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  1. Have you heard that minds have changed about Archer?
  2. There were suggestions this last week that Archer was likely to get another contract as back up keeper.
  3. It would be rather interesting.
  4. It stinks of Gibson not having any idea of an alternative. It will be a mad scramble to find a manager during season time when anybody decent is employed.
  5. Malley definitely should have been on from the start and the other youngsters introduced a lot earlier.
  6. Well just when you think that you can't feel any more down, along come Boro to give you a good kick in the bits. I really would not be upset if none of today's team were here next season. There are too many gutless players, and they are quite welcome to pack their bags and go elsewhere asap. He won't go, but I wouldn't be upset if the manager also left. Yes we have improved on last season, but the performances have been dreadful and if the fans had been allowed in the stadium, then the players would have been left in no doubt of what was thought of them.
  7. Just out of interest, where did he confirm that?
  8. If we got 3 million which we wont, then you would still run away laughing.
  9. Dan Potts is only 508 tall so not a centre half, well not a Warnock one.
  10. If Archer and Bettenelli go, we may need two keepers in. Particularly if our foreign keeper leaves as well.
  11. There isn't many players in this team that you would trust to get us promoted next season.
  12. First thing to do is let all the out of contract and short term signings go. Then build from the back and bring in two capable goalkeepers. Then look at the rest of the squad as there are so many changes needed, not just 3 or 4 like the manager has suggested.
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