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  1. We will soon know what he thinks of Payero if he starts putting McGree on
  2. Here’s a list that was posted on Twitter
  3. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/58820061 heres a article about Brighton doing it
  4. I’d like to see Bamba stay and work with the U23 like he was originally brought in to do. A lot of teams are starting to bring experienced pros in to work and play with the U23 and Bamba would be ideal for that
  5. Just remember it been said the deal for hall was already in place under woodgate.
  6. Akpom already out on loan Hall already signed before Warnock joined the club Morsy no longer at the club Bettenelli no longer at the club Lumley/Daniels our 1st and 2nd choice keepers so we are not looking to get rid of Olusanya U23 player Archer no longer at the club Mendez Laing no longer at the club so only Ameobi from that list of players we would be looking to get rid of
  7. I see on Twitter that Anthony Vickers is doing an article about the oneBoro mods dictatorship
  8. It’s also not like the chicken run of old. A player would get stick for 90 minutes a week but now with social media is 24/7
  9. We signed Saville after he just had a very good season for Millwall scoring 10 goals. Saville played a lot better for Millwall that season than tav has ever played for us
  10. Pulis must of been in charge of our transfer policy under monk because we where trying to get Bamford out of the club then too
  11. What numbers are Newcastle and Sunderland?
  12. Yeah but it does give the new coaches a chance to take a closer look at him
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