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  1. I'd take Rhodes back be more than adequate as our number 3 striker
  2. Come off it, our fans all loved him up until recently, I don't get the all of a sudden change in mindset towards him. Ok since Jan our forms not been great, but I think we can all agree we were punching. He's our best chance out of this league, his track record of promotions is second to none.
  3. Hang on warnock was hailed as the messiah for keeping us up and until Jan things looked good. He rightly deserves at least another season.
  4. Good little read this. Personally more than happy to give warnock his last season, massive improvement from last year, in league position and and the core of the team. Fry McNair bola dyjesteel sav and tav, all upped their game I imagine because of warnock. We need to be challenging to keep these players and who better than warnock to do that. We do need improvements specially up top and a keeper is a must, two strikers two wingers and maybe a attack minded cm. We had a lot of shocking descisons go against us hopefully we have a little more luck with that, get the fans back too.
  5. No chance warnock signed him for 3plus a few 2 seasons back
  6. Was about to post, reckon he will be first through the door
  7. Anyone links/sneaky pics of next seasons kit ?
  8. Any rumours flying about.....
  9. Can't believe I'm reading this, If someone is willing to pay 5m for spence, snap there fooking hand off. He's bang average, and if he's near our first team next season can't see anything other than a mid table finish.
  10. Fisher is perfectly fine as back up or first choice in a flat back 4
  11. Righto then what's our top priorities this summer cf,creative cm, gk and bolasie and ml on longer deals. Keeper id have Blackman from Rotherham, cf I'd go for gratzel from cardiff and am Elliott from Liverpool on loan.
  12. Where is Mendez lainge on his way from, hope he came up when he heard of our interest
  13. Why he hardly ever plays, and to be fair he's been gash when he has
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