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  1. Book of Eli πŸ‘ then maybe The Bone Collector Couple of oldies but always worth a watch Denzil πŸ‘
  2. A fighting spirit is all that's needed in these last games, nothing more Today showed we have it We, ll be OK and rebuild with the youngsters
  3. Fletcher is one of those confidence strikers Unfortunately his confidence has only ever lasted 30 minutes in his whole career and being light as a bag of nits doesn't help
  4. Gibson tossed a financial based coin and called heads It came down tail side up Simple as that
  5. If true not using Spence because of a bad attitude speaks volumes of a manager that has lost the plot or/and lost all respect from the dressing room The team and points on the board trump petty falling outs and Woody just isn't getting the seriousness of the situation if this is the case imo The worry thing is from my point of view is we aren't even seeing "shop window" performances from the lads running their contracts down We just don't look like a battling team that is up for the fight Sad times
  6. Damage limitation at home against a high press decent side πŸ€” Can't see this ending well at all
  7. Never know we might have another good blip and stay up
  8. The way we are playing we are certainly "confidence boosters" I am not seeing a confident/fighting/together team A new pro contract means putting a spring in your step and putting in a shift doesn't it?
  9. They won on Saturday 😁
  10. Hope I, m wrong pal and we have a good one but barring a momumental performance vs Barnsley I feel the Xmas period was a good blip and normal service is being resumed I really hope I am way off the mark
  11. Don't do drugs kids After the comments Wooden head came out with after the Leeds 4 nil mauling I have no doubt he will show the same rabbit in headlight approach at the RS
  12. Our only effective method of playing is having the wing backs performing When this doesn't happen we're f**ked and today was an example Clearly seeing us as a one trick pony with minimum options is going to cost us I fear πŸ˜”
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