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  1. Valid point, population density is huge in terms of spread. Most of the impact in Ireland has been in the East of the country (ie Dublin) where about a quarter of the population live (its the most dense region). I'm very worried for major metropolis areas (London) as it will be so difficult to fully lock down and ensure social distancing.
  2. US saying they could have 250,000 deaths in the next few weeks
  3. It makes no sense to reduce the number of services except to save money, and nobody is saving money in this crisis.
  4. Has to be better than Gestede up front
  5. The Irish health department released this graph today showing the effects of social distancing and lockdown. It's interesting as (if accurate, and I have no reason to think otherwise) Ireland should be looking at about 15000 cases today but we are currently just shy of 3000 cases. Looks like we are flattening the curve here before we've hit critical saturation of the hospitals.
  6. I was so happy when he came back for the 3rd time, delighted when he was able to celebrate success with the league cup. As much as I have a love/hate relationship with McClaren, it definitely hit absolute rock bottom when he forced him out to Celtic. Juninho could definitely have contributed more to the team for another season or 2.
  7. The isolation and distancing strategy would only delay the inevitable crash if we do nothing different while it is ongoing. However what we are (or at least should be) doing is building up resources (protective equipment, ventilators, ICU beds, etc), creating and building testing equipment (the goal is like a pregnancy test), and giving scientists time to work on drugs to assist most critical people. Every week we prolong the crisis is another week to be ready for the next peak.
  8. Its grand, dont worry !!
  9. I got a few but I had no idea what most of the emoji things were even supposed to be! (eg NewYork Red Bears???) Kinda put a crimp in my ability to solve most of them 😄
  10. Hope you get well soon @RiseAgainst and the family too. Glad to hear its not too impactful! My routine is nothing like Uwe's, I'm fully working from home so I'm at my desk in front of a computer from about 08:30 until 18:30 or so. Certainly not a holiday here! I'm busier than ever trying to manage a team remotely, sucks up so much time.
  11. I think you have the right of it there unfortunately. Trump is a dangerous idiot, but a popular one.
  12. It's dreadfully worrying watching the garbage he comes out with, the way he belittled it as a democrat hoax for so long causing his supporters to believe that too (there was a breakdown showing 70% republicans didnt think it was dangerous, vs 40% democrats, independents were 50/50). Also he went off half cocked about that chloroquine 'miracle cure' and 2 people took it (1 died) https://www.bbc.com/news/52012242
  13. I don't want to seem a doomsayer or unduly worry people, however this is a very in-depth data-driven article that has very scary and unpalatable conclusions. However it does offer hope and a stategy that is working elsewhere in the world. https://medium.com/@tomaspueyo/coronavirus-the-hammer-and-the-dance-be9337092b56
  14. @p_mards I've found it quite reasonable to get promoted with the starting squad, 3 things are really important I find 1. be positive to the players all the time, take every opp to praise them and be assertive - get their morale up and it will win you games 2. get a good assistant manager with high tactical knowledge and judging player current/potential ability - that will help with team selection 3. pick a formation and stick with it for 4-5 games at least, chopping and changing doesnt really work that well My current game I'm in 2035 and have gone through several tactical evolutions, started with a 4-2-3-1 defensive tiki-taka style, then a few seasons later moved to a 4-1-2-2-1 gegenpressing style. For the last 4 seasons I've been playing a very attacking 4-4-*****ng-2 which actually is working brilliantly.
  15. Each to their own but I never use those grey market sites, the publishers dont get the same money - they typically buy keys in really poor regions and then resell in more affluent regions at a discount. I've not known anyone to get a bad key from them, but it can happen. I'm more worried about supporting the publishers so they keep releasing games.
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