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  1. I think losing 2 in a row has dampened spirits a bit for some. I personally think it's a good signing but can see why people aren't exactly inspired.
  2. To put those 2 seasons into context though he played about 2785 minutes similar to Britt and less than Fletcher last season couple those 14 goals with 6 assists too and it doesn't look awful for what is essentially a seasons work. Not that I'm trying to inject a little bit of hope into you 🤠 It's not like we were going out and getting a 20 goal striker to sit on the bench for us anyway.
  3. I'm not sure you can judge him on a loan spell in this league when he was 19. He's a cheap body in a thin squad and at least he's got a turn of pace and a trick in him...
  4. Its usual for sell on fees to only be on profit isn't it? So they're not being fleeced, especially if he's told them he wants to go back to England.
  5. Foogle

    Lewis wing

    He might do better in a 3 with Morsy sitting in the team with Tav more advanced. I think he works best when he's got a bit of space to operate in, he can't be the creative focal point of the team as that brings too much defensive attention but can be neat (very rarely gets dispossessed with the ball at his feet) and I think he's quite high energy out of possession. Then every now and again he's just going to smash one top bins. I'd put him on a similar level to Saville and he's a decent squad player but for me it's Howson's role to lose.
  6. Isn't this more of an upside down pyramid than a diamond? And now that pyramids have been mentioned does anybody want to work downstream of my juice plus empire? 🤠
  7. Saw this as Watford's predicted lineup: --------------------Foster; ----Dawson---Kabasele----Wilmot; Ngakia---Chalobah--Cleverley---Estupinan; -------------Bashiru--------Quina; ---------------------Murray We're definitely playing them at the right time if this is the case, I don't really see many players there to be fearful of... not saying we're favourites or anything but think we could give them a good go.
  8. Has Bauser dyed his hair? He looks a little different nowadays
  9. I think they've got loads of money to spend in terms of financial fair play because they've done the same selling your stadium to yourself trick that Wolves, Villa and Derby have all done but the issue with it was that they did it a season too late and tried to claim it was for the season before so were still punished. They have loads of leeway with FFP at the moment because of that stadium sale on their books.
  10. Although they did get a 5-1 beating off Norway yesterday with McNair scoring but also switching off for their 4th goal to allow a tap in. Won't be coming up against a strike force as good as Haaland and Sorloth every week though...
  11. I mean it's a low risk signing his minutes per goal in France is similar to Fletcher's for us and that's without him getting a proper run of games. prepared to give him a chance and it's not like his fee and contract will cripple us if he turns out to be ****
  12. I'm hoping that our competitive "friendly" against Shrewsbury may have given us a slight edge in fitness over Watford but I'm only really clutching at straws... hoping for a draw here. I think with the uncertainty surrounding Watford and their players that it might be the best time to play them. On Sarr I agree that he is someone to be feared but he's massively inconsistent, he scored more than half his goals in one game against Liverpool.
  13. We managed to beat Newcastle 5-1 with 10 on the pitch so I reckon the best tactic would be to start with 10 men. Easy this Football management lark...
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