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  1. Does anyone agree with Maddo being impressed with Saville? I find he slows everything down
  2. If we can all see it then why can't Steve Gibson. Some brilliant posts and points been made on hereπŸ‘πŸ‘.
  3. And after a year we rip it all up. Ohh hang on.. Woodgate will be Warnocks number two and then made manager again in a year's time πŸ˜‚
  4. Its scary in two weeks time we will know our fate
  5. @diggerlad07 completely agree. I just expect Warnock to be offerd it and given it πŸ˜‘.
  6. Boro, meanwhile, are slowly but surely reverting to the kind of tactics Tony Pulis would approve of. I threw up after reading that but Tallentaire is right, just hoof ball and long throws, no game plan, yeh we need to scrap and just do what we can to win but the players don't seem capable off doing anything other than hitting it long, hitting it over the bar, hitting it out of play, long throws, over powering set pieces and being slow on the ball. Ah sounds like Big Tony back. If we stay up i don't want Warnock here.
  7. Christ were all stood around when we attack. No one shows any interest or moves.
  8. Agree, how he hasn't changed our formation when it isn't working today
  9. I cannot wait regardless what division were in too see some of these players do one.
  10. QPR, Swansea and Bristol City have some pace and good movement. We cannot cope at all.
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