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  1. Karanka very clearly cared a lot. Man I miss those seasons so much...
  2. It's a hangover from three deeply disappointing seasons of mostly crap football. Not sure its unique to Boro... "You only sing when you're winning" and all that. Fans get worn down. It's much easier to back a losing team when they're the plucky underdogs giving it all for the badge. Most fans think we should be doing better than we are - probably a fair stance given given the money wasted and failure to kick on after promotion. The stadium is also far too big which never helps. Maybe expectations will be reset over the next few years and the atmosphere will improve.
  3. Makes a lot of sense but I would have Ayala instead of Friend in there personally. Paddy and Fry could bring it out while Ayala attacks the ball and commits his borderline assaults - we don't want to be too soft!
  4. I think half a season is the absolute minimum needed to judge what Woody is doing - even that is a short time to change the style of a football team. Better coaches with far more resources have needed way longer. Has the start to the season been that awful? Would people be happier if Britt had scored the pen at Luton and we had gone 2 up against Brentford? Yeah last night was boring, I started doing the washing up at about 85 minutes... but under Pulis I wouldn't have put the game on in the first place. Because that was as good as it could ever get with centre halves at full back and four defensive mids hoofing it to bloody Hugill. We don't know how good (or bad) this current set-up will be, so I'll watch with optimism and interest for now!
  5. Probably should have wrapped this one up.. hopefully there won't be a suckerpunch
  6. Awesome leap and finish from Britt. Hope that wakes us the hell up!!!
  7. It's just a matter of time until we concede I'm afraid. I see what woody is trying to do but we dont have the players.
  8. Blackburn sounded like a bad day at the office but I still think we're a skied penalty and two bad linesman calls off sitting on 4/6 points. I'm hoping that's the case anyway and tonight we get the lucky bounce/deflection/decision to relieve a bit of pressure.
  9. This feels like a massive game for Woody and our season in general - would be great to get a win and inject a bit of confidence. Watched Reading yesterday and that 3-0 has changed the whole mood around the club. Shotton needs dropping for literally anyone - Woody himself could probably do better. Choose Britt or Fletcher as CF, drop the other and start Browne. Bola and Dijksteel have to play or they'll never improve - defences take a while to gel. Randolph Dijksteel - Ayala - Fry - Bola Wing - Clayton - McNair Johnson - Fletcher - Browne
  10. Sounds like we were missing some leaders last night. A mix of youngsters, new players, and fringe outcasts in a cup game against a lower league team... everyone was likely playing in their own heads and focussing on their own game, not the team - which is why it felt so flat and disjointed. Feel as though the likes of Fry, Ayala, Randolph, Howson would be demanding more from those around them - which to be fair is exactly what Paddy did. I always think it's a good sign when a team fights back - especially when they've been crap on the night. It's when they roll over and die that you really need to worry, like Newport last year.
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