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  1. Johnson is such a handy squad player as he can play in multiple positions. Make sense to keep him around as his wages can't be that high. Friend has nothing left to offer on the pitch in my opinion - would be great to keep him at the club in some kind of coaching/ambassador capacity though.
  2. I've found petrol garage shops and local corner shops are the best bets. Tend to get refilled daily. Got eggs, milk, toilet roll and chicken from the little family owned corner shop near me when the huge supermarkets were cleared out. Nice to support independents too!
  3. Got a wine society delivery (hopefully) arriving this Thursday. I think its going to be needed!
  4. We are in pretty much the same situation as Italy - people will see that soon. Italy had their first death on Feb 22nd, then two weeks after on March 7th they had 35 dead. One month later on March 22nd they have 4,800 dead. The UK had its first death on 1st March, then two weeks later we had 144 dead. On 1st April we will be in just as bad a place as the Italians are now if not worse - as they locked down on Day 16 whereas we still had everything open. China locked down on Day 12.
  5. Makes sense, really. Would be odd to sack off a season with so much already invested for one that hasn't started. Players out of contract seems to be the issue though.
  6. China has a lot to answer for and getting their own epidemic under control hardly makes everything okay. It's been known for years that their medieval wet markets are the perfect storm for cooking up a novel virus. Wild species that would never normally cross paths kept in dirty, cramped, stressed conditions. They are then chopped up and eaten in unhygienic ways, exposing humans to infected blood. The Chinese had a massive warning with SARS the first time around and didn't give enough of a crap to change their ways. They tried to cover up this virus, gagging doctors and journalists who tried to warn the world of what was coming. Early warnings are so key for controlling these things. Okay, their draconian controls have stopped the spread in Wuhan... but lets see if they actually put controls in place to stop this happening again.
  7. This is the thing though... apparently younger people have had it and said it literally felt like a mild cold. Some people have said they are positive and have had zero symptoms (Idris Elba was one I think). Then there are others it is hitting like a freight train. I had a sore throat, cold and banging headache over the weekend. Feel a little achey, low energy and have chills this week. No idea what it is as can't be tested. Obviously I self-isolated anyway as can't be too careful.
  8. In Spain people can go out to exercise or walk dogs. Together if they're from the same household I think. London will be locked down first so I guess we'll see what the rules are like there. It's a shame so many will undoubtedly react with panic and stockpiling... as though the government would leave us to starve in our homes.
  9. Seems a good time to resurrect the old fantasy thread... guess we're on hold until further notice then chaps? Uncharted waters for fantasy football!
  10. Some stores have already implemented a 'only four of the same item' rule. I guess that's what he means. Rationing in the sense that one selfish *** can't clear the local store of a year's worth of bog roll and cleaning supplies.
  11. Will we have Roberts next season?
  12. Fires, floods, plagues, Gestede scoring a goal... If there is a God, I think he might be trying to tell us something 😬
  13. If games can't be played... would the fairest thing be to just start the leagues again next year with the same teams? Struggling to see where the EFL will fit 10 or so rounds of fixtures in before the next season at this rate. Surely you cannot relegate a team if they still had a chance to save themselves. Imagine if we hadn't beaten Charlton...
  14. I think the season is over, isn't it. Unless games are played behind closed doors instead of the Euros or something. Wonder what on earth happens in terms of promotion/relegation/play offs if we can't.
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