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  1. Famagusta….. the ghost town. How very apt for him
  2. A Russia v Denmark A Finland v Belgium A North Macedonia v Netherlands H Ukraine v Austria H Croatia v Scotland A Czech Republic v England
  3. Happy Father’s Day to you too @Uwe👍
  4. The defending is rubbish @Neverbefore🤣🤣🤣
  5. Did he not have Malcolm Crosby as his experienced sidekick? Or am I remembering that wrong?
  6. Yes it would be lovely to see him score an OG as well. Hopefully Ronaldo will get a fourth one 🤣
  7. Ah the good old Ceefax days. I remember them well. They were an upgrade on having to buy a late evening paper to get the scores in the 70’s 😃
  8. He is just doing his job as VARs biggest cheerleader 😃
  9. How that can be reviewed and a penalty the outcome is beyond me
  10. A dark horse….. now that’s a white horse of a different colour 😃
  11. H Spain v Poland A Hungary v France D Germany v Portugal H Switzerland v Turkey H Italy v Wales
  12. I said it on the other thread and I will say it again here. Keep going mate. No need to apologise at all. We are all enjoying it
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