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  1. You left off the most important part of the quote! "jack of all trades master of none, but often better than a master of one." And I'd say McNair fits that, if the season had ended at the halfway point everyone would be praising McNair and wanting rid of Dijksteel, but the form flipped toward the end of the season. They both have big things to come and it's plain to see Wilder loves them both.
  2. So Tommy Smith played for us today? Reckon he signs? And if he does is he a pure wingback or could he play RCB too?
  3. They're trying to ship out the guy he's replacing for £20m. Our guy is younger and homegrown.
  4. Nope, but we're looking for an left footed Centre back.
  5. Keep in mind they will get a large compensation if he leaves on a free anyway as he's an academy product, so they'd be getting at least that amount even if they didn't sell this season.
  6. As he's a young academy graduate and they'd be getting compensation if he leaves on a free next year (Fulham just got £7m for Carvalho). I'd say they'd be looking for about 10m? He is a 21 year old left footed CB with 3 senior seasons under his belt already.
  7. There's the difference for me, he'll know if someone has signed on the dotted lines, but he wont be privvy to bids coming in for a player like Gyokeres until he's out the door, those sort of things are need to know basis.
  8. I'll never forget those biceps! I do remember at the time thinking it was a big signal that he was going to stay because everything else was telling us he was leaving at that point. I could see them guiding the social media on some of the bigger issues, but I just can't imagine somebody getting in touch with Scott in the middle of all these meetings, phone calls and negotiations to ask him "is it ok if I post this picture of one of our players training". So I don't think a picture of Gyokeres returning from holiday really means anything.
  9. I mean remember when we had a full video and shirt reveal with Adama and then he was gone within the month? Why would some graduate in charge of social media engagement be privy to incomings and outgoings? I know people are wanting some news but let's not resort to Astrology and healing crystals! Although I have heard mercury is in retrograde and Uranus needs an examination.
  10. So if tomorrow is the reset on most teams financial years, do we reckon the transfers will start flying? Teams will be free of some FFP constraints.
  11. The issue with that is that we will get a lot less upfront by adding these clauses in. Although the "win a trophy" will be valued at approximately £0, because it's Spurs...
  12. Just picturing Spence in a pair of swim shorts and some reading glasses pouring over our year accounts whilst on holiday. Never a day off for that lad!
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