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  1. I do feel like I'm living on past glories a bit. I haven't done anything in terms of win runs for the last couple of seasons!
  2. I'm in. I think change the format to home team first, but I'm not a fan of the date in the title. Looks a bit cluttered
  3. I'd say it's more like half a meter diagonally between seats. When I'm sat down, my knees can touch the shoulder of the person diagonally in front of me, and from my backside to my knee definitely ain't a meter. If you're leaning forward (in exasperation as another Boro attack breaks down in the 90th minute), you can be within about 30cm of the person diagonally in front of you's head. If we're trying to be as safe as possible, I think you'd need the spare rows as Anglian had.
  4. It's like a GCSE maths question 😄
  5. Just watched the old guard on Netflix. Noticed that the treacherous guy looked suspiciously like Gaston Ramirez..........
  6. "The board considers that a deduction of 12 points is... a bit nasty and unfair, so we'll just leave it till next season, or maybe just forget about the whole thing eh?! Bygones under the bridge and all that!" Still, it's better for Boro that it happens next season!
  7. He might have drove up after the game 😄 "gutted we lost the play offs lads, now I'm off to sign for the Boro!"
  8. Nathaniel Mendez-Laing? Number 19, so that sort of fits... and Warnock signed him for Cardiff!
  9. Good to get our first signing done nice and early, although I don't know a huge amount about Hall. I think warnock will have more pull than Woodgate to get decent players in to the club. On to the next one!
  10. Pears' on minimum wage or something? Haha
  11. Sounds like everyone currently with a ST would probably get in when the grounds reopen then.
  12. He was on a dual carriageway though... I was just going to sit behind him to look at the Vanquish's bum for a while, but he was doing my head in going so slow 😛 Don't think they were private plates. Looked bog standard to me
  13. Pretty sure I overtook Steve Gibson in his Aston Martin Vanquish yesterday. Don't know why you would buy a car like that, then trundle along at 50-60mph.
  14. Think they might need to update the bumph on the website above the new kits: "Find your new Boro shirt below, with the latest designs as worn by Paddy McNair, Adam Clayton and Daniel Ayala available in a selection of sizes."....
  15. The purple keeper shirt looks very classy. Think the red home kit looks better in the website pic than it did in the Warnock pick as well
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