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  1. Good result. We needed to stop the rot, even if we can't do anything this season. Do well in the last 3/4 games and morale will be a lot higher over the summer break
  2. Great movement Saville. He chips in with some decent goals Sav
  3. When was the last time we actually got a result v 10 men. It doesnt seem to have helped us much in the last couple of seasons.
  4. See, all you Warnock bashers, he is giving a youngster an opportunity early in the game!.........
  5. Red card for a clash of heads. He had his arm raised, but he wasnt being aggressive with it i dont think
  6. Good run from Akpom. Unlucky to not score
  7. It was the defender that kicked it out of his hands wasn't it?
  8. I hope he makes it just to hear that being shouted at the Riverside on a regular basis.
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