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  1. Wood looks a brilliant little prospect. First 10 minutes he was a little shaky but once he got going I thought he looked really exciting. And lets be honest Jutkiewicz is about as tough a debut a lad his size could probably have. He's got a good leap on him, very quick and great passing from the back. Big thumbs up for him from me. The rest of it was a bit meh. Awful ref, stopped the game every 10 seconds. We were overrun in midfield. Probably should have put Tav in there as a 3 and have Nmecha and Rudy work as a pair. But it is what it is.. Any word on Coulson?
  2. Anyone noticed the massive brace Keane wears on his left leg
  3. 6 Million quid.. We probably overpaid by 1-2 million for a young English player with a load of potential, which I think we're seeing this season. Going by some of todays transfer fees I'm not even sure that we overpaid that much especially if we're saying Fry is worth over 10m, Tav over 10m etc.
  4. Leeds eye Britt https://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/leeds-eyeing-britt-assombalonga-transfer-21324928
  5. If I remember correctly Ayala has an ankle injury.. Last time he had an ankle injury he could move around fine so Karanka accused him of faking it and his wife had to post a picture of his ankle on twitter to stop the fans criticising him.
  6. I'd swap Gibson for Fry in an instant.. but he'd be mad to go there. Must be something to it though or the story wouldn't even be out there.
  7. what about Reading? IMO Howson in midfield is a waste.. never in the game, doesn't shoot, doesn't tackle.. RB and CB he's been very effective, don't see why we'd move him back up the field.
  8. 3 at the back vs 3 forwards is always tough and rarely works, so you knew it was going to be a hard game from the start. Woody said he couldn't play 4 at the back because of the CB situation which I'm not sure I agree with. It's not like McNair hasn't played there before or like Howson has struggled. Personally I'd have just shifted them along, Howson into right back and Spence into right midfield in a 4411. Another thing I didn't understand was how we used Rudy.. VS Preston we had him and Fletcher as a 2.. Woody said after that game something like "Rudy wins the flick-on and Fletcher runs behind, it's not rocket science".. So why didn't we do that last night? Having Rudy up there alone is asking for trouble. We weren't even playing the ball into him, we were asking him to run the channels. Just bizarre. With all that said, it was only 1-0 and we were in the game until the end.
  9. iirc it was the adidas roteiro ball from euro 2004 when the big changes happened..
  10. I don't really think we need another wideman. If we need someone to fill in for Tav or Roberts we have Nmecha, Fletcher and Spence who have all played there and done well.. even got Marv who has been pretty good this season.
  11. anyone have info on Pears getting a new deal?
  12. idk.. he left fulham so he could get a chance, now he's got it why throw it away? recent article said he has 18 months left on his deal so we're not completely up the creek.
  13. Don't see us paying a million quid for him if he's free in 6 months.
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