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  1. Hopefully gibbo stays at burnley if we're not getting him, try again in the summer
  2. So it's looking like the Cameroon cb and ravel barring any thing drastic, dissapointed about gibbo like but was always a big ask, give the young lads as much game time as possible and have a right go next season
  3. all adds to the drama i'm going for a 5 o'clock announcement
  4. am i right in thinking the latest: Morrisson expected to be announced shorty French lad is at training ground Watford bid rejected for Gibbo, nothing new from Boro end
  5. hopefully get them all done by10am and i can get some work done
  6. More than happy with that hopefully another attacking player Jones/Maddison, anyone think WHU or Palace may go after Britt if Bowen going to the other ?
  7. Free Ben Gibson, anyone know where he's at @Smoggydownsouth
  8. Massive yes, just a shame with the roberts injury, hopefully less than what Woody said
  9. Bailey tweeting about adomah being allowed to leave Forrest, surely be worth a look if we're just filling squad gaps
  10. So Morrison, the French fella and gibbo? All tommorow 😁
  11. played for Pools, hopefully he liked the area 🙂
  12. Carter-Vickers off to Luton, another one off the list
  13. anyone think Woody might be pulling a fast one regards Roberts, when he went off looked precautionary to me, or am i clutching at straws
  14. They be wanting to check up on him tho u would have though fitness wise at least, still one of there assets so to speak
  15. It must be close, burnley surely have gave him permission to stay he's never away from the boro
  16. Pritty quiet day, any updates from the people ITK ?
  17. Can see this happening, relatively cheap deal, offers something different and like someone said will have to back Woodgat to sort any off field stuff out.
  18. Anyone kno wmuch about Carter-Vickers, cant say i've ever seen him play. USA international so must be something there 🙄
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