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  1. Somewhere tony pulis is absolutely fuming
  2. The short contract probably tells you they still don't really believe in him.
  3. We had no control over the midfield because Woodgate took them all off for strikers. As someone that's played at the highest level I don't understand how he can make such basic errors. I remember McClaren bringing Doriva on when we needed a goal because first we needed control over the midfield and the ball. Another point I'd like to make is a lot of our better performances came with Adam Clayton in midfield. I'm not fan of his but we all know what he gives us that the likes of Wing/McNair don't.
  4. Again, McNair spent most his career at CB and Howson has been outstanding playing there. It's just making excuses for Fry who has been a donkey all season. If Moukodi keeps up his level of form (- the own goal) I'd sign him in a heartbeat. It seems as though they want rid as well so we should hold all the cards when making a deal.
  5. teams have been targetting our left side all season to be fair
  6. Good. I'd hate to see him chopped tbh. I only have 2 real issue with him. One is his forcing out-of-form players into the line up. McNair should be no where near the starting 11 and Fry has been awful for most of the season. And two is moving away from what was working to try and implement a new formation/tactic just as we have a run of crucial games.
  7. when a team has 10 players surely you play as wide as possible? where the *** is djed spence??
  8. I'd suggest the inconsistencies and lack of 90 minute performances is down to the young line up and injuries. That said we've been generally pretty good over the season without getting the points we probably deserve- especially at home. I expect us to beat Wigan. Might go back to the 343 to get Spence in the team..
  9. Was at the game today.. played alright considering the opposition. I did think McNair was particularly sloppy.. passing all over the shop and awful control.. pears 6 howson 7 coulson 6 mouk 7 fry 6 wing 5.5 mcnair 4 saville 6 johnson 5.5 tav 6 fletcher 6 Nmecha is a bit of a wasted sub if he’s being stuck out wide. Either have him up top or not at all. Britt put himself around and worked hard.
  10. Well he was subbed at half time first game.. anyone know why?
  11. I'd easily go 3 on Ayala. If anyone deserves it - its him. Howson on 2 George on 2 + coaching badges Marv on 2
  12. That back post header from Rudy reminded me of that miss he had away to Swansea during our relegation battle. Just has to score.. I thought we deserved to win..same old Boro can't put the ball in the net and it costs us.
  13. Wasn't trying hard enough.
  14. Scrappy game but we’ve had all the half decent chances.. just need to tidy it up. id like to see Nmecha put alongside Fletch and have them work as a pair
  15. Balls down the channels are going to cost us here.. go 4 at the back before it’s too late
  16. I'd guess the talk of Boro having literally no money is to try and keep prices down.. On Ravel Morrison.. I'd rather not have him for all the reasons mentioned. I'd prefer to give Walker the chance from the bench since it looks like we can't get a decent loan for him.
  17. the idea of signing Laurent screams of another Marcus Browne/Marvin Johnson to me.. probably be alright for low-to-middle of the Championship.
  18. think that'll be saved for when no one signs on deadline day and we need good news to cover it lol
  19. Looks like we're looking at forwards again.. Roberts must be properly crocked.
  20. I'm sure someone said yesterday that carter-vickers was due at rockcliff today
  21. report reckons gibson would prefer a move to watford over coming to us.. fair play to him if that is the case. https://www.hitc.com/en-gb/2020/01/28/do-report-40k-a-week-man-could-reject-middlesbrough-move-as-watf/
  22. We have to cut before we can build. It was exactly the same under Mowbray. 4 or 5 high earners are going in the Summer.
  23. George is exactly the sort of guy you want to keep around imo
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