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  1. Great read again @ErimusFootball 👍
  2. SATURDAY 28TH NOVEMBER Birmingham City v Millwall D Blackburn Rovers v Barnsley H Cardiff City v Luton Town D Derby County v Wycombe Wanderers H Huddersfield Town v Middlesbrough A Norwich City v Coventry City H Rotherham United v AFC Bournemouth A Sheffield Wednesday v Stoke City D Watford v Preston North End H SUNDAY 29TH NOVEMBER Nottingham Forest v Swansea City A
  3. Poor old Rudy kept injuring himself picking up that big wage packet every week
  4. Absolutely delighted with that. Brilliant management performance by Warnock. Spence and Johnson were excellent when they came on. UTB
  5. And we had a penalty which if converted would have got us a minimum of one point. You are starting to brag very early about your preferred line up. Maybe you should wait and see if it works against the worst team in the league?
  6. I really hope that you are not crying after the game tonight. You have what you want now. I hope you are correct
  7. I don’t have the memory that you require for this. At half time yesterday I had Johnson down as man of the match for us. When he was replaced by Coulson we wilted. That is how I saw it and I stick by that opinion. I’m not capable of remembering every minute as it happened and will make no apologies for that
  8. I watch the game as it happens. I don’t rely on reading stats to form my opinion. Johnson played well yesterday. I really think that you are being deliberately belligerent to deny that
  9. Watch the game again without your anti Johnson goggles on and you will see what I mean. He was a threat for us when he was on the pitch. Definitely one of the better games he has played for us
  10. Just my opinion but never finding anything good to say about any part of our gameplan, formation, players selected or in game decisions is moaning
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