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  1. Not a game to remember, but important result and clean sheet. Last season wed have drawn or lost 1-0.
  2. Well done spence. We were always more likely to score a second when Coventry came out and tried a bit of attacking
  3. Love those games where you have to try and get past 11 defenders...
  4. No wonder our football has been so dull the last few years when we've got 'sacrifice positivity' plastered on the dressing room wall...
  5. Got to be winning games like this, otherwise our recent, decent performances against good teams will be for nowt. 3-0 win. Akpom hatty Love the doodles by the way. Apologies I didn't have time to do one
  6. Spot The Ball answer: I don't think anyone guessed it correctly, but @RiseAgainst said I3, so is the closest and therefore the weener!
  7. Shame we couldn't hold on for the win, but I'll take a point away at Cardiff.
  8. Come on Boro. Hope our change in formation confuses Cardiff more than us!
  9. To be fair, pulis was the making of traore. Monk and Aitor weren't able to manage him. The rest of the team he f***** up though!
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