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  1. Not sure I've see enough to think we're about to start winning games... still probably would have lost on Saturday without their huge defensive error. On current form would expect 6 points from those fixtures. One win, three draws. If Hull (H) or Barnsley (H) is a convincing win then I might feel more optimistic.
  2. Sterling dropped for Montenegro game for fighting with Joe Gomez in the training ground canteen! Madness.. hope they've sorted it all out for England's sake.
  3. Tav heads straight at the keeper but not the easiest chance. Looking okay so far.
  4. I admire your optimism... but if these kids were good enough, they'd have probably been called up by now. We're desperate and the players ahead of them are hardly world-beaters. Getting thumped by QPR as part of an experimental team might do them more harm than good. Personally I would go with the least-useless five at the back combo we have and try to nick a goal on the break. Sad it's come to that, but we need to start looking at these games in terms of staying in the division.
  5. It was in the pouring rain at QPR last season, watching Britt try to play left wing, that I realised it had been quite a while since I actually enjoyed spending hundreds of pounds going to Boro games. Family and friends feel the same way, so will be giving Loftus Road a miss for the first time. You get the impression a huge slice of luck will be needed to get anything here. 2-0 QPR, both scored in first half.
  6. Have you never heard fans talk along the lines of: 'A couple of rebuilding seasons will do us good' 'Will be fun to win a few more games against easier opposition' 'We'll bounce back stronger and more confident'
  7. I wonder if Woody will get the 'vote of confidence' if we get thumped by QPR. The following home games against Hull and Barnsley will be massive. The games after those all look tough and we could be adrift by December. Just have a nasty feeling we're sleepwalking towards disaster and Gibson will act too late.
  8. Exactly mate... Relegation is very rarely the 'blessing in disguise' some fans think it's gong to be. There's no chance we'll fly straight back up as an all conquering attacking side. Leeds have still never got back after their relegation. Would be a disaster and I can see us sleepwalking towards it like we've done in past Premier League seasons.
  9. There is literally no reason why we should entertain the idea of dropping down to League 1 for even one minute. We just finished 5th and 7th, and are historically a good second division club. We're playing s*** and have a s*** manager but our team is plenty good enough for mid table. It would be disastrous to be relegated. And anyone who thinks we'll fly back up as the next Sheff Utd... remember when we just popped down to the Championship for a rebuilding season with Southgate? That went brilliantly didn't it.
  10. Those ones are horrible... when you see all the players hands go to their heads and people visibly very upset, it's clearly a terrible injury. Hopefully his surgery goes well today. Son and Aurier will need looking after too. I was about 10 rows back from the Petr Cech head injury at Reading - though I'm not sure anyone realised quite how bad that was in the moment.
  11. I remember that miss 😞 What a turning point it could have been. We really have had so many abysmal centre forwards at this club.
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