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  1. 2 points slipped thru the fingers But some lovely football played, cant see us being beat many times this season UTB
  2. This is lovely football by the way, run the clock out lads
  3. He is cr*p, cant put a decent cross in, lost all ability to take a half decent defender on, king of the back pass 25m all day long 👍
  4. Emojis don't really express an opinion tbh
  5. Djed Spence is 20m of garbage
  6. WTF are we doing trying to walk it in, if Cardiff score our *** will collapse
  7. So short of ideas in final third 6 yard melee or a worldie? Can't see any other option but will take either
  8. Riding our luck here, there garbage but we're a close 2nd
  9. I meant the corner we had mate, but your right
  10. What's the odds on not scoring from this?
  11. Where breeding confidence in this Swansea team here like
  12. Just logged on mate, not read the 000s posts Sorry
  13. No one is telling me Lumley couldn't have done ANYTHING with that NO ONE
  14. Outclassed first half, some great footy, even PL standard 2nd half Head held high boys ❤️👍 Bring on the play offs Howson again ❤️
  15. Gorgeous footy, this is great Champo footy by us here
  16. Howson winning the ball again early doors created it
  17. Chris Wilder be like: Dael this is Mr Sharp, pretend he is Mr Kane/Mr Ronaldo
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