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  1. To be fair he’s nowhere near match fit
  2. Maybe that’s why he was allowed to leave last week
  3. If he’s gone back to Argentina won’t he have to isolate when he comes back
  4. ABH

    Team Formation

    Isn’t that what JLS is supposed to be?
  5. If he goes it will be interesting to see who we appoint as he’s replacement. will we appoint a permanent manager or go with a short term one?
  6. The EFL knew what derby where doing 2-3 years ago if they had done something about it then derby might not be in administration now.
  7. I think I remember reading that you are allowed to eat at different times or something like that if it effects your work.
  8. So he might play him there if he needs to because of injuries
  9. I saw that just thought that the club would of announced that he had started
  10. I haven’t seen a statement from the club about Scott starting at the club. Have I just missed it?
  11. I can’t see them playing together. Last season when we only had 2 strikers warnock rotated them
  12. Yet he played better under pulis than he had the previous 3.5 years under other managers
  13. Dropped down to 3/4 choice so wasn’t going to get much playing time
  14. Well it wasn’t on the ball because he didn’t touch it
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