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  1. Why isn't Britt fit? He's was playing just over a week or 2 ago
  2. The ITK was to come and meet him 🤷🏻‍♂️
  3. He's in New Mexico with the team managing their friendlies.. it took me less than 5 seconds to google.. Maybe don't believe everyone claiming to be ITK.
  4. Well that debunks the ITK story from earlier that no one from Boro said anything to him before Warnock rang him to come see him in Cardiff.. Warnock isn't even in Cardiff.
  5. How about some transfer talk from summer 2019 as the title says instead of boring *** from years ago??
  6. I'd tell them 15m and he's yours.. get it done with so we can get a replacement sorted.
  7. It was strange when the guy on bbctees mentioned this rumour and Woody literally made a ‘hmm’ noise.. he later listed him as a one of the important dressing room leaders. Im personally happy to see the back of him, I’d rather make space in the squad for Wood or Stubbs, even if it sets us back in the short term. interestingly, if we start the first game with a back 4 of Friend, Ayala, Shotton, Howson.. don’t all their contracts run out this year?
  8. I think they've seen the reports and took a bit of a leap tbh.. If it had progressed that far I think we'd have heard more about it.
  9. Adama is mincing Newcastle in a friendly on Skysports atm
  10. they're also offloading players to make space in the budget.. literally just sold Jansson for 6m and Clark for 10m..
  11. He knew about Woodgate months before it happened and insisted it was happening all the way upto the announcement.
  12. You can just see Luton flying at us and Flint/Shotton giving the ball away endlessly in a panic
  13. Wigan paying 3.6mil for Hugill.. That's a grotesque figure for him
  14. Someone said they spoke to him in the car park of Hartlepool.. reckons he's out 2-3 weeks, might mean Tommy is in goal at Luton.
  15. Maybe West Ham are willing to pay the other half to get him shifted
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