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  1. I don't mind that southampton shirt. Looks more like an away shirt though
  2. I got an advert for the "Lion King". Sounds like you got the "Cougar Queen"...
  3. Looking forward to seeing some pinpoint Giles crosses being floated in... to absolutely no-one in the opposition penalty area. Only kidding. Hope he has as much an impact on our left as Jones had on our right
  4. Nice to have the big European team friendlies back! (If only we could have the big European competitives back...)
  5. I asked a Blackburn supporting colleague about Giles and they weren't impressed with him. Said he had some talent (good cross), but lazy attitude. Though I can imaging Wilder being a bit tougher on the laziness than Tony (weren't there stories about players taking advantage of Tony when he was here as he didn't even imagine the possibility that any of the players would put in less than 100%).
  6. That's what Tottenham are hoping we'll think.
  7. I always have to press the unmute button in the top left of the video on the mfc site when I open a video for some reason. God knows why it would be defaulted to mute...
  8. I'd be a lot more likely to buy a shirt without the sponsor on. Really liked the year we could buy one without about 10 years ago. Some of the past few years shirts would look great without the sponsor. I quite like buying the retro shirts now though, with old or obsolete sponsors like btcellnet and ici. Back when sponsors were just normal companies. I look forward to the day when sin companies are banned on football shirts. Each club in the championship will have the same drop in revenue (roughly) so it's not like us losing that extra money from the gambling companies will make us
  9. Imagine paying a grand to go see Arsenal. Ouch. No wonder them fellas on Arsenal fan tv are always so angry.
  10. There has been in other years as well when we haven't ended up with a third kit.
  11. They're a bunch of plonkers...
  12. Farewell Mr Lumley. The North East just wasn't ready for your advanced level of sweeper keepering.
  13. It does seem like quite a distant, indirect immorality though. If I've got it right, the owner of the ground is owned by an investment fund who also have investments in other companies who have been involved in bribery and the financing of crimes. You can probably come up with links to crimes like that all over the place, including in most of our pensions.
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