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  1. I would be *** off, if we did put in a performance and beat Leeds yea, because of the awful displays of the last three or four games. Its no good raising your game for one or two games they need to fight and play well in all the games, two games without a shot on target. That's shocking. Don't get me wrong I want us to beat Leeds of course but it will be a bitter sweet win. Woodgates not learning from his mistakes and that's worrying.
  2. I don't think pace is everything, also even when we have a pacey side out we never seem to really exploit it. Times like this you do need some experienced heads in the team. It does look like the team I predicted apart from I had Coulson and Tav in instead of Johnson and Wing. Hopefully see a good game from ravel today. Im going 2 nil to boro today UTB
  3. I'd like a 352 formation. Pears Shotton, moukoudi, friend Howson Saville Coulson Ravel Tavernier Fletcher Britt
  4. But RB Leipzigs shirts sponsor is red bull.
  5. Yea why haven't we had a really nice lucrative bulkhaul sponsorship deal..
  6. Yea I don't think they can change a clubs name. RB Leipzig aren't red bull Leipzig they are called Rassenballsport Leipzig. They called the ground red bull arena though.
  7. Today was just so poor in performance, most of the players didn't seem upto the fight today. McNair was awful today, slow off the mark and did very little in midfield. Wing couldn't get into the game at all, and even more so when we had four strikers on. Spence seems to dally on the ball a bit almost like he is undecided what to do, I guess that will come with experience. We should of had ravel on from the start instead of McNair. I'll stop here as it just depresses me..
  8. Mcnairs been poor so far, too slow to react to anything IMO.
  9. Pretty much the same I chose but with the exceptions of McNair and nmetcha for ravel and britt
  10. 🤣 haha I apologise for disrespecting Mr Devon. But I completely forgot a couple of squad numbers so just left it as is lol
  11. My team I think should play against luton. * please note * I've not dropped fry but just resting him.. 😬
  12. That's because coulson isn't positionally very good as a defender. He is good going forward and is always looking to be in a more advanced position, which can work to our advantage when attacking but he needs to improve his defensive side. Hopefully see friend come in on the left side of a back three, and he can talk to him on the pitch and help him improve.
  13. I used to play left back and defensive midfield. As a fullback it is your job to stop crosses coming into the box. As a midfielder you are to watch for the overlap and help the full back. Then then one of the CBs can cover the front post. But because Fry was out of position Moukoudi had to step in, and unfortunately he headed it into his own net.
  14. I think you could see that at the end of the game, few players appeared to blank him. But not sure if it was intentional. They were just going round doing the usual of shaking the Wigan players hands.
  15. edit *Didnt mean to tag you. I honestly think he was trying too hard to impress, at the end of the game the lad looked gutted and I thought it was a nice touch by woody and Leo who went over to him and put an arm round him.
  16. Controversial but I think moukoudi is a bit better than fry currently.
  17. Thanks, I wasn't sure.
  18. If Gibson had his contract mutually terminated and lets say boro decided to waiver the remaining money owed by Burnley. Could he still sign and play for us this season as a free agent?
  19. Agree looks like a 433 with Morrison probably sitting a bit deeper than Fletch and britt
  20. In the first half we looked weaker down the right, and it was the opposite in the second half. Makoudi did well and looked solid and confident with the ball. Although wing scored he was not quite as effective today as he could be, I thought instead of gestede woody should of put ravel on for wing today. But we didn't play that bad today, and there some positive signs.
  21. I dont care if the info is right or wrong I still think this is the best boro related forum. Posters like SDS, Lurker, Raf and diggerlad add a lot of interesting content, I for one enjoy reading it. Carry on lads.
  22. Yes, they are very nice. But the orange revels have sick after taste to them.
  23. The fact they keep rejecting watfords offer suggests to me our offer is more appealing to them, its just the fine details in Bens contract I guess
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