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  1. I’m sure I read somewhere that the pitch won’t be ready until September at the earliest
  2. So he’s saying you get the better deals towards the end of the transfer window 😁
  3. According to some West Brom fans we haven’t payed a loan fee so they have a recall option
  4. I don’t think Mowatt will start anyway 😁 but I don’t think it helped us in the first 2 games not having a midfielder on the bench Wilder trusted to bring on
  5. But moving players around doesn’t give the midfield some fresh legs.
  6. If we play McGee in the number 10 then we are still stuck with no midfielders on the bench
  7. That means he will be cup tied and wont be able play for us in the next round 👀
  8. Wouldn’t it be funny if they get he’s contract overturned and then all the players that where signed or had there contact extended by the same board decided to leave on free transfers because the contracts are null and void too
  9. They think they do until 23.58 on transfer deadline day and the nerves get to them and they start just pushing buttons at random 😁 What time does the widow shut this year?
  10. I was thinking that too. The USA is the fastest growing market for football(soccer) in the world at the moment so maybe we trying to attract the new USA fans.
  11. It’s only Wednesday. This is the sort of *** the club would do 👀
  12. I’ll have to have a look back to see what he said because he’s info is the only one that’s been right lately 👀
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