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  1. Sounds the most likely, option to reacll at Xmas when he's bagged 20+ for some randomers
  2. Didn't someone on here say expect a ex sheff utd player to sign
  3. So pritty good week to be fair, 3 down another 6 to go in my opinion. Gk - Darlow/Heaton Rwb - ? lcb - Gibson/Greaves/Davies Dcm - choudary/killkenny Fwd x2. - Gayle/Armstrong/Gyökeres
  4. Ah did he quality signing for them, hopefully if it's Darlow were after it's close
  5. So with Lenihan imminent (hopefully tommorow) who's next through the door ? I'm going another keeper probably Darlow if the mags get Pope
  6. must say i was expecting it to be announced by now with all this mum craic going on
  7. Giles seems to have gone a quiet, must say when it was put on that footy insider i assumed it was a done deal, hopefully just wrapping it up as we speak
  8. 4m bit much that, wonder what they want for Darlow then ? Heaton or Butland seem to look far better value
  9. the kit looks a lot better on Howson than it does Rav
  10. Hopefully targeting his short term replacement, he improved when Wilder came, but we need better if were to challenge top 2
  11. What face moisturiser they use would also be good
  12. so if he hasn't trained the new playe is someone who wears mizuno boots Rivaldo ?
  13. Predictions for today ? I'm going Roberts announced and some movement on Giles.
  14. Got to presume its already done with 3 keepers on the way out
  15. Would be worth a gamble knows where the net is
  16. I'm impressed with the links lcb and poss rwb and I'm happy
  17. I'm liking Butland and Roberts. I'd never heard of him if I'm honest but bit of background reading seems to be highly rated by the Northampton fans, in hoping he's our new Marlon Beresford
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