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  1. He said it just after he was signed when talking about how nice a lad Uche is.
  2. I remember Warnock saying he is one of the lowest paid players in the entire squad so it was a no brainer to take a chance on him.
  3. Weak punch vs Wycombe, which he has a habit of, as he did the same against Arsenal the season before. If you won't catch it in your own 6 yard box, at least don't punch it to the opposition on the edge of the area and sustain the attack. Don't think I've ever seen someone go round a goalie so easily vs Leipzig, but maybe this one is harsh. Getting done at your near post from this angle vs Swindon is a sin. Going for a walk vs Saints, which was similar to what he did to get City knocked out of the Cup the season prior against Chelsea, where he just gives up a square ball for a ta
  4. Of all the people linked with moves away I'd probably keep Payero and Uche... Payero has the IT factor we just need to get it out of him Uche brings something completely different. If we're having 5 strikers there's a spot for him. He's huge and works hard.
  5. how do you know its for a loss? the loan fee could be anything
  6. So the reason it's taking so long is Tottenham know about an old agreement Boro had with Forest at 13m and aren't happy about the price hike.
  7. Balogun isn't coming back so we really don't need pages of it being discussed
  8. being serious here.. why do you care?
  9. Bola was told he could leave at the end of the season but doesn’t look like anything came of it
  10. i honestly dont get the negativity. its a tidy kit, nothing bad about it. i also have a feeling it will be even better in person.
  11. if Tav stays we have to sign him onto a new deal.. cant risk him going on a free next year
  12. call me *** crazy but i like it
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