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  1. Yeah thats a big beasty alright! Quite a lot of Irish BA stouts floating around these days, I've almost certainly had all of them at one time or another and that one is pretty good.
  2. Guinness is brewed in different countries and tastes very different due to water profiles, etc. Effectively Guinness ship extract to different locations and brew it from that, hence Nigerian guinness being about 7%. There used to be a pub in Dublin across the river from the Guinness brewery that imported guinness from Nigeria. Anyway, I'd agree with DZ. Guinness isn't even the best stout in Dublin, much less in Ireland or beyond. If you want to compare it to other Irish macro stouts, I'd take a Beamish over it any day of the week. Foreign Extra (from the bottle) is a decent drop, and sur
  3. Welp... that ones being turned off now. same old ***
  4. is it on the website tonight or do they not show red button games?
  5. Dangerous play, definite red card. Its in the rules. Of course those rules are open for interpretation (or ignoring) Watching it real time it looked 2 footed and could be seen as out of control. I can see why it was given but it was certainly harsh and just refer to above picture for further reinforcement! As it happens I didnt watch the game. Sounds like I saved myself some high blood pressure!
  6. Deeply regretting having purchased the season pass. Every time I tune in lately I am that step closer to chucking the laptop out a window. And work would probably complain if I did that. Do I take another chance tonight? Not feeling confident!
  7. haha @Leesider amazed he recognised it!!
  8. Why are we just SO bad at attacking, the amount of times I saw us with the ball and the move breaks down because either a bad pass, wrong pass, or just no movement... its woeful.
  9. Howson to RB I think, probably Watmore right, Coulson left and Wing in midfield. ?
  10. Christ.... why does every chance fall to Morsy?
  11. Wow that was boro levels of wastefulness there by Rotherham!
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