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  1. Exactly, some ppl are expecting us to sign perfect players when in reality we are just not going to do that in the championship. Watmore is a good striker, has a good work rate, runs himself into the ground each game. But he trys to do it all on his own sometimes when there's sometimes better options he could take. Sporar hasn't been quite as "greedy" for want of a better word. He tends to bring others into play alot more than watmore does. Perhaps he could do with being a bit more selfish.
  2. Also it's worth noting as soon as watmore gets the ball you just know he's going to run and hang onto the ball and try and score himself, instead of passing when that would be the better option. I've seen on a few occasions sporar being in a good position for a tap in if watmore had cut it back instead.
  3. To me it looks likely that stoj will be moved on in January, and maybe one of the other two too.
  4. https://twitter.com/Boro/status/1469668313039048711?t=dattGt66L-x6-FYL0smnqw&s=19
  5. On a loan untill the end of the season I'd be happy with. But at 32 I'd be unhappy with anything longer really. He is a good player but we have supposed to have moved on from bringing older players on big money here for one last pay day.
  6. So basically like the role in Which Kieran did at Norwich, the new guy will work under him
  7. Good teams win even when they don't play that well. Im delighted that we beat Swansea, even if it wasn't pretty. And that we made up some ground in the play offs chase.
  8. I'm liking this comment just for that phrase really lol. Though I agree with everything you said too haha.
  9. Very entertaining game, I enjoyed it, good win over a difficult team. The lads will of gained abit of confidence from that too. UTB Downsides ~ need to be more clinical infront of goal, the keepers distribution/passing wasn't good at all.
  10. I think it is a sad thing for their genuine fans, really. As much as I don't like Derby for their cheating, I would of been satisfied with just the point deductions as fair enough punishment. But the fact is their management ran that club into the ground and has now left them in it upto their eyeballs. I can't really see a way out for them now though. I can imagine one of their creditors maybe taking a loss or negotiate a settlement plan but not all of them, and most definitely not HMRC. They may accept a plan to repay it but will want every pennie back. .
  11. I've only seen him playing for Wales and he seems solid enough when he has played. Be decent in the championship with us for example. But his wages would be a problem.
  12. Can he play for the u23s? Maybe it's a good way for Wilder to get a closer look at him early. Then he knows whether he needs to get another CB or not.
  13. To be fair there was a few of them last night. Jones had a few good opportunities to put some one in or play a simple ball, but he lost it more often than not. Tav again needs to be less greedy on the ball. Yes Hernandez is also so frustrating as you can see technically he's a good player but I've not seen a decent cross from him, they just need to keep it simple. The patient build up play last night is what they need to work more on and learn when to pass, rather than running down a blind alley.
  14. Some players are obviously fitter than others, fitness isn't always measured in how long they can run for but also levels of concentration. We got really sloppy second half. While I love Bamba he shouldn't be playing 90 minutes 2-3 times a week. But we have to due to the state of the squad currently. Hopefully we address this in Jan, G. Hall needs to move on as he is injured more than he plays, so atleast another Center back is a must.
  15. Will be nice to have more options for a starting squad. As good as Bamba has been, he has on several occasions lost us games.
  16. Decent first half, impressed with the spell of passing we had, hope we come out in the second the same way.
  17. I hope they terminate Ameobis contract. That would give us an extra space to bring someone in
  18. I think with more time, the performance will get better, you can't expect the players to have fully grasped their roles in the way wilder wants them to play, in less than two weeks training. Baring in mind some have only had a couple of days due to being on international duties. I was refreshing to actually see us play football, and have an actual midfield. Bola while he was solid looked a little jaded, could be because he's just came back from an injury. Jones is electric quick, I think more time with the new setup he will improve too.
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