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  1. Britt as captain must mean they have no intention to sell. Of course every player has their price and plans change, but it would be a big comedown to sell your captain.
  2. Some rumours from that cardiff forum: Just be told he failed a drugs test and is involved in dealing what f*cking a waste of a career, such a talent . Also read it was related to him paying people for fights in the City Centre. Not sure what to believe but interested in hearing the facts. Involved in a drink driving accident leaving 2 men requiring serious medical attention Had all the windows in his car smashed the other day
  3. The problem is that Facebook/Twitter etc make their money through clicks, views, etc, so it is counter to their business model to kick people off the service or delete posts. I'm sick of reporting racist, anti-lgbt, anti-immigrant, hate speech on FB and having the response 'this falls within our community guidelines'. Only that I use messenger and its the only way I keep in touch with some people (and use the site for login to other sites) I'd be out of there.
  4. what link do you use to buy the overseas season pass? I went to the site but can only see the audio one and the watford game.
  5. At least you can't be disappointed when you expect nothing!
  6. I actually agree with this, even though most don't. I think it take a while for the wheels to fall off and the despair of being in the championship to really take effect. Also closer to, and after, deadline day will also impact morale as bigger name players can leave (or be 'stuck').
  7. That first goal by them, great strike. LOL at Marvs goal and Fletchs 2nd. The other 2 were decent finishes. Defending looked a bit dodge for their 2nd and 3rd.
  8. Conor Gallagher was better than him (Chelsea loan) and one of the reasons Charlton plummeted was that he was recalled in Jan and sent to Swansea. Would like to try getting him on loan.
  9. I feel Roberts is the kind of player you buy for 3.5 mil and sell for 9-10 after a good season. The only reason not to do so is very high wages.
  10. Has to be Patrick Roberts. Or maybe Hoilett at a stretch?
  11. More on the Charlton ownership case/injunction (it is an ungodly mess - my mate keeps sending me new horror stories). The £1 agreed for the club was not even paid by these guys. Also says the £1 - which Lex Dominus were going to pay for the football club - has not been paid. https://forum.charltonlife.com/discussion/comment/4008908/#Comment_4008908 Also I never heard this at the time, but a few months ago it came out that the club (signed off by Matt Southalls buddy) were renting him a flat in London for 1/15 their ST revenue!!! Matt Southall’s #cafc flat in numbers - £300k commitment for club over the two year lease; £400 a night; equals wages of five staff costing £30k a year; at least £1 in every £15 received in season ticket revenue; about ten times a basic rent in SE London.
  12. The kind of beers I drink, you wouldn't even get 1 pint for a tenner sometimes!
  13. Shame they spelled 'extraordinaire' incorrectly, put me off the whole video 😛
  14. oh yeah that's annoying! It's like one of the YTS took pictures with their phone or something. Club didn't even get a professional photographer to take portraits. Amateur.
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