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  1. Just on the confidence point, once Britt got the first (and that was a good goal) he was notably more positive. Hopefully it lifts him and he can continue to raise his game.
  2. Premier league here we come!!
  3. Several times we had the ball on the edge of the box or inside the box, a player unmarked on the edge waiting for a square ball or cutback and instead we typically waste the situation.
  4. 9 man coventry have equalised 3-3 against Portsmouth !
  5. The ref is attrocious, nearly as bad as our passing. It's not just execution of passing (weight, direction, height) but the lack of vision to play it to an open man, or playing it directly to a Wigan player. You can work on the execution but vision is another issue entirely.
  6. How have we not scored at least 2 goals this match?
  7. Looks like Paddy gone to right sided central defender, Shotton left side and Ayala in the middle. Howson and Saville as wingbacks.
  8. Saville played leftback before a few times, we speculated on here that when he was signed by TP that it was with one eye on cover for George.
  9. Also typically Downing got an assist from a set piece tonight. First in 2 years?
  10. How are we so bad at passing!!!
  11. Actually just came back in there a few mins ago after walking the dogs, saw a really nice piece of play with (I think) Bola and MJ on the left wing? Lovely intricate stuff until it looked like Clayton just booted a punt at the keeper.
  12. Ah its all about the stickball lads, hon Tipp 🥰
  13. Good result at half time, worrying performance though. Mind you Wigan haven't been amazing either, but we lack any sort of midfield control and we are very shaky at the back.
  14. Still way too many misplaced passes going forward, but we are quite unlucky not to have scored at least one more goal so far. Will we run out of steam in the 2nd half though like Brentford game?
  15. Should have been 2, thats very poor finishing by Britt and McNair.
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