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  1. But are we still wanting to keep hold of Fry?
  2. I pretty much agree with everything that has been said. One thing that stood out for me was we really missed Fletcher in that system. He and the other two forward players would start the defence by pressing but with Rudy playing it was very obvious we weren't gonna press nearly as well.
  3. Bet we just sign a centre half out of nowhere like when we announced Nmecha.
  4. Woodgate said he wanted to rest Djed against Spurs but we don't have another fit right back. So I guess it's for squad depth.
  5. Was this if Britt was leaving? Have you heard anything else mate? Do you have any Idea if that second club in for Maddison is us?
  6. Wonder if they'll have a look at Britt? I know he injured atm but they may ask the question.
  7. This is typical Spence gets a run and his agent is hanging us out to dry.
  8. Throwing Ben Liddle under the bus after one game against Spurs... Let's see how he does in our own leauge before writing him off.
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