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  1. I could stomach that better if we were solid in defence! Still, we really should beat Blackpool and be back among the top half pack.
  2. I'm not saying he played bad as such... but they were targeting his lack of pace down their right. Bola is quick and a threat going forward too... I just think we look way better with him in the side.
  3. Peltier was an obvious weak link in place of Bola... and McNair is one of our best players. Put them back in and out first XI will be decent.
  4. Good result and badly needed points. If we beat Blackpool on Saturday I feel our season is back on track.
  5. Much needed result. Got a bit of luck for the second and we took it well.
  6. Booked now. Bola and McNair are such massive losses for us. No adequate replacements.
  7. Yeah same... we need 3 points to get the season back on track right now.
  8. If Bola and McNair are fit then my confidence increases massively. Even getting one of them back would remove a major weak link from the side. Bloody typical that we have key injuries in the two positions we didn't get adequate cover for. Why do we always get our comeuppance 😒
  9. I get what he means tbf... sometimes when players mess up they try too hard to make amends with a Hollywood pass instead of just getting the next thing right. Dijksteel seemed to be doing that.
  10. Yep, I'm inclined to at least part way agree with Warnock's assessment. Dijksteel stood out to me as having a stinker as he's normally so reliable. Next three games will prove whether it was a bad day at the office or we're just bad.
  11. Interesting points from Warnock's interview: - Coventry loss largely down to off games from key players. Made mistakes and bad decisions then tried too hard, should have gone back to basics - Losing Paddy was huge blow (Why the f*** did NI run him into the ground for 95 minutes on a plastic pitch in a friendly?) Unlikely he plays tomorrow - Says Siliki was okay with the ball but didn't do enough off it. New boys need to adapt fast - Payero trained well and would have started on Saturday but hurt his ankle right at the end of training. Doubt for tomorrow - Asked: "Is
  12. I will have the Champions League on if he plays 5 at the back again. As you say, instead of having one out of position player (the LB), we end up with two, plus a semi-retired centre half.
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