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  1. So weird.. Forest just stopped playing! Great play from Howson, nice to see us start fast after the last few weeks.
  2. Terrible all round today. You never felt like we'd get back into it. Hopefully just a bad day at the office.
  3. Good to see Warnock found that half unacceptable! Let's hope we see improvement
  4. This is the kind of performance where half time subs are justified
  5. Well that was inevitable. Awful start, we're not at it today.
  6. Why do we keep starting so slowly... its like this team need to go 1 down to start playing.
  7. Not nice seeing AK and George on the other side!
  8. Feels like ages ago somehow... yeah I think we were pretty wasteful. Certainly not on the level of our bad performances last season!
  9. Those xG and xGc stats are very nice to see - what an improvement and fair play to Warnock. We've been pretty good against the weaker sides this season (Sheff Wed excluded) so think we'll get a win here. Reckon we'll see some game time for Fletcher this week?
  10. That's crap but better than ACL which is what it looked like...
  11. Kinda disappointed we played any first teamers to be honest. The worst case has happened and I hope the rest are taken off soon.
  12. That was my first thought too ☹ They should have just cancelled the FA cup this year. Who wants to watch a bunch of u23 sides playing with no fans... then you get key players injured during an already packed schedule. Not to mention the added risk of covid. This weekend should have just been a break to get covid cases under control and give players a break.
  13. Think this will be a tough game for us. Won't be parting with another tenner, that's for sure.
  14. So disappointing today, especially after getting a break. Started slow, switched off twice and horribly wasteful down the other end.
  15. We really could have had 4/5 with a bit more composure today...
  16. Hard to get excited when we get free kicks around the box, we'd probably be better off just playing on.
  17. Ffs... standing around like statues. Hope that wakes them up.
  18. Great play from Britt... that's the kind of thing I'd love to see more from him! Getting a few chances now.
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