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  1. How has he not scored? Because he stretches for it and has an arm in the back it wasn't as clear cut as a tap in.
  2. Happy with the performance its just that final pass or cross. Sucker punch that goal it was totally undeserved
  3. Definitely mate. Our strike force on paper is probably one of the best in the leauge we need the supply now.
  4. We do just hoof it and hope for the best. When was the last time we cut a team open?
  5. It's clear Warnock is using the budget to how he feels its best used. We do need to address the lack of creativity once again but lets see if he changes his tact after last night's viewing. Its clear were not going to sign wingers when we are playing 352 isn't that obvious? Some people on here need a reality check, writing of this striker before he has even kicked a ball for us. I bet the next linked player will get thrown under the bus too.
  6. They don't give a *** was the impression i got.
  7. Wing can *** off. Slows play down, can't turn get rid.
  8. Austin is a spud. Its gotta be Woodrow for me or someone from Europe
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