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  1. Crossing as bad as Hull so far.
  2. Don't know what to think anymore tbh. Whoever plays in and in whatever formation, please for the love of god can we just have more quality on the ball than last week. Fully expect us to condede so the attackers have to keep their heads and be ruthless.
  3. Got a bad feeling about today. But I thought we'd beat Hull easily. So what do I know...
  4. Why? It's happened so we should count it. I fancy Wigan to beat our total even with the deduction, but it still needs to be accounted for.
  5. It's one of the biggest challenges he's faced, for sure. From the post match interview, I think he was as baffled and p**** off about the total absence of quality as we all were.
  6. The only positive is that we're not down yet and we have a manager who's got out of this situation before.
  7. There are none. It would be a disaster for the club in my opinion. Remember how easily we were (twice) going to bounce back to the Prem? We'd just become a League 1 club and struggle intensely with a poor squad and no money even if we did manage to get back up.
  8. It's basic football intelligence isn't it... when you see he's blowing up for ANY contact, stop putting your hands on players' backs. And hit the bloody deck in and around their box the second they do it to us.
  9. I take a crumb of comfort in Warnock identifying the issues in his interview: - terrible decision making - poor quality passing and crossing - making it easy for a whistle happy ref Better than the likes of Pulis or Woodgate who just talk s*** after a game. Let's see if those areas improve on Sunday.
  10. Feel like whenever I get a bit cocky about Boro I get sent crashing back down to earth with a vengeance. That was a wakeup call for the fans, players, and Warnock that we are in just as much trouble as any other side. Last night was a disaster... but Hull are still bloody lucky to walk away with 3 points, let's be honest. All it took was our players to take a breath, put their heads up, and find a team mate in the box and we would have had 2 or 3 ourselves. I'll see what the response is like against QPR before writing us off. Though I am more than a little scared that this is a job too far even for Warnock.
  11. Disagree mate. We are playing a side of academy players - who lost their only quality player to injury. The side Warnock put out should have won, pure and simple. Coulson, Spence, Johnson, Tav, Wing, Howson barely crossed or threaded a decent ball between them. Pathetic. Who else have we got on the bench!? Fletch is a striker who was given no chances either.
  12. Warnock went all out to hurt Hull down the wings. Watch the highlights of the Brum game - they changed to a wide formation and killed them. Read the Hull forums and you'll see they play a narrow 433 and have been hurt badly from crosses and set pieces all seasons. Not Warnocks fault. Bad crosses, bad passes, bad decisions from players cost us today.
  13. Britt managing not to sky a penalty is definitely the only positive.
  14. Perhaps effort is the wrong word. Concentration may be more apt? As in how can Wing, a fresh sub, repeatedly fail to find the feet of a team mate. Why is Johnson dragging men down on the edge of the area. Why are multiple players s***** themselves and smashing it off the pitch than finding a man in the box.
  15. Ref was a joke and yeah the subs could have been better... but this one is 100% on the players. The lack of effort, quality, and intelligent decision making was disgraceful. The only player who looks remotely dangerous is a loanee who's been injured for 4 months. Lazy crosses, lazy passes, lazy tackles. Nobody takes responsibility - but who gives a s*** eh? There's always another club to join. Good luck Warnock - you'll bloody need it. At least your Rotherham players had the decency to try.
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