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  1. Sell Spence, sign Gibson, Darlow, Rhodes, Gregory with that money. Akpom, Payero, Fisher, Ameobi will all be like new signings for us. What more could anyone want from a transfer window? 🤷‍♂️
  2. Gill did a better job than Scott has done so far. Early days of course but hardly anything he has apparently been involved in has gone particularly well to date.
  3. It does seem dubious but wasn't Nixon the fella who got the Rhodes story the first time around? I thought he was reporting it before anyone else?
  4. With some of the names being put forward, it appears we're going to sign about 15 third choice strikers 🤷‍♂️
  5. I heard something different but I'm not connected like others so it could be complete crap He could have gone following relegation but we asked him to give us another year with the agreement that he could leave after that if we didn't go back up 🤷‍♂️ I don't think Burnley would have been his original choice of club however.
  6. Definitely, and maybe we will see some surprising outgoings this summer.
  7. I dunno. I said in the Preston thread that I thought he was just saying things for effect really, things that the fans would lap up on the back of a disappointing finish to the season. If you remember at the same time as that stuff he also said that there will be some surprises, and so far we aren't seeing/hearing anything like that.
  8. We paid more for Flint and McNair though so whatever anyone else does is less relevant than what we might be prepared to do, isn't it? In fact, didn't we pay more for Dijksteel? Who we attempt to sign is going to be dictated by our outgoing business not by players other teams have signed last season. If we sell Spence for a decent figure, and say sell Fry for a decent figure, we'll be prepared to spend more than £1.5m on a replacement defender. We were prepared to pay more than that for a midfielder in January without any big offloads so it would be odd if we suddenly changed tack when we
  9. It wasn't a misinterpretation of what he said, and that quote there isn't what he said originally either. That was the more measured version written later I believe. Originally he says attitude over ability a couple of times in a row for emphasis, and he also mentioned people running through brick walls for the club, and wanting to die for the club. I don't think those comments are easily misinterpreted as they are pretty clear in their meaning. Of course he's going to be looking to bring in good players though but we'll see what he believes is a good player, that's if it's him calling the
  10. Especially during the summer when there's less to chat about other than transfer related stuff. I don't think it harms the forum to have a few football threads not related to Boro. And most people on here probably do support in England in fairness, well except for the few strange foreign folk we have here that just aren't mature enough to recognise England's greatness.
  11. And don't worry about DZ, it'll probably turn out that England are one of the four teams in the world that he doesn't support. Proper weirdo that one.
  12. The stats I use aren't misleading, but they are made up.
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