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  1. Ohhh, tomorrow... I'm working, thank ***. 😂
  2. Anyone know of any links tonight? In agony with toothache, may as well complete my miserable evening and watch us attempt to play football.
  3. Worse to be fair, we had the opportunity to change and we seem to have got worse. Attack and defence has got worse, yet we have the same players? Promises of progressive football that never came as they were abandoned pretty much at the first hurdle. It's just bloody awful at the moment and id actually rather be at work than watch or listen to us.
  4. I had confidence in a mid table finish at the start of the season. I'm now barely confident we'll be in this league next season. I'm also quite close to losing all interest, this entire scenario is practically making me lose any passion I have left.
  5. Mistakes... Woodgate can't exactly be at fault for mistakes
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