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  1. I'm sure i remember alot of the players taken relegation wage cuts from the premiered season.
  2. So the rumours of the big Argentine striker might be true?
  3. Good to hear he's looking after himself.. 😂
  4. Then once Roberts is fit I'm sure he would replace the worst of the other atacking loan players.
  5. Is it only 4 loan players allowed in the match day squad? I'd suspect if all were fit and we did sign all the current linked players. You would expect that Gibson and makoudi would start with Jones, Morrison, Roberts competing for the winger/ attacking midfield role and nmetcha competing with fletcher and Britt/gestede.
  6. Looks like he has *** on his chips at rangers, with that display against Celtic.
  7. Even better, not had a keeper that dangerous in the box since Steele... 🤣
  8. Definitely would be in recent history yes. Morrison has divided opinions but if he signs then the ball is in his court he has to try and win the fans around. He has the talent otherwise these clubs wouldn't take the punt on him.
  9. Can't imagine anyone paying him £25k if he was not worth the risk IMHO.
  10. This Morrison is only a 6 month loan isn't it? If he only plays 5/6 games its not the end of the world. He would be gone by the end of the season anyway.
  11. We have money, we just can't spend all of it. That's what my understanding of it is. We have to stay within the FFP limits.
  12. That looks real, if not its a bloody good photoshop lol
  13. I'm sure there will be a few mistruths flying around, during these times. Your info (right or wrong) is always welcome though.
  14. If Watford were going to play him I'm sure no matter how home sick he is, he would still chose them over us, keep his nice big salary.
  15. If we sell another first team player such as wing or Britt do you think we will try and replace them?
  16. Can't see anyone taking Fry for £30m though stranger things do happen.
  17. Tav's gotta be worth £20m then. Didn't see much of bellingham , he didtnt look that good tbh.
  18. I'd interprete that to expect us to sell players like Fry or Britt but hopefully not Tav though.
  19. Maybe the injury to fry might give some more urgency to add more cover to our none existing defence.
  20. Kike was in my opinion totally underrated.
  21. Don't think we can afford or attract many spectacular players these days. So proven players like at Bamfords level isn't a bad starting point.
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