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  1. Shame there's a lot less jeapordy due to this 3rd place going through rule though... There will be a lot of dead rubbers in the final round of group games.
  2. Plus we have years of evidence to prove that this approach literally never works at Middlesbrough. Selling our best players has only ever weakened us. Brentford/Southampton we are not.
  3. Could be wrong, but I think you'll find he's there by virtue of being our only left footed CB. On ability alone he's not even the best English CB at Villa - Konsa is. Mings' poor performances in the friendlies and White's inclusion means he almost certainly won't play anyway, barring injuries.
  4. I'd be gutted if we sold any of those three. They're the only promotion quality players we have imo.
  5. I reckon Coady is trusted in a three but not a two.
  6. I actually wouldn't be surprised if White starts in Maguire's absence. Mings has looked bad, I reckon he'll get minutes as an absolute last resort.
  7. Bolasie makes a lot of sense and I hope it happens. Feels like ancient history now but there was a period when many of us thought Besic looked pretty good. Everyone was awful in that Pulis team towards the end. Wouldn't be excited by him returning but not the worst idea if he's cheap.
  8. The problem with the gesture itself (in my opinion) is that there are no concrete goals. 'End racism' is a noble idea, but how do we know when that's been achieved? Can it be achieved? I wonder if the movement would be better supported if it had some concrete goals such as "We're taking the knee before every game until steps to protect players from racist abuse are implemented by the social media companies. Or until UEFA/FIFA take a harsher (or at the very least consistent) stance on racist abuse from fans within stadiums." I just think people would find that far easier to back. And
  9. Three English teams in the European finals made this game a little pointless... Missing about 7/8 starters and TAA pulling up at the end shows why everyone is playing in 2nd gear after an intense season. Got some game time for Bellingham and Grealish who look like good options. England fans love to blow friendlies (and mostly everything) out of proportion though 🙃
  10. Surprised he's cut Ward Prowse given how light the squad is in centre mid. Must mean Bellingham is going and they think Henderson + Phillips are fit enough.
  11. That's ruined my day 🙂
  12. I wonder where we'd be right now if Gibson had brought him in over Woodgate.
  13. I actually think James makes it over TAA. He's played full back, wing back and more recently as a CB in a back 3 which will help his cause. He's big and powerful too - something we don't have a ton of compared to previous tournaments. Not much height bar the centre halves especially if Henderson is out. I reckon it's a straight shoot between Trippier and TAA for the 'cross from deep' full back role who'll play against Czech Republic and Scotland. Weird to have such an embarrassment of riches in one position. The fact Wan-Bissaka who's arguably the best 1-v-1 tackler in the league c
  14. When it comes to Bamford... Gareth had to ask the questions: Is he good enough to start? No. Kane will play almost every minute bar injury in the CF spot - there's realistically space for a 2nd CF to get some game time as a sub. A 3rd striker is purely there for an injury crisis. Has he done enough to displace Watkins or Calvert Lewin who have recently come into the squad and scored? Maybe, but its very borderline. Gareth obviously decided the answer was no. Once someone has won their shirt in international football, they deserve at least a little time to keep it and defend it.
  15. Cheers mate. I should really go outside more, but there we go.
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