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  1. That was part of a longer comment but i cant be bothered to re-write it. sorry. Basically that friendly results are unreliable and we might be surprised this season.
  2. we are going to challenge but I hope to be surprised.
  3. If someone offers the money, the club wont care where its from!
  4. Do we know if the game is being televised say by the Home club
  5. I am desperate to see some incomings but you have to wonder. If we eventually sign a winger then the day should be celebrated each year as the Boro winger day!
  6. It depends whether you think he is a realistic target, or just so the club can say well we tried, when left empty handed on deadline day. Or am I being too cynical!
  7. Nice that we have asked but little chance of it happening I would say. Back to Derby at worst for him!
  8. Bloody hell the club hierarchy are mad. I cant see this sort of thing happening at say Burnley!
  9. Also what were we paying Besic and Mikel we also got rid of Dimi/Lonergan and only replaced with Meijas so more money saved. Oh and that very wise investment for Van la Parra?
  10. Apart from the fact that up to 5 of those could be gone!
  11. The club will be hoping that a few more go even if these two leave. Gestede, Braithwaite and Johnson are three that i am sure they and the supporters would happily wave goodbye to. Then there is Saville, Shotton and McNair who all may go. Then there are a number of players who would raise good money but the fans dont want to sell. We all know who they are. Busy 3 weeks to come then!
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