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  1. Firm beliver this is the way forward for us, we could be the new wolves 😉, just need a left sided center back and a creative player/winger.
  2. I wouldk personally buy a Chuba Akpom bed cover and light shade
  3. If these links are true its another one in and a position we need filling so all good. Two wingers or one and an attacking midfielder and a cb and I'm happy, and would predict a playoff push
  4. It's woodrow has to be, everything points to him, bet he's not involved tonight
  5. Sounds to me like it's very much on, saying his main target, negotiating a deal, naming days he will no.... Much like the mosey deal
  6. Personally hope the 4th striker is someone from the lower leagues a right punt from nowhere
  7. Not transfer related but how do I stop getting emails every time someone posts, tried changing the notification settings out still getting them. Dreading a new signing my inbox can't take it.
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