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  1. A QPR v Nottingham Forest H Fulham v West Brom H Bristol City v Barnsley D Derby v Blackburn H Huddersfield v Millwall A Hull v Coventry H Middlesbrough v Birmingham H Preston v Luton H Sheff Utd v Blackpool H Stoke v Cardiff H Swansea v Peterborough D Reading v Bournemouth
  2. Get in Coburn. Good result in the end. I can enjoy the rest of my hols now! Glad to hear Payero did well. Hopefully he gets the chances he deserves from now on
  3. They've got a freesat box in the holiday cottage I'm staying in at the minute funnily enough. I can't help you much as I obviously didn't install it, but it works fine and has enough channels on. The box they have is just a cheap manhatten one, but it works fine. If I were you I'd just read some reviews on the best box to buy and go for it.
  4. Wait till he moves to Man City. He'll be lathered in Castrol GTX
  5. D Cardiff v Middlesbrough H Birmingham v Swansea H Blackburn v Reading H Blackpool v Preston H Bournemouth v Huddersfield D Coventry v Derby H Luton v Hull A Millwall v Stoke A Peterborough v QPR H West Brom v Bristol City A Barnsley v Sheff Utd A Nottingham Forest v Fulham
  6. Alice in borderland is a similar concept for those who enjoyed squid games. Set in Japan but similar brutal game theme.
  7. Good effort with the OP @Weasel. Great stuff! I'm missing this one as I'm on holiday. So sods law we'll play out of our skins and win 5-0. You have to choose one current Boro player to participate in the Squid Game (sorry if you haven't seen it), you get to split the money if they survive. Who are you choosing? Spoilers ahead! Would have to be Ikpeazu. Reckon he'd be good at tug of war. And I reckon I could beat him at marbles... Or maybe I'd pick Howson. As number 16, he'd be last across the glass bridge.
  8. Yeah i'm enjoying it. It's pretty brutal!
  9. Lovely assist from Sam there for Graelish.
  10. H Bristol City v Nottingham Forest H Derby v Luton D QPR v Blackburn H Sheff Utd v Millwall A Stoke v Bournemouth H Fulham v Cardiff H Huddersfield v Birmingham D Hull v Peterborough H Middlesbrough v Barnsley H Preston v Coventry A Swansea v West Brom H Reading v Blackpool
  11. https://www.thedailymash.co.uk/sport/taliban-to-take-over-middlesbrough-fc-20211008212884 Haha
  12. Pants. We'll have to listen to the Geordies endless crowing now. Using blood money to fund their glory... Hopefully they don't lose their trophy virginity for a while yet.
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