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  1. It's time to smell the coffee, we don't have the players to play expansive football! If we're being pedantic 😉
  2. Boro v West Brom 19-Oct-2019 https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/22HJ38K
  3. Very disappointing that we played better and still got nil points. Don't think we deserved to lose. A draw would have been fair. I guess that's how you get to the top though, grabbing scrappy goals when you don't deserve them! At least the ref wasn't awful today
  4. Really decent performance first half. Much better than recently. West Brom haven't really looked a threat. Hopefully more of the same and a goal in the second half.
  5. I was on a stag do in Budapest when the world cup group stages were on. Nothing better than sitting all day in the sun in a park watching game after game on the big screen.
  6. Ooh. Can we get a divorce? I get to keep half of Middlesbroughs assets right?
  7. A sad reflection on our season so far if there ever was one!
  8. H Watford v Bournemouth A Birmingham v Luton. H Huddersfield v Barnsley. A Hull v Derby. H Middlesbrough v Fulham. (Browne) H Millwall v Stoke. H N.Forest v Reading. A P.N.E. v Blackburn.. H W.B.A v Charlton. H Shrewsbury v Sunderland.
  9. H Birmingham v Blackburn. A Millwall v Cardiff. A P.N.E. v Leeds. H Q.P.R. v Reading. H Sheff Wed: v Stoke. H Bristol Cty v Charlton. H Derby v Wigan. H Fulham v Luton. H Huddersfield v Middlesbrough. (Assombalonga) A N.Forest v Hull.
  10. H Chelsea v Newcastle. A Barnsley v Swansea. D Brentford v Millwall. A Charlton v Derby. A Hull v Q.P.R. H Leeds v Birmingham. A Luton v Bristol Cty. D Middlesbrough v W.B.A. (Fletcher) H Reading v P.N.E. A Stoke v Fulham.
  11. As most people have said, this is just the kind of game we'll win. We beat West Brom last year at home with a great performance. Fingers crossed we do the same tomorrow. 1-0 Boro. Fletcher to score
  12. Brum v Boro 04-Oct-2019 https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/MW7XWW7
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