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  1. I would love it to be Zohore, but i think he is out of our reach. He cost them 8 million quid, i would think they would want to get at least half of that back, and then there is his wages, i would imagine he is on quite a lot. Our only option is a loan, and if WBA pay half his wages.
  2. I wonder if he's got them tied to the beds and locked the door. It just shows how far we have fallen when we are getting exited about signing players like Sanogo and Stewart. A few years ago we wouldn't even have bothered discussing them hardly as they would just have been back up squad players, now it's the best we can sign if we can manage to get them to sign that is. I am not very exited about either of them, but if we can sign Gibson or Roberts i would be a little bit excited.
  3. There is a lot of doom and gloom at the moment at us not signing players. What's making it worse for people is that we are missing out on all our so called targets and it is making people even more miserable. Well for me, i am not bothered at all about any of the so called targets we have missed out on. Almost every one of them are from lower league clubs and on the cheap, non of them are exiting or even proven in this league. I am not the slightest bit bothered if we don't sign any of them. I am hoping this is just a big smokescreen for better more exiting signings to come, all the players mentioned up to new are no better than what we have, or may be even worse. We are looking at buying players for £750k, would you let any of our players go for that amount or anywhere near it. No you probably wouldn't, all our senior players and especially our young talents are worth much more than that. We might as well wait until the transfer window is nearly closed and look for some last minute bargains where you might be able to pick up genuine quality bargains if you are prepared to pay decent wages. I don't want a squad full of league 1 and 2 players like we are looking to sign now, if that's the case i would rather we stuck with what we already have. I am sure things will come good in the next month or two and we will get some quality through the door. We are going to need it with our tough start to the season.
  4. Sorry but i don't really recognise your user name, are you one of the ITK people?
  5. Wow Carlisle in the top division, amazing.
  6. We really need to hang on to Fry, but also get Gibson back and pair them up if we can. With having Grant Hall as well it will keep them all on their toes. Handy if we want to play three at the back as well. Should have kept George as well.🤬
  7. Very sad to see George leave, i wish we had tried harder to keep him. We could be regretting it in a few months time, i still think he has plenty to offer. It always takes a while to come back when you have had a couple of years plagued by injury, but he seemed to be getting better every game until the season ended. Another 5 or 6 games and he could have easily been justifying his place on the pitch. Such a fantastic guy as well, i have never been so disappointed to see one of our players leave in a long time. Good Luck George.
  8. I think signing Maddison could be quite an exiting signing, he looks a decent player and could mix things up a bit. All the other signings we have been linked with are just very average boring cheap players, nothing to get exited about. I am hoping they are just a smoke screen for the really existing players we are trying to sign.
  9. People never see to mention this, everyone is trying to be positive at the moment, wait until we loose a few games.
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