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  1. Get in... sounds like we deserve something from this
  2. Happens so often... on top and then out of nowhere we're losing. No cutting edge!
  3. The PAOK fan who posted said not really, but did big up other areas of his game. Sounds like he's less of a target man and a more rounded player than many were expecting.
  4. From the Guardian: Warnock – a regular on flights between Teesside and Newquay as he shuttles between the north-east and his family home in Cornwall... Anyone else find it a bit concerning that he's always shuttling back and forth? Surely you would expected a manger to need to be based full-time at the club they're running, especially in the Championship when we have games so frequently.
  5. We're hardly a step up from most Greek sides. PAOK would be massive favourites to beat Boro. Agree we're dying for some creativity though!
  6. If we have £3m to spend on Akpom, I really hope we stump up the cash for Roberts.
  7. Probably not one to judge purely on goals scored? I'm guessing he's been brought in as someone our hoofed clearances can actually stick to. Pretty integral to a Warnock team. He did get a team of hoofers promoted two seasons ago... only a few points off keeping them in the Prem too.
  8. Does sound like he's making a point to the board. I reckon he's fuming we missed targets. Don't really care about losing this, saves an extra game getting smashed by Chelsea. Has to be an improvement against Bournemouth though.
  9. Probably wondering if League 1 really would have been that bad...?
  10. Think that's just PL. Costs a tenner to watch a non-televised cup game. Might be different overseas... There's usually a stream knocking about though!
  11. Have an email Scotty! Have you accidentally followed the thread? As think that may override turning notifications off.
  12. I'm still pleasantly surprised we managed to get Morsy...
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