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  1. We’re in November and people are already in meltdown for what we haven’t done in January
  2. Some people on here literally spend their life trying to create drama for Middlesbrough. It’s genuinely sad, don’t you have anything better to do? Get in the bin m8. The lads been called up for international duty, if he’s fit he’ll go, if he’s not he won’t.
  3. I think Pears is fit, Woody just using his knock as an excuse to complain about the squad size.
  4. Derby game he made quite a few good saves. There was one with his feet which was very impressive.
  5. Randolph is 100% injured. Not that I have a problem with playing Pears over Mejias. He's been good and will only improve. For me Fry, Saville, Tav and Assombalonga are playing awful. I'd be looking at every-way possible to get them out the starting line up. Changing the shape, playing more youth lads, whatever it takes. Fry is costing us so many goals. He loses his man, gets pushed off the ball and has an awful first touch. Saville has literally no positives. He's like a lead weight around the teams neck. Slow, can't pass, can't tackle, weak. Play Malley - he couldn't do worse. Tav gives the ball away all the time, can't tackle for a midfielder and lacks any sort of composure. Assombalonga is beyond out-of-form. I hate seeing him fall down all the *** time, either diving or over his own feet. He ruins so many forward movements with lazy lazy play.
  6. Fry is absolutely awful. How many times can this lad cost us and go unmentioned. Didn’t even try to go with his man for the goal and has been giving it away all game.
  7. I think we'll lose. Mainly because we're toothless upfront and I don't see how that changes. Might scrape a draw if Ayala puts us on his back and carries us.
  8. Considering the sum paid and the time-played, it's Gestede.
  9. Ryan Shotton arsing about in a new Aston Martin can be the first go. I've heard billionaires are queuing up around the block to buy a money-pit football club with poor support in a poverty stricken area.
  10. For 4 mil there's players out there that will do a better job than Assombalonga. Nugent was 2mil, Kike 2.5.. I've always tried to be a defender of his; the goalscoring record speaks for itself but now that has dried up we're left with a VERY clumsy player that goes down way to softly. Don't get me started on Fletcher.
  11. Btw how awful is Fry, he's been properly exposed this season. Be lucky to get 5m for him nevermind 20.
  12. Wing can't play on the left of a 3.. we've seen it enough.
  13. https://www.thenorthernecho.co.uk/sport/17975312.no-rush-new-contracts---boro-boss/ Even Clayton's deal is running out next summer, so there's 7 of them up for grabs.
  14. I can't see us getting rid in January if we are still sitting around the lower reaches.. Next summer with only a year left on his deal I can see him leaving and us replacing him with that big lad Ivan Toney.
  15. He won 4 out of 5 league games but was told by higher ups to play a different formation.. You're not really managing if those above you are setting the team up. In other news Gestede is injured again.
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