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  1. Because he will have been instructed not to so we can pass it out from the back. I personally don't like making keepers that aren't comfortable do it, think they've gotta be naturals to make it work.
  2. Think he'll struggle to play football in jeans mate... I'll show myself out...
  3. I think it was 95% JW but we were just putting our feelers on the off chance someone put their name forward with reasonable demands. I don't believe we did it for absolutely no reason because it would've been better for the fans to swallow if it had just come out straight away rather than have Jokanovic dangled in front of us.
  4. Unfortunately I don't think he will be an instant fix, is he even really a ball playing centre back or is he just that compared to the donkey's we currently have 👀
  5. But most people are expecting mid table this season rather than promotion. My preference has always been results over style so I think I stomached Pulisball a lot longer than most until it became obvious that he needed to go. But I do see the merit in trying to play a more modern brand of football if we're going to finish outside of the playoffs either way. We've added some (promising) league one players for buttons but lost an (old) Prem player, a Danish international and a seasoned Championship CB so the quality is going to be worse. What we saw last night was a team desperate to get a result by hook or by crook. Hopefully that can boost the players confidence a bit and we can start to see some football like the first 135 minutes of the season!
  6. First win of the season, first clean sheet of the season and more importantly first win on a match day thread I've done, the curse is lifted!
  7. Maybe he can just breath underwater? Show off 😒
  8. I have a feeling Gestede's injury problems are down to Pulis stretching him on the rack to make him even taller and create "the perfect striker".
  9. Let's get a run going! I made 4 match day threads last year and we didn't win in any of them. If that stretches to a 5th I think the most likely explanation is that I'm cursed...
  10. Like you say we've only played 3 games and two of them have been away from home which will skew a few stats, so I think having 51% possession is a pretty good number considering that. I didn't know all those stats, I'll confess that I've just regurgitated the stat about shots on target from the Gazette. Maybe I've just been dazzled that Wing's goal against Luton came as a result of 15+ passes which we would never have seen under Pulis, or some of the moments we've won the ball back high and there's 5 players up in support baring down on goal but I just feel like we're playing football a more modern way, whether that's more "attacking" or just better to watch I don't know, and whether it's going to be a success is yet to be seen...
  11. And you don't think us having more possession higher up the field, playing quicker combinations and having the 3rd most shots on target in the division is more attacking? Surely the way you defend also feeds into your attacking ethos if your target is to try and win the ball further up the field to improve your chances of scoring? All I can go from is what Woody is saying, he does have a squad low on numbers so is probably conscious of running his squad into the ground. It could've easily been a tactical switch that hasn't worked out and he's covering his behind. He is a novice after all so he needs room to learn.
  12. I think committing more men higher up the pitch is a more attacking side though. Watching us I feel like we're a better football team, we play with a lot more risk in and out of possession. I suppose it all depends on what your definition of attacking football is? I bought this up last season when there was talk of sacking Pulis and bringing in someone like Jokanovic was that the spine of the team from the Keeper all the way to our Striker isn't suited to playing with a high line and possession football, that we'd need an overhaul, to be honest the way we're playing is better than what I was expecting apart from some unlucky results. Also I think Clayton was just given a rest after starting all 3 matches from what Woodgate has said in a presser.
  13. Only improvements in the style of play, I can't see us improving whilst playing a new style of football with a few incomings and outgoings. It's a bit of a club reset and I think the expectation is the improvements in results are anticipated for next year after Woodgate has a bit more experience and has a bit longer to get in the sort of players he wants. Seems like the focus has turned to sustainability rather than promotion for the time being which is not something that gets the fans pulses racing unfortunately.
  14. I think the only time he'd get sacked is if we were rock bottom with 10 games to go. Gibbo referenced patience for this appointment so he can hardly do what he did with Monk and fire him before we've even got half way through a season... Even if we finish lower half of the table he's going to be here next year for me.
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