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  1. Almost as iconic as Fleming raising his hand to apologise after a error.
  2. Hope so would be a quality addition, sure I heard spurs wanted him but apparently there getting Fraser Forster so might clear the path a little.
  3. Some of the collars are a bit meeeh, jusy a simple v neck will do
  4. We need back up though, so fits the bill. No idea if he's any good mind
  5. According to talkSPORT Boro Are Reportedly Making A Move For Bournemouth Pair Jack Stacey & Gavin Kilkenny. Can't say i know too much about either, Stacey played around 20games last season so must have something about him.
  6. Would love Mogga to be back involved, surely he'd want a proper mangers job though still has loads to offer and is top draw still
  7. Agreed makes sense, probably why it won't happen
  8. Fry to go for 15m, Gibson to come in for 5ish and the blackburn lad on a free would do me.
  9. This is perfect, no need to change a thing.
  10. Wonder if Forrest would swap Spence for Samba 🙂
  11. That first plane 2 tone one, would work really well, put the sponsor in a white band and off we go. Perfect
  12. with the band obviously 😉
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