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  1. I don't think you'd tempt many championship goalscorers to the Boro with your £20k a year 😛
  2. H Huddersfield v Stoke A Barnsley v Bournemouth H Fulham v Blackpool A Hull v Swansea D Luton v Blackburn H Middlesbrough v Coventry A Millwall v West Brom H Preston v Bristol City H QPR v Reading A Peterborough v Sheff Utd H Derby v Birmingham D Cardiff v Nottingham Forest Backup Games in order to be included if less than 8 championship fixtures played. If needed, then only number of games that makes 8 total fixtures will be used. (Eg if 7 championship fixtures played only Game 1 from backup will count) H Accrington v
  3. Need 4 strikers on again to get a late couple of goals
  4. Balls. Unfortunately that stoppage knocked our momentum on the head
  5. Getting better now. Jones has been unleashed in the second half
  6. Not a great half. Hopefully we have a better second, though i would take 0-0 now
  7. Weakened blackburn team. Best time to play them I think. 3-0 Boro.
  8. Surely Gibson won't be at the ground for the Derby game?! I dont know how many games he attends now, but I would guess the police would advise against him being present.
  9. News to me about them having raffles for the shirts. They can't advertise it very well/as much as the auctions. I've only ever seen social media posts and mfc website articles about the auctions, not about any shirt raffles. Thanks for asking though 🙂
  10. I like that one. Very smart. More modern looking than the previous 1986 round one
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