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  1. I wasn't shocked that we were beaten by Norwich but it was the way that it happened that severely irritated me. Coulson just lazily sticking his foot out for their penalty. He is definitely a slow learner. Our penalty was certainly a case of the wrong player taking the kick. It should have been McNair or Akpom. I do realise that they could have slipped as well. It seemed as hoc and disorganised.
  2. I hope McNair has cramp and it's not his hamstring.
  3. Well Warnock always said he wanted 4 strikers.
  4. It is progress. People need to remember where we nearly ended up last season. I can't believe the moaning.
  5. And that is with Hall, Morsey and Fletcher unavailable. Even if they were just on the bench.
  6. There and Huddersfield. I nearly froze my tits off at both!!!
  7. I think we wont bring anyone in and Warnock will have to make do until January or even until next season. What money that is available the club wont want to spend.
  8. Oh I don't know, it seems like they certainly finished this one.
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