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  1. Can't believe I came to the game today waste of a day. *** get him out
  2. The gazette has lost all my respect especially with Craig John's blatant bias towards Warnock. He clearly has a good relationship with him and likes the man on a personal level. I listened to the gazette podcast yesterday and was in disbelief with the amount of *** he came out with. Apperntly at Hull we were playing good football from 30 minutes onwards. The football under Warnock isn't bad and the biggest thing is the Warnock out chants is all online and no one every posts positively online on social media about football. Utter ***. Only a small section of fans at Hull seemed to want him ou
  3. Warnock if your reading this please go home and never return after Saturday regardless of the result.
  4. Yeh Neil if you or anyone in your circle are on here. We don't want you please leave.
  5. Won't be returning till he's gone and I'm paying monthly for my season ticket. I'm done.
  6. Get this *** troll out of our club and take his henchmen with him
  7. Ryan Lowe, Alex Neil, Appleton, Terry, Lampard would be on my list and i imagine Scott knows some top coaches throughout Europe and I'd personally like to go down that route again. Possession football would be great.
  8. He still got us up tho and we've been absolutely *** since.
  9. Also said he didn't really want to speak to the press
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