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  1. Where is Mendez lainge on his way from, hope he came up when he heard of our interest
  2. Why he hardly ever plays, and to be fair he's been gash when he has
  3. Mendez long for roberts happy with, was hoping britt for a another striker but heyho, how a bout zoltan gera
  4. Im with you on this, with half an eye on next season if we dont win the play offs this year
  5. him and mitro wasnt it, cant have enough hard c@@nts in your team though
  6. open talks little late in the day so start negottions isnt it
  7. You would hope so, but never seems to happen for us
  8. What about woodrow from barnsley, weren't we close to signing him in the summer ?
  9. Predictions today, I'm going for britt out, wing and colsen loaned out. We bring in the bristol city lad and hoillett on perms.
  10. So britt goes, ideally with the names mentioned who we signing, gratzel would be my pick
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