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  1. Nice one Tav. Great one-two with the Plymouth defender to set him up 😄
  2. Lovely little move. Nice cross by uche and good work from crooks in the build up
  3. I'm a fully signed up Argyle fan now... Very good stream and presenters so far.
  4. We are smashing the preseason!
  5. Good read, though I'm pretty sure I didn't dream Ameobi plying his trade on Teesside a few years back... "with Sammy Ameobi, the tallest winger in the division, making a move to the Riverside which will have left some of even the most arduous Championship fans shocked he has not already plied his trade on Teesside"
  6. As long as they don't start putting them at wierd times like last year. Didn't we have one game at 3 or 4pm on a Wednesday one week?!
  7. He's been going to A.A (Argentinians Anonymous). Trying to kick the habit!
  8. The luck o' the Irish eh?!
  9. Mad that isn't it?! He's been manager for what feels like ages and only just got to play in front of any fans
  10. Or 32 red insisted on their lettering being in white. Quite like the GK kits.
  11. Shame about Fisher. He was solid enough last season. Fingers crossed dijk stays fit most of the season!
  12. Just thinking, will that have been the biggest boro crowd NW has managed in front of in his time as Boro manager?!
  13. And a fraction of the age. Might have some resale value in 2-3 years.
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