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  1. Another quality window everyone thanks for all the input and keeping me entertained whilst working from home, I look forward to the winter window, and hopefully a promotion push !!
  2. Looks strong that and should be a match for anyone. Uche has to start for me hes looking like the striker we:ve been missing for years, also watmore for tav when he inevitably gets injured.
  3. Must have a lb lined up, especially with letting Bennett go to wigan
  4. Pritty quiet all round really, prob need a few to set the 'domino' effect going
  5. Ooosh imagine that, I'm thinking the worst tho just sporar for me
  6. Quality pic this, almost as good as a Argos announcement
  7. If uche was third choice, the other 2 most have been unreal, as I couldn't be more impressed with uche he's a monster, wins everything hold up play in top notch and actually get in and around the 6 yard box, maybe we should trust warnock to get the players he wants and get us promoted for a change next year
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