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  1. Well he went to a Turkish team a while ago.
  2. Can play now and then, and being good enough to regularly play is two different matters.
  3. If it is Lazaro. Is it really a 19 year old that we need at this stage?
  4. Well we either didnt try for him or there must be some reason such as money for him to drop down the leagues!
  5. It depends on how much money that the wealthy owners of Wrexham offered him.
  6. It was because he was being mentioned as a stand in for Ikpeazu so I thought it was a reasonable assumption.
  7. Fair enough, but I wouldn't have thought he would be amongst the first three striking options.
  8. Crooks will not have been bought as a striker. Just because he is tall doesn't mean he will be playing up front.
  9. He didnt say that, he used the word contribute to 10-15 goals which would include assists.
  10. We have done dafter things over the years.
  11. You missed another goalkeeper as back up
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