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  1. He can't even go back to Derby now they've given captain caveman the job.
  2. Warnock having a go at Branthwaite. He just seemed to be smirking back. Hope he gets a decent ban
  3. We could have an hour injury time and we still wouldn't have scored. Sigh. At least our form guarantees a win next game!
  4. Morsy should have just kicked him in the face. Wouldn't have got a yellow then...
  5. Think it was their number 15 Douglas that went over to him.
  6. Good play Boro. One of these shots has got to go in. Weve had a few shots just wide or saved now
  7. That one needed to take a big dip 😄
  8. You get a penalty for an accidental hand ball or a trip, but not getting kicked in the face? Makes sense.
  9. I'd love to know what Warnock is saying
  10. Ouch. Frys eye bleeding. He got kicked in the eye. Dangerous play for sure
  11. Johnson going off by the looks
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