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  1. VAR can be annoying and needs finessing but its nothing compared to this s*** and the Fry incident.
  2. Akpom on... odds of an equaliser just decreased. Is Kebano injured or something?
  3. Was going okay until we gifted them a goal... Big ask now for a blunt attack against the best defence in the league.
  4. Wtf are they playing at... all the hard work to that point undone.
  5. 5-3-2, Bolasie playing striker with Watmore in a free role behind I reckon.
  6. We hired him to save us from relegation! I still think he's staying more because of 'Meh, why not?' rather than any promotion masterplan. Either way I'm glad for a bit of stability and there's no reason we can't be in the thick of it next year with a good Summer window.
  7. The goal is to be a stable Championship club with a half-chance of sneaking promotion via the play offs. Gibson won't say that because it's not what fans want to hear. But let's be honest, it's what most teams in this division either are or aim to be.
  8. Seriously, what happened to this defence? Have they all just given up mid season. Pathetic.
  9. Fair bit of delusion floating around still. Once games in hand are played we will be just about top half.
  10. At least Champions League is on. This is 100% an attitude problem. They've strolled around expecting to win after beating Reading - and got a swift reality check that we're far from good enough to walk to victory against any side in this league.
  11. Can't remember a season when we were this hard to predict? We've had good runs under Warnock then been turned over by poor sides... so who knows. No result would really shock me today!
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