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  1. I'm glad we won. Just because it now doesn't just sound like sour grapes when I say the ref was a big steaming turd. Its not our fault you're a midget man!
  2. Boro v Wigan 20-Aug-2019 https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/2BQP8HG
  3. We've been dire. Passing accuracy must be about 10%. God knows how were winning. But hey ho! Also, the ref has little man syndrome
  4. Man I miss Ali. Him and Higgy were the dream team. We didn't know how lucky we were!
  5. A lot of the pre/early season optimism seems to have fizzled out a bit. We need to see some more of the high pressing, nice football from the brentford (1st half) & Luton games to bring it back. Any changes to the team that lost against Blackburn? Shotton should only be playing in RB. If dijksteel is fit, I'd bench shotton. I'd swap him for friend at CB. Whats the most annoying thing you've ever been bitten by? A hamster. Man they've got sharp teeth. Bled for ages and I've still got the scar 20 years later... What will the score be? 2-0 Boro. Browne and britt Is promotion still the goal this season? Always. Is there any chance that we're relegated this season? Nope........... or is there???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? No. There isn't.
  6. Thanks for your comments all. I've checked my PMs. My inbox was 470% used. Must have got a smaller inbox with the move to the new software. I've emptied the messages so I can now receive PMs from people. Feedback taken on board and I should have put a reason for the ban on the ban-form (i put a reason in for the other mods). There was just too much didn't add up with RD!
  7. A Crewe v Aston Villa. H Leeds v Stoke. H N.Forest v Derby. A P.N.E v Hull. H Rochdale v Carlisle. H Oxford v Millwall. H Watford v Coventry. A Fulham v Southampton. A Newport Cty v West Ham A Crawley Twn v Norwich
  8. Blackburn v Boro 17-Aug-2019 https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/9G9CCMK
  9. Welcome @shadowmeister. I'm sure most Boro fans will be wishing blackburn all the best this season (barring your games against us) due to Tony being at the helm. I can't get your links to work though sadly
  10. Poor lass has lost her phone... also, her stance looks very similar to your profile picture, therefore I think it might actually be you dressed as a lady...
  11. Got to start winning sometime. Got a feeling it will be today. Team sounds like it'll be similar to the last league game from the presser, and that they've had a kick up the bum.... 3-1 Boro. Britt x1, Wing x1, Ayala x1
  12. Welcome! Are you Italian? What made you see the Boro light? Can't help much with the tickets - maybe try and email the Boro and see if they can sort anything out.
  13. H Barnsley v Luton. A Blackburn v Cardiff. A Charlton v Brentford. H Fulham v N.Forest. D Huddersfield v Reading. H Hull v Bristol Cty. H Middlesbrough v Millwall. (Assombalonga) A Preston NE Sheff:Wed D QPR v Wigan. A Stoke v Leeds
  14. On a work trip with a planned itinerary sadly. Nice city though
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