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  1. Our season in a nutshell Shoot our self in the foot Crap refereeing Don't have a goal in us
  2. Its all about Marvin Johnson.. deserves to be starting.
  3. which is why he's trying to put pressure on him by making it public
  4. It might depend on how his contract talks are going.. someone said he's close to agreeing a new deal a few days ago. Otherwise I think we'll see Bolasie stay in the middle.. or maybe he'll give Britt a chance with the DRC lads.
  5. This message board: Woodgate coke bad Mendez-Laing coke good
  6. Bristol wouldn’t be making offers if he hadn’t already told them he wants to go there
  7. I think he came back here because the deal made last year by Woody said he had to.
  8. I bet Gibbo can't believe his luck. 2 Million quid for an out-of-contract Britt, crikey.
  9. IMO if we get another winger Tav can go midfield full time
  10. if we can get ANYTHING we should snap their hands off immediately
  11. I actually think it's a decent line up. Fry back Bola + Johnson back together on the left Spence further up the pitch Bolasie can't be any worse than Britt/Chuba
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