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  1. I wonder where Wood was to day.
  2. What was said at the after match press conference.
  3. Woodrow was on the bench and never came on.
  4. I really cant argue with any of that.
  5. The referee could have filled his book.
  6. Well he isn't a new signing, I don't care how you describe him.
  7. I don't think we are lumping the ball forward as much which helps.
  8. I know Akpom is available next week but the bench still looks short of options to try and get us out of a mess, so we need more than another striker. However it is a start.
  9. Yes and Warnock did realise he needed a Tomlin type in his Cardiff side although he did cooment he found it difficult to actually get him on the pitch.
  10. Well he would be no more of a risk than Ravel Morrison was, so i wouldnt be against him getting a short term deal. He is also supposed to be good at dead ball situations and dear me we need someone.
  11. Probably as much as we have looked for a RW and a LB.
  12. I agree on the two positions you have mentioned but its just that the manager has always said he wants four strikers the final one being a young player on loan. I dont think Walker is going to be the 4th striker because of that.
  13. First of all I know we wont get them all. We could though do with a CF,CH,LB,RW,AMF if you were to put the squad faults right. I probably would be happy with three more to be honest.
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