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  1. Well considering Johnson has spent most of his time at left back, I wouldn't like to see Browne playing there.
  2. Completely disagree. It wasn't a lack of effort, it was a lack of class in the final 3rd. Most other teams would've been 3-0 up at half time and had the game killed off.
  3. Have you seen these lunatics calling for Kevin Blackwell and Ronnie Jepson as our next manager combo? 😅
  4. He was legit our star performer for much of the season.. and I thought he did the DM role very well at Stoke, plenty of pace and energy to clean things up, and carried the ball forward well from deep. The ball forward to Tav was outstanding. Trying to replace Howson is not something the club should be spending its time on this Summer.
  5. Stephen Wearne being released is a bit of a surprise, he looked a good prospect in pre-season.
  6. Marv was being linked with moves to Bulgaria a few days ago, so makes sense. ^
  7. He had 3 months off to plan Boro's revival and came up with playing a front 3 of Gestede, Nmecha and Coulson. Trying to understand his thinking will only give you a headache..
  8. That's the best Dael Fry has looked in forever. I put it down to having George lead him through the game - who was also superb. All round good performance. Exactly what I wanted to see from them. Shape, work effort and a bit drive going forward.
  9. Very attacking.. I like it but think our midfield will get overran.
  10. I seem to remember Ricketts crashing his Ferrari and having loads of McDonalds in it. Nmecha is pure dross. Part of me thinks his loan deal has a ~must play X number of minutes~ clause, it's the only explanation for his inclusion.
  11. My guess is something like 4411 Pears rb:Shotton lb:George cbs: Mouk and Fry rw:Howson lw:Tav cms:Mcnair and Clayton 10:Roberts st:Britt
  12. The difference this time is we're going to be starting from zero with so many players leaving. That means we can build a squad geared towards a type of play. If we build a Warnock squad that's another 5~ years of defensive/longball.
  13. no. they didnt fill their bench last night and he still wasn't on it.
  14. People were saying our financials should allow us to be more flexible next Summer, maybe that will be enough to get a Chris Hughton type?
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