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  1. 1) Boro win 3-1 Wing to get back to his best afetr the little break, tought thou could quite easily get turned over if there big players turn up. 2) Bola, Ayala, Fry, Dicksteel 3) Nope be pushing playoffs, signed some real quality 4) Royal Chinease Stockton.
  2. im going marcus edwards perm, and a CB on loan. Keep Britt & Fry, Saville departs on loan, just my guess like
  3. Puscus to reading, one I hoped we were in for
  4. Im going either Marcus Edward's or the Nkoudo from spurs
  5. im ok with one, just hope its a wide player
  6. just popped up on my twitter, didnt read the date my bad
  7. wondering if we may see a surprise signing, who we've not really heard mentioned, someone like puscas ?
  8. So do we expect anymore signed sealed delivered today ?
  9. One down, winger and cb cover and we good to go, unless the sales start
  10. who is this samatta guy are we linked with him ?
  11. so what strikers could we realistically get to replace Assombalonga in 2 days......... Rhodes, Whells, Barnes, Wood, Shane Long, Ineacho (Loan), Solanke (Loan), Kodija..............
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