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  1. Good win! Nice to see us score a few. Back on track and we're well in the mix at the right end of the table.
  2. Hope we pinch a second soon. That'll be a long way back for Derby with our defence.
  3. It was only ever good because of the chemistry between Jeff and the pundits. A football show without any football had no right to be so entertaining. They weren't the most insightful pundits around but that was part of the fun. You could tell they were enjoying themselves and all genuinely loved the game.
  4. I look forward to watching England these days too. It's a nice novelty being able to support a team with superstars like Kane, Sterling and Rashford – and they often play decent football compared to what we see on a weekly basis. Sorry Boro... sorry Marv. Plus it's great to have all my (English) mates and extended family put club allegiances aside and support the same team.
  5. Can't really knock the performance or a point away at Brentford. Only one I'm not sold on is Coulson... think Roberts or even Marv offer more. If we can become more threatening from counter-attacks and set pieces then we're in for a good season imo.
  6. Ahhh we're so panicky in the opposition box... its like the players know chances are rare so they get snatched at.
  7. Just cramp for Dijk, might still go off though. We're frustratingly wasteful from set pieces for a side that creates little in open play.
  8. Feel for Akpom... he's made so many runs and nobody ever hits the channel for him.
  9. Really need to improve our counter attacking - fluffed a few chances to hit back at them today.
  10. Ah fair. Shame, he offers a lot. Heard anything about Roberts? Weird he's being barely played.
  11. So at this point we can assume Warnock is just not fancying Roberts rather than it being fitness related? And is Morsy injured...? Midfield looks lightweight without Morsy and Savile, I think we'll be under a lot of pressure today.
  12. Think we know the game plan by now! No reason not to feel confident of a result. Surely Roberts is due a start which gives us a little more threat on the break. I'd rest Britt for Akpom too.
  13. Bernie Sanders predicted this exact scenario - down to the right states. Dems are far more likely to mail-vote and Republicans are far more likely to vote in person. Big cities tend to be blue too. The earlier it's 'called' the more likely it would benefit Trump.
  14. I'm expecting a few more games like this. The price of being a very solid defence-first side with limited attacking options. And to be honest, as long as we come away saying "How didn't we win that, we were wasteful," rather than "Christ, we're shocking and wouldn't have scored if it went on another ten hours," then I'm happy and onboard. Some days it'll go our way like Bristol City when we pounced on our one good chance and bagged all three points.
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