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  1. Think this will be a game were Coventry will try to frustrate us with 11 men behind the ball, they will be happy to play for the draw. Would like us to go with a 4231 which will allow us to rest Saville and possibly McNair. Bettinelli Spence Dijksteel/McNair Fry Bola Howson Morsy Tav Roberts Brown/Coulson Akpom/Brit
  2. I was at this game - when Messi scored 5 and ran the show, couldn't help be in admiration of him. although I would love him to come to England, I believe he may go to Italy or go back to Argentina
  3. Stoj Spence -Shotton- Fry-Friend Howson - Clayton Roberts Wing Tav Assombalonga/Fletcher With Reading being good in the attacking third we need to have 2 defensive midfielders to attempt to break up the play If we had a another centre back I would of went Pulis style defending and had Shotton at right back and keep it tight Let the attackers attack, and defenders defend. hopefully we could nick something
  4. Could it be 3rd time lucky for Nigel Pearson, I believe he has been close to taking charge a couple of times in the past and with his contract up at the end of the season at Watford it may just be his time. Any Takers?
  5. Does the gazette watch a different game then the fans? ratings- Tav 6/10 - besides from rolling around on the floor and constantly losing the ball I am not sure what else he did, ok he hit the bar with a shot whoop-de-woo. - worst thing was whenever we had the ball looking to play it out to the right Tav wasn't to be seen. Sav - 5/10 I didn't even notice he was on the pitch he was that poor, he is amongst one of our many poor signings. Marvin - 6/10 may look good running forward but every cross doesn't get past the front post. Fletch - 5/10 didn't give us any outlet for us to be able to counter attack - we can blame a lack of service to him but if he is not up front to hold the ball up or run the channels how can we get the midfield up the field to provide service he requires.
  6. If Woodgate is a true Boro fan and still wants some sort of respect from the fans, he should resign instead of waiting for a pay off from the club.
  7. He shouldn't of been put in charge in the first place. But now we are in a dilemma on who would replace him. Gibson won't hire anyone that's already in a job. Mangers that we where after before Woodgate are now in a job or too expensive i.e Jovanivic (ex fulham manger) I doubt he would go back for previous mangers likes of Karanka. Does he go back to a defensive mangers (Allardyce), do we twist on another rookie (Leo, Under 23 manger), do we take a risk and pay for an expensive manger but has a reputation for attacking?
  8. Ben Gibson turned up to Rockliffe with his gear on Sunday morning. My Brother was refereeing the under 10's and seen him in the car park.
  9. Just ordered my Assombalonga shirt online, so all this I can't order the shirt because he is leaving is a load of bull.
  10. won a couple of tickets last season, so fingers crossed i can win again this season ??
  11. Feeling optimistic about today's result and going for a 5-0 win, with Assombalonga hat-trick
  12. Wouldn't read too much into squad numbers. it's mainly down to the players to say what number they want and the club just say yes/no.
  13. I don't believe it has been dragged out because of the season ticket sales. tbh I don't think Gibson is bothered about season ticket sales. I think he has took his time because I needed to interview all potential candidates, get all the right coaches lined up, hold second/third interviews need be, making sure all finances are lined up for what the new manager/dof wants. and to be fair I think woodgate would have had to give an exceptional interview if he has got the job. I didn't want Woodgate but if you look at the positives he knows what the fans want to see, he knows the club, he knows the area so we don't need to wait for him to settle, he knows what the players are capable of so he will know what we need in the transfer window. I know he isn't everyone's first choice manager but if he plays good attacking football like the robson days I'd be happy win, lose or draw.
  14. The difference is if you have respect for someone you tell them face to face, if it's someone you hardly know, or don't give a crap about they are just another statistic then you tell them by phone/letter.
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