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  1. This is what it looks like in Ireland btw, the peak roughly coincides with the onset of lockdown both times
  2. Numbers started spiralling in Ireland a few weeks back, hitting peaks of 1000+ cases a day after being below 100 for a good while. We entered lockdown 2 weeks ago and its had the effect already of reducing numbers dramatically. I dont think people are as upset this time as last time (in march/april) because they are more used to what is expected I guess. The problem is with the morons that still insist in going to parties and all that. And also this:
  3. 6 or 7 bottles of it and you'll have a banging headache that makes you wish you were abolished!
  4. Looking forward to this now, hope we smash them. I'd like to see Britt on the scoresheet, Roberts start the match in close support and a few mins for Browne could be good too. Here's my masterpiece, just call me banksy
  5. F***ING PULIS Bamford, Traore (and Harrison) were beyond what we could attract at this club, and he *** them up against the wall. C**T Argh it makes me so mad thinking about what we lost and what we could have had. Delighted Adama and Paddy are doing so well though.
  6. Welcome back @Raf smog we've missed you. But damn thats gutting.
  7. In NW's press conference he specifically called out Roberts playing balls into the front 2.
  8. This article from JN on F365 is worth reposting. It was written 2 months ago. https://www.football365.com/news/leeds-double-burnley-final-west-ham-relegated-european-super-league
  9. Danny Rose would be 'on paper' an amazing signing. Questions would be whether we could afford him, whether he'd be interested, and whether (as you say @CWC) a player who was a few years ago "deemed the best left-back in the country and Man City were bidding upwards of 40m for him" would even fancy the championship.
  10. Britt as captain must mean they have no intention to sell. Of course every player has their price and plans change, but it would be a big comedown to sell your captain.
  11. Some rumours from that cardiff forum: Just be told he failed a drugs test and is involved in dealing what f*cking a waste of a career, such a talent . Also read it was related to him paying people for fights in the City Centre. Not sure what to believe but interested in hearing the facts. Involved in a drink driving accident leaving 2 men requiring serious medical attention Had all the windows in his car smashed the other day
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