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  1. 100% - you need some people like that around. He bleeds Boro red and I'm so glad the club has been loyal back to him, especially after what he's been through.
  2. He said he just wants one that "stops the ball going into the net" 😁 After this season I'm inclined to agree
  3. Sounds like we'll be in the market for a keeper (or two) unless someone impresses Wilder this month. https://www.thenorthernecho.co.uk/sport/19754120.chris-wilder-issues-challenge-middlesbroughs-goalkeepers/
  4. His shooting has been awful. Feel like he really needs a goal to get some confidence back - his edge of the area shots used to be good.
  5. Please tell me it's Amazon's next All or Nothing
  6. Signs of things starting to click and I think that trend will continue after Wilder's first full week on the training pitch with the whole squad. Key players returning too, so things are (hopefully) on the up. Think we'll win this but as long we play well again that's the most important thing right now.... Rome wasn't built in a day etc etc
  7. Could see Browne being a good deputy for Watmore up top - would be a decent impact sub. But after that length of time out a loan in League 1 might make sense to get game time.
  8. Will never happen but I'd much rather they just admitted it for what it was, instead of treating everyone like morons who can't see what's in front of their faces. Would even respect the honesty. I'll write it for them... "Yeah, we're owned by Saudi Arabia and we can all sleep at night despite that fact. So can the Premier League. We think the investment is worth taking even if we lose a small number of fans, respect in the football community, and upset minority groups in the process. The vast majority of our fans support (or are at least neutral to) this position."
  9. Did anyone else find the Premier League's displays for LGBT inclusion this weekend a bit tasteless in light of the recent Saudi takeover? Can't really claim to be inclusive on the one hand then accept bags of money from a country that makes it illegal to be gay on the other. Felt cheap and hypocritical... To me anyway. Almost hope Newcastle stay up. Watching them buy the Championship will be grim.
  10. Quietly confident this team will be looking very good by the end of the season.
  11. Own goal. Wouldn't be Boro without conceding a comedy goal. Shows the importance of finally getting a second!
  12. After seeing pretty much every minute this season... This was the half I had to miss! Hopefully saved a goal or two for the second.
  13. Nah not yet, not that I'd be surprised if we do lose. I'll only be concerned if there's a massive dip in performance. We should have had 4 points minimum out the last two games. Got some key players to come back and we'll beat the handful of crap teams again at a minimum. Plus we have a 22 point head start on Derby.
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