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  1. I don’t know where we are looking to give Bamba deal has come from. The club have said he is here to get he’s fitness back and we haven’t hid it when we have had players here on trial lately so why hide it with Bamba
  2. Who are all these cart horses that Warnock has filled the squad with?
  3. https://www.gazettelive.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/saltash-united-vs-middlesbrough-live-21092073 gazette match updates in a bit more detail
  4. They are like this all the time. Sometimes Twitter is the only way I can keep updated when I’m at work so I go to who ever we are playing Twitter page instead of boros
  5. The Twitter account is terrible at keeping you up dated during a match
  6. I think Liverpool signed pears as cover because of it.
  7. Do they have any warm up games planned 😁
  8. Could be September before he joins up with us depending on how Argentina do and if he signs for us
  9. The English fa have only been given 8.5k so I don’t know if the rest go to hospitality or go on general sale
  10. I hope it’s more but millwall have never spent over 1m on a player
  11. Have you heard how much we got for saville? Because I’ve been told it was only 500k
  12. Wonder what fee we got for him
  13. The 5-6m fee could be after add ons. So he could be only costing us 3-4m
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