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  1. We are crap, Thank god Wigan were more crap Wigan will be relegation fodder towards the back end of the season
  2. Today sent a clear message to the other Champo clubs We cannot score goals AND we are vulnerable at the back Did i miss anything ?
  3. With a paper thin squad, that might not be a good idea 😀
  4. Which takes up back to a full pre-season implementing his "high press" ideas We do not have the quality of player to put this "high press" in any sort of effect imo I think a lot of managers looked at Leeds last season and are going to try the same this season Blame who you will, Bausor/Woodgate/Gibbo the end result is becoming the same
  5. I am not having this "it takes time to..." A professional footballer shouldnt need full re education to pass a football forward and not sideways I appreciate there not the brightest of light bulbs in the grand scale of professions but come on ....
  6. Hasnt Woodgate had enough training sessions to implement his ideas ? How long does he need ? a month ? a year? 2 years?
  7. You come across as someone who doesn't ģo to matches I apologise if i am wrong
  8. Your advice is for people to keep moaning? :disgusted: What sort of Boro fan are you? :huh: He's a Superfan! No just a normal one who actually goes to matches Hope this helps plastic
  9. Right let's have a regroup #1 We're 5th and in the play offs #2 Regardless of what fans think we're getting forward and winning games Leeds Norwich and Sheff U will start feeling the pressure PULIS WILL DELIVER
  10. I had a look for you. I'm a little confused though because when I searched for a definition of horrendous football it just showed this: I hope it helps. At least it looks like you finally know something about MFC Well done ?
  11. We are all happy with the win and most on here have probably praised our play in the first half (more or less) but also commenting on the fact that we let Blackburn into the game in the second half and could have lost points if it wasn’t for a very poor Graham finish and a world class save for Randolph. We missed a few too so all in all it was a deserved win. It’s the games over the entire season that we are unhappy with bar some good first halves here and there. We’ve drawn almost as many games as we’ve won because pulis is ultra cautious. I’d rather he was more adventurous. That might have resulted in three more losses and three more wins but that’s and extra 6 points. It’s and buts but there is no denying that he doesn’t like gambling to get three points. I appreciate what your saying BUT this is the Champo The playing field is level and when Pulis was appointed we ALL knew what he was going to bring to the club and his style of football I certainly did so have embraced it More than happy to see boring 1 nillers all season My advice is deal with it and get get behind the team or keep moaning
  12. We can't celebrate and unite in a win especially at this late stage of the season when every point is vital That is fuc#### tragic ìn my eyes Cant wait for the next manager so you can hound him as soon as he loses a game
  13. Are you serious ? We have never been in a shell just not putting clear chances away Every game we have at least a couple of chances first half to have a comfy 2nd half but we haven't put them away that's what TP is frustrated at If a lot of Oneboro users hate Pulis fair enough but don't fabricate stuff This was a good 3 points and fry much needed How many strikers in the world consistently get two chances and score both? Please I'm dying to know We haven't put them away Please read again
  14. Define So called "horrendous football" I am seeing calculated football with the players/resources we/Pulis has
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