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  1. Wish I hadn't found a stream after that miss 😂
  2. First time in years that I've actually liked both kits
  3. Good move in the short term, rest of the season and possibly next to give us a proper sort out. His record at this level is great.
  4. Well, Warnock has always wanted to manage us... If he keeps us up, I'll give him a fondle.
  5. Knowing woodgate, he won't make any 😅
  6. Reckon they'll play the boos at half time? 😅
  7. At least I can see us play in Plymouth next season.
  8. Rather glad the my card wouldn't work. Will watch shitty stream
  9. On the up side, my laptop ain't booting, so if it's streaming anywhere... I won't have to watch 😂
  10. Was gonna say that if we lose, it's because some mad man put Shotton at CB. 😂😂😂
  11. I was going to, the I saw then team 😂
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