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  1. agents know we're looking for a cheap striker so names are being tossed about
  2. probably the same reason betinelli took a few days longer after it leaked.. everything is just slower with covid
  3. when did Fry last play well? has he ever had a stand out game?
  4. We don't look for an outball to pass to.. Ever since NW took over we've knocked it into the channel to turn the defence. It works a charm away from home..
  5. Seems a decent purchase as long as the fee is made up of clauses and not upfront in one chunk.
  6. Thought we were alright and the better team but as the game went on everyone got tired and sloppy. Not much more to say.
  7. Fry out of the team. NW truly is a god.
  8. 666 pages, 1 signing and people still arguing about Steve Agnew 5 years later..
  9. He's out to lunch if he thinks he's ready to be first choice or deserves to be.
  10. I liked Pears but they must have a reason for getting rid.. Maybe he won't sign a new deal? or has an agent they don't want to deal with?.. A couple of the young lads signed new deals last year (Spence, Wood and Coulson) so you have to think what they're offering is fair. Also we're living in a time where getting a 100k for him might actually matter.
  11. So far Warnock has played Howson deep and Saville further forward.. Which is the better option IMO, Howson has legs to get side to side for cover.
  12. When he partnered with Huth for a small spell he was really good tbh
  13. GK: Stoj RWB: Spence LWB: Marv CB: Fry CB: Hall CB: Wood CM:Howson CM: Wing CM: Tav ST: Fletch ST: Britt That's the team I expect us to play if Saville and McNair are away.
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