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  1. Unfortunate as the decisions today we're, any talk of var is mischievous though Good or bad, football is built on the story of debate. Decisions that are dubious depending on who you follow on any particular day. Var for me will kill that off. It may be accurate I don't now but kills the spontaneity. Unlucky today, lucky beyond belief on another day. Let it be! Leave as is for me please!
  2. The expectation bar is raised now though as everyone hopes to get better than Lowe and boye now. Appetite whetted!
  3. If there was truth in Jota and his good lady wanting to stay in London then you run the risk of having an unhappy player somewhere down the line. I think we could afford Jota but the desire to come wasn't there for him. The squad we have will be great to watch in weeks ahead and for me I wouldn't swap it with any other champ team. Will be happy when window closes and people go back to talking about what we have and not what might have been. The exciting attacking intent in the early games is so much better to watch than recent seasons. At least we should have a rainy day fund if needed in J
  4. I am hapoy to bide my time not finished but progressive
  5. Just been on sky bet. We've moved in 5/4 favorites for ojo and now third favorites for jota(not previously on the list) Not saying it means anything just putting it out there
  6. I reckon if GM was at a club without much expectation he would blood the youngsters more but he has to get promotion and as much as I like the youngsters getting game time, they have to be better than what we have and at the moment that's not the case. Hope he has a good season and comes back with 10-15 goals under his belt
  7. From the days of flowers, le saux, hendry, shearer, Sherwood etc its bizarre for us to be loaning our youngsters to blackburn now
  8. For the time they have had together I think they did pretty well. They need time to understand their roles. Most exciting I've seen us to watch in ages. We are not the finished article but if that's us not fully functioning I cannot wait until we click. Borolona of the championship this year!
  9. With the squad numbers being announced and no tavernier, saissalo or chapman on there, can they be added later in the season if injuries or player sales left us light or they really kicked on in the u23's?
  10. Braithwaite played really well. Impressed by fletcher laying it off, must have been really tempting to shoot in first appearance. Was surprised how much ball down our right Augsberg got in 2nd half. Reckon we will score frequently this season though. Lots of possession and movement. Much better to watch
  11. Are today's squad numbers the ones given for the season?
  12. Don't think gibbo is fit for tomorrow. Maybe fry. Judging by how GM has introduced new signings I don't expect fletcher to get game time. would like 20-30 mins personally
  13. https://www.mfc.co.uk/media/11133 Fletcher interview. Like his attitude
  14. Carlton Cole gives a glowing report too: :D Haha t bags keeper ?
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