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  1. Totally agree with this I'd be happy with this. With Negredo taking the corners? :D Seriously though, Hodgson wouldn't be a bad shout if Gibson pulled the trigger. Isn't there an international break following the United game? Could be the perfect time to make a change?
  2. I forgot Kenyon was still involved with Boro What exactly is his role?
  3. Would any of you be happy with Pardew? He usually has a decent start whenever he takes over a club before the wheels start coming off.
  4. I certainly don't hold it against you. Being a Quaker you're certainly not in this for the glory. And at least you passed onto us the likes of Curtis Main :s And you gave us Nathan Porritt, so we're equal :D
  5. To be fair if I remember rightly I was actually Hoping Man U would win cos it meant the Barcodes wouldn't win the title! I remember the Kevin Keegan song being sung by both sets of supporters and asking my uncle what they were singing. He fobbed me off and said he couldn't make it out :)
  6. Actually, when I was young and naive I was a United fan (purely because my father was / is) and went to the last game of the season against United in about 1996? I seem to remember United winning 3-0 in Blue and White and thus won the league title. I was buzzing that day :cool:
  7. It wouldn't surprise me if you managed to pick up a point on Sunday. You've had some decent results against United at home over the years and they're missing a few key players.
  8. No real reason other than I grew up surrounded by Boro fans at school / work etc I certainly don't see Boro as my second team, as that accolade belongs to Darlington Reserves :D
  9. There's still some left? :D Not many, I'll give you that :rolleyes:
  10. Now then, Darlo fan here Hope you don't hold that against me :D
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