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  1. If he is the answer will someone remind me what the question is again!!!
  2. Well the day Barnsley beat us, I reached my 65th birthday so I can now get a cheaper ticket to watch Boro. Only 54 years to achieve that and now Woodgate has made them not fit to watch! I need him gone.
  3. You mean HMRC and any MFC manager!
  4. Well 12 games left and we possibly need 12 points or more. It is getting to squeeky bum time and the point of no return!
  5. Tonight Steve Gibson will be panicking like Arkwright, checking the till and counting his loose change.
  6. Yes because he is employed by the club, biased as hell!
  7. Well its getting to that time. Gibson needs to remove his finger from his ***!
  8. How the hell can a team go for two games without a shot on target.
  9. Leganes have asked for permission to sign a replacement. I suppose we could let them have Gestede for3-4 million.
  10. Another 10 points would mean that the 3rd bottom team would need another 17 points to pass us due to goal difference. Having said that they may well recover the difference. Could be close. Ideally need more than that possibly another 5 points on top of that.
  11. If we get beat at Barnsley and as is quite likely get beat at home to Leeds, then he has to be given the boot. Not to would be accepting relegation.
  12. That will only leave 6 games to go. Wonderful!
  13. Well i can only hope about the contracts, but no i wouldnt want to play for Woodgate. He has had his chances and shows no signs of improvement.
  14. I would only sort contracts out for Pears and Ayala if at all possible. The rest can sweat!
  15. Had any other person been manager then he would have been sacked before now. Unless something changes then we will swap places with Sunderland. Oh the embarrassment!
  16. One of the problems is that there isn't one brave and fearless player in the squad, the nearest to it is Clayton. Players now have to show some attitude.
  17. We are as poor as I have seen us this season. Its desperation i realise but Gestede needs to be on.
  18. There is a lack of effort all over the pitch. The players think they are better than they are. They all need a kick.
  19. Or as it is affectionately known, "doing a Pulis"
  20. There should be an announcement soon, if the club want any signings to be available tomorrow. Cut off point 12 noon.
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