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  1. Anyone know whats happened with Ayala? He's never at any of the home games even though injured first team members are required to be there.. Last week the club were saying he'll be back in 2 weeks yesterday JW said there's no return date.. Is it the same issue he had a few years ago where they couldn't find anything wrong and Karanka got really angry?
  2. I think we concede late because of nerves and also the lads usually look completely knackered..
  3. Rudy was unreal today. I dunno where this player has been hiding, maybe he's finally got fit after all this time as his Boro career runs out Otherwise I liked the centre backs.. Mouk was great, Shotton was caught a few times but alright No surprise the team looks more solid and structured when Clayton is in there The new goalie has a great kick but he never ever takes a touch. I kept worrying that there was going to be a late bobble Johnson was very poor defensively but him and Coulson are clever going forward together. IMO need George back I love Jonny Howson
  4. Shotton has been fine, ignore Neil Maddison malding on the radio - it’s just his combative style. Mouk has been brilliant for me. Always having to cover for Johnson who has been very poor defensively. Tav needs to be down the left, never a right winger. Proper shift from him though.
  5. Literally not true. Most of us knew he'd been highly rated at City, last year had a decent time at Preston but struggled at Wolfsburg. He looked an ideal signing.
  6. I'd go for that but I think Clayton has to play. As much as I dislike what he represents, right now I think we need the work-rate and grind that no other midfielder brings. If there's a shot at goal he'll dive in front of it whereas someone like Saville turns their back. No one was saying that when he signed..
  7. some of the hot takes on here 10 minutes ago... "pears isn't good enough" "what does lewis wing offer" etc... yikes
  8. he was outstanding vs leeds.. mcnair is literal garbage though.. instead of going for the ball on the edge of his own area, he played for the foul which drags clayton out of position and the lad has a free shot.
  9. Nmecha has to have playing time in his loan deal - he literally offers nothing. Noticed Roberts and Fry sat with Rudy behind the subs benched, I have a feeling they're going to be rushed back.
  10. I don't think Gibson has any intention of sacking him and talk of it is waste of time, tbh.
  11. Basically it’s the same as vs West Brom .. nice start , we look up for it
  12. Our run of decent results came with him and Saville as a 2 in midfield. It gave us a solid core to build from and a spine we've lacked all season. So, I'd go back to that and stick to it. 442, 4411,4231 whatever we want to call it. Gk: Pears, Rb: Howson, Lb: George, Cb: Mouk, Cb: Shotton, RW: Spence, Lw: Tav, Cm: Clayts, Cm: Saville, 10: Wing, Str: Fletcher Get WIng up the pitch so he's not losing the ball deep all the time and into places he can effect the game. And Tav for me has to play. Even when he's struggling he always puts in a shift which you can't really say about them all. His best performances always come from being on the left.
  13. coulson and spence played vs luton and both struggled.. so he's gone for experience vs barnsley and howson was our best outfield player by some margin stojanovic played his first u23 last week so looks like he hasnt been fit
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