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  1. He'll go to Fulham i reckon. Muniz looks like a very good striker to have within your squad. The one thing i noticed when Akpom came on yesterday is yeh he won flick ons and had a few dribbles around the box but he just isn't good enough to be back uo ti Ikpeazu we need someone similar and then maybe a third option as a poacher.
  2. Interesting that Leo wasn't there yesterday.. I was thinking maybe if it is the South Americans then he might have been involved in translating during negotiations.
  3. “We’re looking at another player abroad as well. We’ve looked at three or four, but one in particular now, and we’re also looking to see if there are any others that can tempt us.” Asked if the other player was also a South American, Warnock just smiled and said, ‘It could be.’ The Boro boss was also asked about other transfers and said they were seriously looking at or talking to three players about potential moves currently.
  4. Jones & Sivi have to be on the bench as an option this season for me after seeing them tonight.
  5. @Lurker @Raf smog @diggerlad07 anything on the Brazilians? Or anything at all?
  6. Wingy playing more Advanced and being way more effective now Morsy is sitting.... Yes i know were playing some pub team but i like Wingy.
  7. https://www.twtd.co.uk/ipswich-town-news/40632/town-closing-in-on-coulson-loan Coulson to Ipswich to be announced soon. I wonder if we have landed Denver Hume? Or another Left Back.
  8. Same. I wouldn't touch any of them. Rather have the u23 wingers as squad fillers.
  9. I hope one of them isnt Matt Smith. Ikpeazu can play that target man role we don't need another spud.
  10. Haha true but at least he scored
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