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  1. Ok he must have renewed. He signed a four year deal in 2016 so I thought it was up this year.
  2. I think that Shane Duffy is possibly out of contract at Brighton. He would be a good addition as a Warnock Centre Half
  3. We got to the quarter finals in 1990 without winning a game 😀 The win over England is shown on a regular basis on TV over here. Big Jack banged his head on the dugout when Houghton headed home. They were mental times 🤪
  4. Yes indeed they were great times as an Ireland fan
  5. That’s sad. Arguably Ireland’s best manager too
  6. A little bit of walking around money @Brunners 😀
  7. MJ really should Say Nothing At All
  8. Leeds smashing Stoke 4-0 with 20 minutes to go
  9. Manager in waiting billy according to your good self 🤣
  10. It feels good to start a new day with a spring in the step and a smile on my face. Hugely satisfying performance and result yesterday. If we keep that kind of attitude up we should be able to amass enough points in the last four games to ensure safety. That’s one heck of a big if
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