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  1. Just bring back AK please. Warnock would be a sickening appointment.
  2. Their keeper has made 4 or 5 critical saves this half alone, yet somehow also looks like he has lumps of butter on the end of his arms instead of hands. Pears has been poor.
  3. LOL at the mess we made of that chance there when Britt pulled it back.
  4. How casual was that from Fletcher. Pretty amusing the keeper threw himself on the ground expecting a first time shot.
  5. Don't know why..... but Feel free to PM me any working stream links please
  6. Harrison scored for Leeds last night to send them top. Wish we had a winger like that at the club. Oh wait, thanks again Tony.
  7. I've seen him play for Cork City a lot. He's a flair player who played on the wing a lot despite wanting to play either #10 or up top, doesnt really have the physicality though. Good technical player and has good vision. I'm not sure he's really up for the Championship though.
  8. I was out at a 6 year olds birthday party. Saw we were 2-0 up and was upset that I was missing the performance of the season. Got home then with 5 mins to play only to find out it was 2-2 and we were down to 10! My god we were awful in that 5 minutes I watched though. Still.... positives: We are no longer in the relegation zone and no longer the lowest scorers in the league 😀 Also we have way too many draws (WDL 2/8/7) every other team bar Barnsley has 4 wins at least but QPR in 12th have lost as many as us, Bristol in 7th have drawn as many
  9. In that first season, it used to be said that Hamilton Ricard was built like a brick shithouse and played like one too.
  10. This is woeful stuff 🤣🤣🤣🤣
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