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  1. Yeah I agree free transfer lb and payero, still be unreal.
  2. Did he say anything regarding ipeazu or transfers?
  3. How bad did the big fellas injury look ?
  4. Peterson starts Bamba on the bench tonight
  5. Don't get why we aren't all over reach, would be quality for us and offers the versatility Warnock wants.
  6. That's that then, we're signing the new Jamie moreno
  7. What's the crack with these two Brazilians are we seriously in for them, or are the stale rumours and romantic optimism by us fans ?
  8. Has warnock said anything interesting after the game ?
  9. Crdiff cb linked ciaron brown, anyone know owt ?
  10. Crooks, 2 wingers and a striker, with payero to come ideal.
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