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  1. Tav is definitely not a winger but cannot fault his effort.
  2. The reality of it tho, is the club should be preparing behind the scenes for leauge one not just the championship that's the stark reality. But we all know the club thinks we're too good to go down so won't have a contingency plan for that .
  3. I have no hope that we can get another win which is terrifying. It seems like relegation is inevitable yet there are games we have we could scrape something from but the facts are we can't even get the basics right.
  4. Paddy missed because Shotton got a good foot on it to take it away.
  5. At half-time Middlesbrough are only out of the drop zone on goal difference. Perhaps even more worryingly, they're only 4 points off bottom as well. #UTB #Boro
  6. I thought we were containing them for a while, what let us down is our final third either the pass, keeping hold of the ball, being too slow it's just awful. Some of these players are either not bothered or absolutely *** and even if Woodgate wasn't the manager they wouldn't be any good. Once Leeds got blood off our inability to keep hold of the ball and lack of confidence they turned the screw slightly and deserved the goal. Our club is dead atm.
  7. At least Phillips is injured for them.
  8. I bloody wouldn't. Yeh it does look like a back five. Would anyone play Coulson as a winger in the future?? Convert him?
  9. 4231? I'm happy Clayton is back because he is the only one who can play that holding role. I think it's an ok selection. I'd of played Spence but apart from that not to shabby.
  10. I find it amazing that we are supposedly having a transitional season yet Beilsa transformed Leeds within one season. That says it all for me with regards to Woodgates coaching ability. Yes Beilsa is more experienced etc.. But I think it's easy to just use the Woodgate is a rookie excuse.
  11. I'd like to know your opinions on Woodgate @Lurker @Smoggydownsouth @Raf smog @nunthorpered I mean the whole club isn't really geared up to move forward so Woodgate is rightly getting scrutiny but it deflects from some other issues such as our recruitment department and long term plan if we have one....
  12. I've never trusted Robbie Keane always thought he would jump ship when the going gets tough.
  13. @diggerlad07 if what you have said has some truth to it then it doesn't surprise me. It's like we are stuck in the past with no sense of what to do. Woodgate gets sacked then it will be someone experienced again and then it won't work then we will go with a rookie again... Round and round in circles.
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