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  1. Most managers won't say they expect to win the league, it heaps pressure on players, would much rather say another club and then creep under the radar while everyone is focused on them, bit like what Norwich did last season. Plus it doesn't leave you looking like a right muppet when you ultimately fail to even scrape into the playoffs.
  2. Can't believe i forgot just how good that moment was.
  3. Can we not just have Bamford back? surely Leeds will send him back in January as a good will gesture on a freebie. I miss him so much ?
  4. Definitely wasn't the commanding performance I wanted but 3 points are 3 points.
  5. SHUN THE NON BELIEVERS!!! Who ever added the options for gifs during my hiatus I love you.
  6. Interested as to whether this would be your feelings still if it was boro in that position again DS? Think we should be behind Bolton if for no other reason than the fans deserve better.
  7. Sadly I think we have already hit the point now where we not only need the win, but we need a commanding performance to match if they are to placate some of the more restless fans.
  8. Quick questions.. Do we look like turning this round? Are there at least some encouraging signs? Or are we doing a Sunderland going down with a whimper.
  9. Yeah I kinda forgot my password and just gave up trying to get it back for a long time ?
  10. No probably 3-0!!! I knew one of you would come out with that haha
  11. Just gonna throw this one out there. Would we be losing 3-1 if AKaranka was still in charge?
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