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  1. What are you talking about we are constantly dipping our toe into Europe, we got Akpom from Greece and scouted Bolasie whilst at... errrr *checks sheet*... Sporting. Not to mention that we got Mendez-Laing from a far off country outside of Europe called 'Whales' ๐Ÿคจ
  2. How quickly can they appeal the ban and get it turned around? We play again in two days time
  3. Think it's one of the few times being in the north-east aids our transfers, when a player at Sunderland/Newcastle doesn't want to move...
  4. I don't get the whole argument that Gibson wants to keep us in the Championship because it's more profitable or safe, virtually every Championship club is haemorrhaging money and the only foreseeable way of getting out of that is the Premier League. I don't see trying to live within our means as a lack of ambition personally.
  5. Boro live on tv going for one point away, three if lucky?
  6. This is my drawing that I gone and done of Neil Warnock lifting the Championship trophy at the riverside. I'm not very good at bodies but think the face has a good likeness: Going for 1-1 with Britt scoring against his old club for this one.
  7. I mean this seasons bar isn't set very high, I'm not saying he was man of the match or anything just that he'd be worthy of a place in the starting 11 for me if he puts in a shift like that every week and hopefully that well taken goal will give him the confidence to kick on after an awful start to the season. Fry was the man of the match for me he's been an absolute rock since coming back into the team, he's playing so much better as the central player in a 3, I looked it up after the game and he made 8 interceptions and won 12 of 14 aerial duels last night.
  8. If you take away Spence's goal this was still by far his best performance of the season, and the fans know the deal with Britt by now he doesn't really offer much until he puts the ball in the back of the net.
  9. I've always kind of enjoyed being that ugly team that no one wants to face (or watch) ๐Ÿค 
  10. If I were a pessimist I'd say that 3 points are essential in this so I'd be predicting a 2-1 loss in typical Boro fashion... Although as a self proclaimed optimist I'll say a tough grindy 2-1 in our favour!
  11. They've been banging on for years about how they're a "real country" and now they go and name their national stadium "the principality", that's proof that they're basically Cornwall but with a worse language and inferior ice cream ๐Ÿ™„ Anyway I'm predicting a 1-1 draw in this one, I can't see us winning after the massive distance for these two away days. Also the ball is in 4C as each of the stickmen are fighting to grab the ball to take the penalty.
  12. I'm not so sure, haven't they got all the money from the stadium sale available to them at this moment in time. I thought the reason they got deducted points was because they tried to include the stadium sale in the wrong year to try to escape punishment but it was already too late and didn't count towards FFP measures. I think the stadium sale is now on their books and that's how and why they're able to spend now.
  13. The fact that we're still looking for Strikers would say that we're still looking at the 3-5-2 formation even if we get Bolasie?
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