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  1. We're a Championship club so it would be unusual if we didn't have some interest in our best players - especially young English ones. Feel like the club would want big money for Tav - especially if the 2024 date from Craig Johns is correct.
  2. If we can get any money for Akpom then we should. Ameobi just cancel the contract, we don't play with wingers now anyway. Can't have another season with deadwood upfront. Coburn and Watmore are decent enough as subs.
  3. Don't know why anyone would be worried yet. It's May. The PL season literally just finished, we still don't even know who's promoted yet. Free agents haven't had their holidays let alone decided who they'll move to. Anyone who claims to know exactly who we're targeting is talking rubbish. Way to early to be refreshing forums and social media for transfer news. I'll be taking a Boro break for a while 😂
  4. Looks like we'll be playing Sunderland next season. Wycombe have been awful.
  5. Agreed mate. I want Boro, Newcastle and Sunderland all in the Premier League again. A strong North East hotbed of football is good for all of us.
  6. Followed this guy for a while, he does get pretty good ITK tips. Makes sense, they play the same formation as Forest and need a RWB.
  7. Incredible he's won a shoot out at Old Trafford facing ten penalties without actually saving any 😂
  8. Great game. Both keepers made some key saves - we'd have been screwed with either of ours.
  9. But where would Connoly have played? Come on mate. You can't have everything.
  10. Yeah good shout, Delap would be a great option too. Sounds like they have an incredible generation of English talent coming through that academy. Some smart loans from the big clubs can make all the difference - so hard to know if they'll sink or swim in the Championship though.
  11. With City signing Haaland... Would a loan for Cole Palmer be beyond the realms of possibility? He looks class the few tines I've seen him but has barely had a kick for them this year. Apparently the Geordies wanted him in January but they said no because Torres left. Saw someone say Wilder has a good relationship with Pep so maybe he'd rethink now they've got a new striker.
  12. Would be a shame to lose Jones... But this is the financial reality we are in now. Picking young players up for peanuts, developing them, and selling at a good profit is exactly what we need to be doing. Maybe our new RWB won't be quite as good... But if it means we also get a decent LWB and a striker or two with the money, you can see the logic.
  13. In all of United's embarrassing moments this year, failing to put more than one past Lumley has to be up there.
  14. It's a nice thread but the lad is living in a fantasy land if he thinks we're getting both Twine and Gyokeres for £5m.
  15. This thread is always hilarious. Three pages of arguing over whether a keeper we probably won't even sign is s*** or not 😂
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