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  1. I take it the game isnt on Boro live or will there be any streams of the game.
  2. Its a strange choice of team. It smacks of Woodgate being not sure what to do next.
  3. Where are all the brilliant young players that the manager said were coming through. I have only seen Coulson so far who appears to be any where approaching the required standard. The purchases the club made are clearly for the future if they should develop. We really needed two or three players in who could have done it now though. Long and difficult season ahead.
  4. Well Dijksteel is improving, and after his first game it is nice to see. I think if the improvement continues we will have a good player. Bola is not improving as fast but again I think will become decent. It would be nice to see Browne playing and improving as well.
  5. You would have thought Nathan Wood might have been on the bench?
  6. Saville isn't worth 7 pence never mind 7 million pound. If he is a creative midfielder then I despair. I hope he gets on the Millwall bus and goes back with them!
  7. I wonder what happened to Calum Roberts who was on trial after being released by Newcastle. He played at least one U23 game and was supposed to play last Friday but didn't?
  8. If we get to January and we are muddling along in mid table, then they wont spend money. Only if we are in danger of going down will they bring players in. Its as easy as that!
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