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  1. Foogle

    Boro V QPR

    Middlesbrough vs QPR (H) The year is 2012, the headlines read: "Queens Park Rangers have sacked manager Neil Warnock after a run of eight Premier League games without a win. The 63-year-old took charge at Loftus Road in March 2010 and led Rangers to promotion last season, but leaves with them lying 17th in the top flight." Neil is left to stew in a fit of rage: after catapulting QPR into the Premier League, he's been sacked halfway through the next season before he could even recover from his new years hangover! He begins plotting his elaborate revenge, after 8 years and 6 (largely irrelevant) jobs later he finally has the chance to prove himself by keeping a relegation threatened team in the league, whilst doing it against the team that didn't believe he had that survival instinct in him. This is the story of Neil Warnock's redemption! Matchday Information Sunday 2pm brings us a do or die clash as Warnock’s Boro failed to keep some momentum going against fellow basement dwellers Hull, the hiring of Warnock has failed to arrest the slump in matchday ticket sales as the attendance is staying steady around the 0 mark. We have home advantage for this, if that still makes a difference… After being excited about football starting again, I am now equally excited for football to be finished again. With QPR having nothing to play for - losing all 3 of their fixtures since the return - can we take advantage of their bad form and seemingly indifferent performances? The good news is that at this end of the table one positive result will give us a massive amount of breathing room. The Reverse Fixture Earlier on in the season – We played to a 2-2 draw in a period of 10 games without a win. We’ll all be hoping that the Hull game isn't the start of a similar run of results. There’s only so many teams left who can let us off the hook by going into administration. Injuries Both sides have a clean bill of health for this one. View from the Opposition https://www.fansnetwork.co.uk/football/queensparkrangers/forum/260261/middlesbrough-sunday/#27 Questions Score predictions for this one? Lineups for the game? Will Warnock keep us safe? Will he be here next year if he does? Do we even deserve to stay up if we rely on other teams being handed points deductions? Do you prefer to have your Saturday ruined or your Sunday ruined?
  2. I think with the quick fire fixtures we've got that we should be making 2/3 changes to try and keep the squad fresh.
  3. I mean I would've preferred someone else... but I can't fault the logic so I'm on board.
  4. Don't you mean in an attempt to stop Liverpool winning the league?
  5. We need to implement some sort of 'no quoting' quarantine so that we can't get sick off of other people's posts...
  6. The self part is how it comes about, like self-isolation implies a choice on your part whereas enforced-isolation doesn't.
  7. As the old Michael Gove saying goes "Britain has had enough of experts!"
  8. Hopefully we can pawn him off on a relegated team... We need to get him involved and scoring again or else a team is going to struggle to justify a transfer fee and that massive contract.
  9. Similar to the people's republic of Middlesbrough FC then. I heard Steve Gibson and Xi Jinping are best of mates 🤠
  10. I'm far from an accounting whizz so you're probably right on that front.
  11. I would've thought those sales will be paid to us in instalments along with the Bamford transfer etc as well as the transfers we've had to pay out for too. So we should hopefully be seeing money from those for a few years yet as we've been in transfer profit for the past couple of seasons. (Not sure with Adama as his release clause was met so it might have been an upfront lump sum?)
  12. Yep seems like the wrong place a the wrong time, think they lined up 3 strikers with affordable buyout clauses and chose Braithwaite. Basically Barca's bad management and injury misfortune is now just some other teams problem...
  13. Got to feel sorry for Leganes in this deal. Surely Barca shouldn't be able to just activate a buy-out clause with this "emergency" signing. It all but dooms Leganes to relegation and they're not even allowed to sign a replacement...
  14. Medium to Long term goal is financial sustainability for the club. It's not sexy, but I think it's where we are.
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