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  1. I think we should be thinking about ourselves first, if we can get good money I say send him on his way.
  2. 12 is the maximum for breaching the laws and I think another 9 points can be added on top of that if there is foul play, such as deliberately misrepresenting the value of a stadium to circumvent Profit and Sustainability laws 🤠 It's more than likely going to be the 9 points that Birmingham received though I'd suspect.
  3. It does make me glad that we've dialed back the spending and focused on the academy, I'd hate to be in the position of Derby basically the same points total as us but with the prospect of points deductions, a massive wage bill and debts that could effect them for years. It feels like Middlesbrough as a club are part way through a period of resetting and rebuilding.
  4. I think the most important thing with transfers is the wage burden we take on. Wages are all dead money, at least with a transfer fee we should be able to make most of it back.
  5. Cameron Catter-Vickers returned to Spurs from Stoke we could look to take him on loan? he's fairly experienced in the Championship.
  6. Think it will be tough facing two top Championship wingers in Cavaleiro and Knockaert with our Wingback system, if it's Coulson and Spence they really need to make sure they're up to scratch positionally for this one.
  7. I'd be ecstatic if Mitrovic was out for this game I mean Howson has been great but there's only one winner in that match up. At the minute the only CB in the club that I'd feel confident could really match up to Mitrovic's physicality is Ayala...
  8. The issue we had in the premier league and pretty much the same every window since is a complete lack of creativity. It's like the logic of the scouting department is that we need more goals so lets buy more strikers...
  9. They're both capable of beating a man too, with Coulson, Spence, Tav and Roberts we don't look so one dimensional in the build up.
  10. Pearson to get sacked at the end of this season and Watford to win the Premier League next season? Worth a cheeky punt 🤠
  11. You'd think we'd have Fry playing through the centre of the 3 as our most natural CB and McNair on the left taking the ball into midfield?
  12. Play a strong team but use this as an opportunity to give some players a rest. I'm thinking mainly Fletcher, Tav and Howson who seem to have played every game for 90 minutes recently, I'd start Gestede and Nmecha uptop with Roberts behind.
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