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  1. Don't you mean in an attempt to stop Liverpool winning the league?
  2. I set em up, you knock em out of the park!
  3. We need to implement some sort of 'no quoting' quarantine so that we can't get sick off of other people's posts...
  4. The self part is how it comes about, like self-isolation implies a choice on your part whereas enforced-isolation doesn't.
  5. As the old Michael Gove saying goes "Britain has had enough of experts!"
  6. Hopefully we can pawn him off on a relegated team... We need to get him involved and scoring again or else a team is going to struggle to justify a transfer fee and that massive contract.
  7. Similar to the people's republic of Middlesbrough FC then. I heard Steve Gibson and Xi Jinping are best of mates 🤠
  8. I'm far from an accounting whizz so you're probably right on that front.
  9. I would've thought those sales will be paid to us in instalments along with the Bamford transfer etc as well as the transfers we've had to pay out for too. So we should hopefully be seeing money from those for a few years yet as we've been in transfer profit for the past couple of seasons. (Not sure with Adama as his release clause was met so it might have been an upfront lump sum?)
  10. Yep seems like the wrong place a the wrong time, think they lined up 3 strikers with affordable buyout clauses and chose Braithwaite. Basically Barca's bad management and injury misfortune is now just some other teams problem...
  11. Got to feel sorry for Leganes in this deal. Surely Barca shouldn't be able to just activate a buy-out clause with this "emergency" signing. It all but dooms Leganes to relegation and they're not even allowed to sign a replacement...
  12. Medium to Long term goal is financial sustainability for the club. It's not sexy, but I think it's where we are.
  13. I suppose it is a bit of human nature, people get confirmation bias, they'll zone in on every tiny mistake that a player they think is bad commits and gloss over those made by 'good' players. We're all guilty of it.
  14. Maybe it's because people have/had a higher opinion of Fry than most of our players? His level has dropped this season but I don't think he's been our worst defender... playing on the left sided is probably good for his development to be honest, it might do him well for the rest of his career being challenged in a tough situation and being forced to develop both feet. Moukoudi looked very good in that Wigan game to be fair to him, I think everyone in the stadium thought that ball was going straight out of play before the wind took it. Similar with his own goal, it looked like an awful game to try and defend in for both teams. A game that probably would've ended 0-0 or 1-0 ended up being a 2-2 because of the conditions.
  15. We looked less badderer than Wigan at least 🤠 I think that's the most disappointing thing was that we looked like we had more individual quality but were completely devoid of any direction or creativity. The midfield diamond made it look like the entire game was being played in a 20 yard by 20 yard box around the centre circle when we were in possession and we just weren't taking Wigan out of their comfort zone. Woody at least tried to change it by bringing on "wingers", it obviously didn't work because they were really just a Centre Mid and a Striker both being played out of position.
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