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  1. The only big ask is the Boro win!
  2. And all that needs to be sorted before the season finishes as if a clu gets relegated because the 12 points havent been deducted, then there will be legal proceedings from that angle.
  3. Exactly when have the Premier League or the EFL worried about being hypocritical!
  4. What for a very dubious owner putting them into administration. As much as its unfair on their supporters they need to be punished with more than 12 points to make other owners realise you cant get away with it.
  5. Charlton lost last night didnt they
  6. Dijksteel hasnt had much chance. He may flourish next season but who knows it may be in midfield.
  7. To be fair its whoever decided that the transfer strategy was to be in choosing League 1 players of little experience. This should have only have been done after ensuring that the team had a solid base, which we clearly hadnt, being both ageing and unbalanced.
  8. Yes but Dave sweated a bit, now whether that was down to effort, or just been 20 stone well who knows!!! But at least he did.
  9. Well I hope not, but we are showing little to suggest that we wont be. Other teams are picking up the points which is a worry as well so unless we get three points on Sunday I to feel we will be doomed.
  10. Fair enough but Wing didnt set the world alight. Not many did i know.
  11. After the loan players go back, i am struggling to think of a player that i would be sad to see go out of the remainder. Perhaps Pears.
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