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  1. Fulham v Boro 17-Jan-2020 https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/RY57Y2L
  2. Has all the makings of a game where we get an undeserved point...
  3. We've got ourselves to a point where we don't have to fear anyone in the league now. Hopefully we continue our league form tonight. 2-1 Boro.
  4. Rule BrittAssombalonga, brittassombalonga rules the pitch, Nanananananananana...
  5. Not embarrassing at all the final score. If only we hadn't started in such a poor way, who knows how it could have gone. Onwards and upwards anyway.
  6. One thing that would turn tonight from bad to terrible is Roberts getting injured
  7. We should have finished it at the Riverside. We're getting creamed here 😞
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