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  1. Coburn not far off Gyรถkeres... Wow ๐Ÿ˜‚ Coburn is getting massively over hyped, he's a good finisher but needs to go out on loan not ready for a promotion push.
  2. Cheers RAF ๐Ÿ™Œ, the Spence saga needs to be done. I imagine Lenihan is the player on holiday.
  3. That seems like a Scott style potential signing
  4. With Levy involved it'll he a pain in the *** to sort out.
  5. The lad has no class about him, for our sake we want him to move and succeed because we may insert clause's into his deal to get money when there triggered but part of me wants him to flop and end up playing for some shitty non league team .
  6. God I can't wait for this bell end to *** off out the club.
  7. @nunthorpered said he's been mentioned on this thread but wasn't Hause/Gibson and then he's like another users post who mentioned Greaves could be wrong like but thought without nunthorpered mentioning the player's name on a post it it was a nod to saying it's him.
  8. He's thumbs up @Scottie12post so I'm taking that as yes? Could be wrong
  9. A brief scouting report on Choudhury , sounds perfect for the CDM role https://www.thescoutingapp.com/blog/hamza-choudhury-scouting-report-39
  10. @Raf smog the two striker's can you say if they are the ones that have been doing the rounds regarding some links already out there?
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