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  1. Admire the optimism, personally just think he means we're back after bolasie, which I think improves us, ideally like some sort of swap deal involving britt, but realistically that won't happen
  2. After a pretty shocking weekend let's put a few positives out there. Fry will probably only miss the rotherham game, fletcher is back so gives us something different up top. Roberts needs to grasp this chance with tav out for a few weeks. Was anyone really expecting much from this transfer window so the 2 deals lined up that won't go through heyho. If we sign a winger I'm happy. We're 3 points off the play offs. It's been a fantastic season so far.
  3. I'm still expecting bolasie to roll in last minute, never really thought anything else
  4. Agreed very good alternative to fletcher
  5. Hope it is us would fit our style, nice alternative cto fletch
  6. Hope the mystery half time player unvail wears something random like the robbo suit jacket shorts craic, make my lockdown that would.
  7. Thought they might have been a few more names branded about today for this elusive winger, any snippets anyone ? My money's on it still being bolasie
  8. Vydra not a direct winger is he, hope it's not him
  9. I can actually see it still being bolasie and warnock just keeping it interesting.
  10. Just think Warnocks comments what did he say '' we'll get a winger in'' or something like that are pritty strong. Your probably right like things do seem to have a habit of slipping.
  11. Think its a bench warmer, sounds pretty certain to happen though reading that report
  12. Onel hernandez............yes please have we ever has a cuban player before ?
  13. Totally agree proven talent is the way this window, win our game in hand and we're only 4 points off second. We have a real chance to go up this season, Norwich only real stand out team this year and we probably should have beat them.
  14. Let's get a bit of a debate going, I'd britt goes who do people think we will replace him with and who would you like to replace him with. For me probably get that davis fella from villa on loan, but would love us to get puscus from reading.
  15. Sounds like bolasie to me, and one other possible swap including britt. That would more than do me don't want to upset the balence/commardary of the squad.
  16. Diedhiou and a mil, just opinion or anything else ?
  17. Solanke and britt leading the line or fletcher and watmore ?
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