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  1. wasn't it when he got divorced? his ex-wife was going to get a huge piece of the debt and therefore the club so he said *** it
  2. The world was about to go into recession and Gibbo had the divorce that cost him 50mil
  3. I think it’s pivotal we sign _players_ because atm we have none.
  4. why would any free agent sign so early? they always go as long as possible to get the best deal and avoid preseason.
  5. Wing can be really good.. we've seen it. He lost his way when Woodgate had him playing as a 4.
  6. because he covers the pitch side to side a bit like a championship kante better than anybody else in the squad
  7. If we started the season with Diédhiou, Wyke and this Mullin as strikers on free transfers I think it's good business.
  8. Btw why is a bridge that never works an icon of the town?
  9. I don't really like it but I'll reserve judgment until I see it on a person
  10. We just had a lad for 15m that missed half his penalties and no one had confidence when he stepped up tbf
  11. I like Morsy. One of the few players that always puts it in. There was one game where we got absolutely minced and people kept blaming him, whereas to me it looked like he was the only one trying.
  12. the financial reality will hit him in 4-5 weeks and he'll have to accept something much worse or end up in Australia
  13. The collar on that Southampton shirt is awful
  14. He started well but then there was weird links with him wanting stay in the Prem and suddenly he went to ***.
  15. I'm pretty sure he did so we cashed in
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