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  1. Woohoo! doom and gloom since last Saturday (I don't count Hoppe!) but really positive news this morning! Lets get this season started.
  2. Did the forum get an upgrade? There was a top posts clickthrough and then this highlighted in green in the thread, have not seen it do this before. Also, yay. Fingers crossed.
  3. He might have had a really bad pizza experience from the knock off crowd 3 star pizza.
  4. We've never had a problem talking about other matches in this thread before though, seems odd to suddenly want to ringfence that chat in a new thread.
  5. Thats why he is fine for the central def slot but wouldnt be suitable for the LCB or RCB slots, too slow. Thought he did well enough mind but in the 2nd half after they scored the entire team seemed to loose their composure. Its at that point you want your leaders to step up and take charge and that didnt happen.
  6. Duncan Watmore is the Joe Lumley of strikers. That is all.
  7. why was nobody tracking the runners - thats back to the bad old days of last every season
  8. thought that was a nailed on pen but he kicked his own leg
  9. and then he gave it right away 🤣 I like that we are nearly all of our ball on the ground, some nice through passes attempted
  10. Class from Lenihan there, very unlucky the through ball didnt have quite enough on it
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