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  1. Well we did a good job in recovering most if not all of the Flint outlay. We wont be as fortunate with Saville though!
  2. Clayton isnt out of contract, but evidently has been told to find another club.
  3. Well i admire your confidence, but Fry, Mcnair , Saville, Assombalonga and possibly others will be gone.
  4. Plus Spence has an option of another year that the club can invoke.
  5. I agree with you. One of the obvious questions would have been,"So if Boro are relegated, are you going to stick with Woodgate". They clearly don't have the balls to ask any difficult questions!
  6. It depends whether you are at the top end of the league and playing good football and in turn attracting big crowds.
  7. In all fairness, he wasn't going to say don't worry I am going to sack him!
  8. After my initial comment to you re optimism, I have to say that your scenario is exactly what is likely to happen. Why should we have a sudden upsurge in form and performance. It is very unlikely to happen but I dearly hope that I am wrong.
  9. A very poor signing that was destined to fail. It again puts great doubt on the recruitment team as has most of the signings and loans in the last couple of years.
  10. Clearly Woodgate will stay if by some chance we stay in the Championship. However if we get relegated then in the cold light of day Mr Gibson may well have to change the manager, no matter what he is saying now. He couldn't really come out in the press and say don't worry I am going to sack him. That wouldn't really help the possibility of getting the required results to stay up. There had been plenty of complaints and demands that he make a statement, and now he has. He clearly knows we are in the mire and there still may well be a point when he instigates the removal of our dear manager. It is still a case however of only telling the fans as much as he feels we need to know at this stage!
  11. It would be a nice idea if the club actually asked the fans what improvements they could make
  12. Well the best of luck with finding a manager and a director of football that are long term managerial solutions. You need someone with the nous to implement it in the first place.
  13. I didnt say we were, just that we might be!
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