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  1. A Colchester v Bradford. H Crawley v Morecambe. H Exeter v Cheltenham. A Forest Green v Plymouth. D Grimsby v Newport. H L/Orient v Scunthorpe. (Colclough) D Macclesfield v Mansfield. H Northampton v Crewe. A Port Vale v Carlisle. H Salford v Swindon. .......... H Stevenage v Oldham. A Walsall v Cambridge. Complete guesses the lot of them!
  2. Not a bad point. Need to be winning our home games though. Glad Britt has some goals and hopefully will be more confident now
  3. QPR v Boro 09-Nov-2019 https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/VFVY6J7
  4. Who are you and what have you done with Britt!
  5. I've noticed this the last couple of games, but it's definitely worse today. Bloody annoying. I've emailed them on: boromatchdaylive@streamamg.com to complain. Not sure whether the problem is with the streaming service or the bbc Tees people though...
  6. Do we have to?! Still, Friend being back makes me happy. Hope he scores another worldy here
  7. H Barnsley v Stoke. A Birmingham v Fulham. A Hull v W.B.A. H Leeds v Blackburn. D Millwall v Charlton. A P.N.E. v Huddersfield. D Q.P.R. v Boro. (No scorer.) H Reading v Luton. A Sheff Wed: v Swansea. D Wigan v Brentford.
  8. Sorry for the no show! Liking the formatting on the table though
  9. Derby v Boro 02-Nov-2019 https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/KY2VPLH
  10. When are we going to realise that Lewis Wing is not David Beckham?
  11. Ah Saville. It just gets better! What next?
  12. Oh well. There's our chance for the day! Shame Coulsdon isn't playing. Thought he was good last week
  13. Ashley Fletcher - "Oops I did it again" (hit it over the bar, and we lost the game... oh baby baby....) Britt - I can't fight this feeling any assombalonga (And yet I'm still afraid he's far too slow...) If we get relegated: Shotton Down In A Blaze Of Glory
  14. I reckon one of our strikers will get a rush of blood to the head, dribble past the hypnotised defence and manage to score. The hardest part is that it feels like it's us against the world at the minute. It's the gaffer's job to get the players in and tell them not to panic, then we might just be able to cause them a bit of trouble. We need to start winning as the clocks ticking on the season and we need to be going up&up, not down&down! Also, I hope every player on their team gets a card and that they're all yellow.
  15. I was half expecting the tannoy to come on at the end of the match and say: "it was only meant to be a minute silence guys, not ninety"...
  16. We always seem to play like we're defending a lead, even when the opposition is winning. Frustrating to say the least. We need some pace to drive past opposition defenders - what I'd give for Adama!
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