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  1. If it's Wilder then it's for the foreseeable. He isn't a stopgap appointment.
  2. I still can't understand why he was told so suddenly yesterday morning that he was leaving. Why the rush. I don't believe for one moment that it was just so he and his staff could get applauded by the away fans. Something suddenly came up to cause that.
  3. It was more than the normal reaction to getting a draw or am i just hoping?
  4. Isnt it about time that Derby got hit with the 9 point penalty.
  5. If he stays, can anyone tell me when the last time was when a manager was successful when it was known he was only staying until the end of the season. This will end in teard.
  6. If he is the answer, then I haven't any clue what the question is.
  7. Tough decisions need to be made as Warnock has to realise that he is still only an employee and throwing his toys out when he doesn't like something cant continue. Particularly when he is producing nothing and has no idea how to change that. He won't last the season, It's only when, not if!
  8. I think I am like most fans in that I get excited for the start of every new season. Even after 56 years of Boro being my team, I am still like that. I do realise however that we can't be successful every season, but all I want is the hope of promotion to remain a bit longer than 11-12 games. We even throw every cup game now to concentrate on the league, which is farcical with our present performances. Is this really too much to ask?
  9. Well I wont be going to watch them whilst he is still the manager.
  10. Making these comments just push him closer to being out of the door.
  11. No point waiting. Send him and his staff down the road asap
  12. I am just getting my prayer mat out on the strength of that!
  13. Because there is no discipline from the manager down over. It's a bit embarrassing to be honest.
  14. If Gibson and Scott can't see that it is time for a change then they are equally clueless. There is no way Warnock will turn things around. Tuesday could be an interesting atmosphere.
  15. Maybe even a ground share with Darlington?
  16. That is why the EFL are trying to reach agreement with Reading. Then there will be no appeal.
  17. In some ways I like Warnock, but it's getting to the time he did the decent thing and went.
  18. Possibly that his replacement isn't available yet.
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