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  1. Good performance but I wouldn't go overboard. First half was 50/50 and the second they started the better side with Rooney up-top then they changed it and we looked better. Tav is so underrated the lad never stops working. Around the 75th minute he was literally all over the pitch closing down. On the flipside I was very disappointed with Watmore. Probably should be playing in the u23s..
  2. my guess: its a 1 month contract until january when he'll be replaced by bolasie
  3. It sounds like we're putting off signing Watmore until the end of the break to save a few weeks wages, I doubt the club are going to be paying anyone big wages.
  4. Lol trying to dribble around Virgil van Dijksteele..
  5. I doubt they even want him. It's probably just the club touting players around again looking for cash.
  6. People always have to whinge, don't they? Unbeaten in 7, haven't conceded a goal from open play all season, we look a proper unit and there's a real togetherness in the squad for the first time in 4-5 years. Actually guys, instead of looking to the positives, lets try and tear down a young right back starting his first full season, or, how about we have a go at Assombalonga for not playing his best in a role unsuited to him? Get a grip and enjoy the team doing well for a change.
  7. Much prefer him right of a back 3 than a traditional fullback; not sure he quite has it technically high up the field. Having said that, he’s the best right back at the club, so, if we’re playing 4 at the back I prefer him to Spence.
  8. Considering the financial circumstances around the world, I think the window has been really good. Bettinelli, Morsy, Hall, Akpom and Roberts are all good signings.
  9. He's usually right.. He had us getting Roberts back 2-3 weeks ago, said Warnock had agreed to stay well before Gibson leaked it on the news, was on the money about Woodgate, etc etc
  10. I like Pears, he did really well during an awful period for the club. I'd honestly like to see him stick around but if he wants to leave then that's it.. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-8841647/Middlesbrough-interested-signing-Danny-Rose-Chelsea-outcast-Baba-Rahman-loan.html More of what's already out there..
  11. footballinsider is usually on the money and there's no smoke without fire.. but with that said, i just don't see it happening.. unless they're willing to pay 90% of his wages or something
  12. IMO Ben Liddel was never going to make it. He’s too skinny for the championship. Even for the reserve side he was overshadowed by those around him but he took the penalties so his stats always looked good.
  13. He may not be a natural RWB but he played well: hardworking, tenacious, linked with Dijksteel well. In a game where we conceded 1 shot it's hard to say anyone played poorly defensively and he also played a part in both goals. I rather he started RWB than Spence atm.
  14. rumour was Stoj had covid and took awhile to fully get over it..
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