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  1. Yeah but one of their kids said that their dad could beat up our dad. 😡
  2. Siliki was a lot more of a destroyer in the midfield than I was expecting would be quite happy seeing him start with Payero if he's fit. Other than that I'd keep the team much the same for this one. We owe Blackpool one for beating up our kids in the cup.
  3. I think whilst we're still play Warnock-ball that I like Crooks in the 10 as an aerial presence high up the pitch, Sporar isn't a target man but it looks like he wants to run in behind off of through balls and flick ons so they should create a good tandem.
  4. I think for the moment we already have very good options for the number 10 role and not so much on the right wing but I agree that Tav's long term position is CAM/CM but he seems to perform just as well on the wing too.
  5. Big result and big goal from Sporar to kick off his full debut! And a clean sheet is always a good achievement no matter the team.
  6. Phone?! It's nice to know you think of us whilst you're taking a dump 🙂
  7. Is it a constant reminder that you're second best to CT? 😭
  8. Uche hasn't half got some quick feet I was mistaking him for Jones and then realised the size of him... Also he belted a 20 yard shot in with his weak foot. Reminds me of a young me 🤠
  9. Works out well for everyone if Forest have an injury situation. He's probably not going to get much gametime to develop here but he might come back to us a more rounded footballer and could be our next managers cup of tea as an attacking Right Back.
  10. I'm unlucky enough to have had Covid twice more than a year apart. I'm surprised how much the second time has affected me considering I've been double jabbed. But the first time was definitely much worse. For me the vaccine was the difference between being bed bound for a single day vs 4 days, I'd encourage anyone to get jabbed just to save yourself the pain in the future.
  11. Stop trying to change the subject to actual transfer talk! For me I think we've had a good window, but can't see where the "should be a lock for top 6" is coming from. I'm never that optimistic of new signings personally, and feel like a lot of them will take a while to get up to speed. I think we've got great value out of the money we've spent and I'm excited to see what we can build over the coming seasons with what appears to be a new philosophy towards transfers. So I'd give this window an 8.5/10 considering the circumstances at the end of last season but still expect us to fini
  12. Well if that's the case that we're quadrupling what we paid then I'm ecstatic! I thought I remembered we signed him for somewhere close to a million originally though? Still fairly happy if we got our money back, don't really have a strong opinion on Morsy's ability one way or another...
  13. Does anyone know how much we lost on the Morsy Transfer overall? Still seems like an odd one to me even if he was about to be pushed down the pecking order.
  14. Highlighted a couple of the catches for you 🤠 Hey if he can half those achievements in the Championship he'll be an outstanding loan, we're hardly playing at the highest level of the game ourselves.
  15. FFP will have, wages are a big part of that equation as is the transfer fee which is split over the length of the contract not all upfront, so we'd still have those big Fletcher and Britt transfers including their wages contributing towards it from last season.
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