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  1. Catts has been with the youth teams for a longgg time it just wasn't announced
  2. The crowd always needs one to blame and boo. It's that simple.
  3. The crazy thing about this is Jones is a much muchhhhhh better player
  4. Howson is so good at the role because he’s so mobile and moves side to side so quickly. He’s not a typical defensive mid.
  5. Why? He literally saved the club from League 1. And after being told he was finished, he took the team away to WBA and got a proper performance out of them. Have a little respect for the man.
  6. to be fair it was Mansfield.. everyone on our books should look good vs them
  7. Since Wilder took over: when the the decision is made to change the midfield how many times has he been brought on? Once for less than 2 minutes.. Wilder either doesn't like him or doesn't trust him.
  8. We paid 6 million for a midfielder that can't get in the team 1 million for a standout striker from Arsenal doesn't sound too crazy
  9. That number is literally Boro floating it out there. No way anyone pays it imo
  10. why would you even think about moving our most effective player?
  11. That's why hes a great cheap squad player if we need something different for 10-20 minutes. No one else in the squad holds the ball or is as powerful as him.
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