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  1. As is typical of the FAI Robbie Keane signed a 4 year deal at the time that McCarthy signed a 2 year deal so he still has a contract. However it is understood that Stephen Kenny does not want him in the senior set up. Kenny wishes to work with Keith Andrews as his assistant and Damien Duff as coach.
  2. I doubt if any club would have allowed for a complete shutdown in their budgets. This is going to affect everyone in every walk of life. To quote Mowbray.... it is what it is
  3. And it’s the only cup that was open to all the teams in the world without the distraction of their own leagues. Come on BORO 🤪
  4. We would even settle for you up front Alan with Teddy as your support striker 😂
  5. Thank you TAPOUT. So far we are all well and are going to abide with the lockdown. It’s a small price to pay in the wider scheme of things. I hope all on here stay safe and sound and wish all well.
  6. Ireland going into full lockdown from midnight tonight
  7. Brilliant OC 😂😂😂
  8. He is Irish billy. He just speaks with a funny Scottish accent 😂
  9. The army won’t bother you at all DZ. Just tell them you know Uwe and you’ll be grand 👍
  10. Yes it is a good read. Good post @boroie 👍
  11. And there was no violence at the World Cup 👍
  12. Oh and of course best wishes to @BearSmog from the Emerald Isle
  13. Putin has just made a simple statement: He said “Russian citizens have two options (1) Stay at home for 15 days or (2) Stay in prison for 5 years” End of statement
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