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  1. So I watched the game.. we should've been 1 or 2 up but as usual wasted chances. When Coventry put on the pressure we had 30 minutes of launching it straight back to them. It wasn't knocking it into the channels and trying to get them turned, it was literally launched straight into the CB's and possession wasted.
  2. Yup, signing players the manager doesn't want is always the key to success. What's the point in bringing in a manager with a proven record at getting promoted then changing our mind without even trying? Payero and JLS are going to spend the season sat on the bench whilst Paddy, Howson, and Tav play in midfield.
  3. for what its worth Morsy's red card appeal was somehow rejected
  4. I wonder what Spence did to get bombed out on a random quick loan despite starting the season well.
  5. so any left back links or are we actually going through a season with 1 left back?
  6. Unidentified but everyone knows he's done his cruciate
  7. He's the only lad that isn't afraid to put his foot in and every squad needs someone like that.
  8. If it’s not Deeney they’re complaining about - it’ll be Burke or Bennett. Complaining is all they know.
  9. Selling a committed member of the squad for a unproven loan signing doesn't really sit well with me.
  10. but the chances are reduced by around 60% and youre less likely to spread when you do have it by upto 70%
  11. And yet he has more promotion and prem experience than most of our squad
  12. keeping it quiet so we dont get hijacked for the 100000th time
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