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  1. I hope to god we ain't playing Mcgree left wing back he was signed to play where Tav does and give competition. Taylor is going to play there.
  2. Spotify, apple Podcasts but you can also watch them on YouTube https://youtube.com/c/TheBoroBreakdownPodcast
  3. @CrazyLgood to see you back, I was thinking have you been placed on the naughty step for being ITK and getting someone in trouble 😂. Got any other snippets?
  4. @Denzel Zanzibar just watched Balogans interview with the club website. Very polite and good mannerd, sometimes you don't know with the youth players from top clubs what there attitude will be like but Flo seems pretty grounded which will benefit us.
  5. I hope the Celtic interest is noise for us to hurry the deal up but sadly I think he'll end up there.
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