currently in the team which would you drop?
  13. We've got to do it sometime so I'd love it to be today. 3 nill too.
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