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  1. Did you have to use a car dressed in a Sunderland shirt Foogle? 😂
  2. I don’t like this question SDS. You are relatively in the know. Are you trying to tell us something?
  3. Fair play for the reports @wilsoncgp
  4. I quite simply just don’t understand it. It makes no sense to me. Sorry STI
  5. No Randolph in the squad at all. I hope that is not a sign of an imminent sale
  6. Are you including Braithwaite as someone who doesn’t want to leave the club Raf?
  7. It was Mick Harford. He was their temporary manager for the second half of last season. He would be well qualified to assess the opposition
  8. Could have just been looking at us to get an idea of our formation and how we are likely to set up against them in the first game of the season.
  9. At least he didn’t suggest Rod Stewart. You can be sure Strachan would have signed him 😂
  10. Pulis has never been relegated. Ashley would be happy with that until he can sell the club.
  11. Good to see Ashley Fletcher get on the scoresheet
  12. Or it was the opening bid and we expect them to come back with a better offer?
  13. 20m and Gibson back on loan might free up the funds for the players we require in other positions
  14. If it does happen I suggest that @SmogDane should sing 🎵 brunners crying without wing 🎵 ala westlife for the opening match day thread against Luton. Sorry @Brunners I couldn’t help it 😜
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