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  1. That's my favourite as well, it is the only kit i have ever actually owned, and i have been a regular since the 70's. I guess i am just a tight ***, my mother bought me that one when i was a kid, so that means i have never actually bought one myself. They always used to release them too late, you could only wear them for one or two games before it got too cold. They release them earlier nowadays which makes sense, still not buying one though.
  2. Exactly this, but the keyboard warriors he is on about will try to turn it against him and be as negative as possible, because that's what they enjoy doing.
  3. He's just telling it how it is. I am glad he is not naive enough to take much notice of it. Keyboard warriors are poisonous to the club.
  4. Does anyone know if there is anywhere i can listen to the match tonight. I am currently on holiday in the Lake District and cant get BBC TEES.
  5. When did you last go to a match, must be at least 10 years since we had people working the turnstiles. Anyway you are wrong, it was the north stand she worked on. Topless on warm days.
  6. The way he is playing Britt won't be worthy much at all come January, so if we are to buy three players with what we get for him, they will be from league 2.
  7. Not wasting a load of money on journey men today will make the squad stronger and more together with a better team spirit. Hopefully.
  8. Love these threads Erimus74, more of anything from the 70's or 80's please. Can't beat a bit of nostalgia.
  9. I have been supporting Boro since the 70's and have never bought a shirt, but i think i might be buying that away shirt.
  10. Talking to my hairdresser today who used to be very close to the club and has had a season ticket for donkey's years. He said if Woodgate gets the job he will be looking for a refund on his season ticket. Personally i won't be getting a season ticket, i will give Woodgate a chance but will just be paying game by game.
  11. Not being critical here, but can someone tell me what is so special about Arteta, why would it be such a coup, is it just because he has worked under Pep.
  12. Great looking new kit today and also great looking new website. All is good today, very happy.
  13. Looks great on a desktop, but on a mobile the text seems harder to read, not sure what it is as i haven't got the old system to compare it with. It could be that it's smaller or lighter or maybe both, i can't work it out but definitely seems harder to read.
  14. If we are going to be a bit more frugal in the future and Gibson is going to stop throwing his money down the drain. What about Craig Hignett, likes attacking football and is as Boro through and through as anyone could be that isn't from this area. Knows the club very well and has already coached here, and has bit of experience as a manager now. He is very down to earth and not a Big Time Charlie.
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