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  1. Just watched that press interview clip there, its very poor regardless of the excuse made that maybe he was trying to stand up to a reporter. It comes across very badly and I agree it makes him look petulant and arrogant.
  2. I don't think he is dominant enough as a central defender in a 2, he seems to be more covering a lot than going to actively win the ball. Handy to have for sure but certainly seems better in a deeper role than the #10 he played early in his career
  3. The lovely new politically correct world we live in.
  4. Fair enough as far as I am concerned. I certainly took no offence. My posts were more about 'ooh maybe you shouldnt be posting things like that' but anyway lets move on. Gestede for president!
  5. I absolutely understand! Thats what those dolls were called (among other things). I'm totally not offended. Just saying that it may be offensive to some.
  6. Actually yes, quite a few times, hence me specifying where it now doesnt quite fit in where it used to. And yes... those dolls were everywhere. Might still have it in the attic! Different times though!
  7. mate. thats considered quite racist these days in a lot of UK and Ireland. As an aside, I had one of those dolls growing up. But then my nan also had a black cat she called ****** (my stars, not the board censor) that I guess you can fill in the gaps. Different times, different attitudes.
  8. Also we should really have made subs sooner and more decisively. Swapping Sav, Wing and Tav around was not decisive. Waiting so long to bring on Flecha and Nmecha was not decisive.
  9. We didn't completely suck but we were pretty poor We approached the game completely the wrong way, played rudy up front with roberts off him, that was never going to work as neither presses and rudy is way too static. Our good form has coincided with ashley fletcher being lone striker (and once playing in a 2 with rudy), as he runs well off the ball and presses very well. We were stuck lumping it forward to a static target man who you all well know is indecently bad at jumping and heading the ball. We basically sowed the seeds for our own bad result, and thats what happened. I don't think many would complain if it had been 4-0 instead of 1-0. The scoreline flattered us. I put this down to managerial inexperience, and hopefully the team and managerial team will learn from it.
  10. Seems back in defence now, maybe just that passage of play.
  11. Howson seems to be playing RB now with Spence right wing now?
  12. We are really missing Fletcher's pressing and running off the ball. Gestede is too static for a lone striker.
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