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  1. Could be a bit of needle in this one, always is an extra bit when an old manager comes to town... Going for a 2-0 win in this, Britt and McNair to score!
  2. I think it's just smart play from Britt, he reads the situation well and sniffs out the possibility of the defender either heading it back to the keeper or mishitting it. He's nowhere near the defender and doesn't challenge for the ball so I can't see how it's offside, lets say the defender didn't go for it, the offside would only be called when Britt makes a play for it, if they were both to leave the ball in that situation then no offside would be called. Think the officials got it spot on.
  3. Going to be a tough one but I think we'll eek out a surprise win, 2-1 in this.
  4. Seemed like towards the end of the first half there was no willing from our players to get into a space to receive the ball. Felt like when we were a bit under the cosh our heads dropped.
  5. The questions are optional to be fair ? I do think the decision on Dijksteel was justified simply for the performance that Howson put in at RB.
  6. I mean Kompany's career ended at precisely that moment anyway, I don't know why people are still going on about him tbh...
  7. I mean that was a pretty special volley with his weak foot no less... the best part of his game and that of any top goalscorer is arriving in the positions to score so surely the sheer amount of opportunities he puts away in the 18 yard box is a plus? Players are going to score less against top teams, that's just the way football works especially in a Pulis team where he'll play 2 attacking players against top teams. The reality is he matches most strikers conversion rate in the division. You can't hang that he's a £15m striker over his head, it's not his fault he was bought at twice his value, he's the best striker at the club and we'd really struggle to replace his goals if we were to sell him. You can point to Paddy, but his wages were even higher and he was the only one people were actually going to buy for a decent fee even though I would've preferred to keep him.
  8. Oh believe me, just because we wear adult diapers on this forum there can still be some leakage in the night!
  9. 3-5-2 was my preferred formation to start the season as I think it fits us the best, but I think at this stage we've got to give the team a bit of time to settle into the 4-3-3. If we were to switch Dijksteel has also played CB before and wonder whether him and Friend could flank Ayala as ball playing CBs in a 3 at the back system until Fry returns. Coulson and Bola certainly seem like attacking wingbacks and I think the role suits Howson more than a fullback role. Which also means Fletcher can play in his best role as a striker. --------Dijksteel Ayala Friend----- Howson----McNair----Wing------Bola ---------------------Browne----------------- -----Assombalonga-----Fletcher---
  10. Fans aren't known to be very patient to be fair, just look at the "fans" calling for Woody's head on social media.
  11. Middlesbrough vs Millwall (H) *Crash* *Bang* *Whallop* Woody has burst through his first hurdle with a thoroughly convincing *cough* win against Wigan Athletic! Now can he crash through the Mill-Wall and get a real head of steam going for the season? Match Information: 3pm at the riverside, Middlesbrough take on Millwall… in the battle of the cartoon lions who will take the spoils? After a run of mediocre and downright bad results Boro recorded their first win of the season and will be looking to pull a run of results together, could we see the confidence return and a reappearance of the exciting play on show for the first 135 minutes of the campaign? Millwall started the season in the opposite manner with some decent results at first but come to this fixture on the back of a 4-0 trouncing by Fulham. This Fixture Last Time Out: The last time we welcomed Millwall to the Riverside we stole a 1-1 draw in the most unconvincing fashion. Injury News: Coulson is still out for a couple of weeks at least. Friend failed to make the bench at Wigan after rumblings of an injury. This could be the first fixture of the season for Fry, there’s a lot of anticipation but he will need to be given time and patience as he’s not had a full preseason. Millwall have Wallace unavailable due to suspension and lost Jiri Skalak to injury against Fulham. View From The Opposition: Nothing up on the Boro game as of yet. But if you visit: https://millwall-forum.vitalfootball.co.uk/forums/north-stand-banter.6/ you can find some angry people slagging their team and manager off, just like any forum I suppose… Questions: Was dropping Dijksteel harsh? What’s the most impressive wall you’ve ever seen? Will Millwall’s direct style make us come unstuck? Would you make any changes? Score predictions?
  12. Because he will have been instructed not to so we can pass it out from the back. I personally don't like making keepers that aren't comfortable do it, think they've gotta be naturals to make it work.
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