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  1. On Youtube he seems to punch or parry everything.
  2. The comment by Woodgate appeared to be before he knew that Randolph had left, so maybe two and a replacement keeper.
  3. Yes it would have been a good window. We just need rid of one or two more to complete things for now.
  4. Well that St Gallen goalkeeper must be one of them and then whichever left footed centre back fits our budget i suppose. I would still like another winger though.
  5. Ah thanks for that, you live and learn. I would imagine that some deal will be sorted for Shotton before the window closes in everyone's interest. It is interesting and possibly good news on the chance to extend the length of our current loan deals. Thank you.
  6. Doesn't Shotton's contract expire anyway so a loan to the end of season surely would be the same to Boro as a permanent deal, or am i missing something. Is the young Spurs striker Troy Parrott.
  7. So SDS are you aware of whether Randolph is still going after West Ham were told no to the loan.
  8. It would be no shock, if he doesnt play for Boro again.
  9. I hate to think what the comments will be about the fee if Assombalonga is sold.
  10. However, it really doesn't matter as the club management has decided that it is what is best for the club, and we are just mere supporters!!
  11. Having a plethera of players is what you need to have a squad to compete, and i think that is what we all want.
  12. i think they are both important without replacements
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