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  1. I don't think anyone has heard anything about anything really.
  2. It's just someone *** about on the internet. I doubt it's going to adversely effect anyone's lives on here.
  3. All individuality gets crushed on here eventually 😭
  4. You know that Boro could be looking for a Director of Football. They need someone with a clear vision of what needs to be done. It might just be worth you getting in touch with them and sharing your own vision for the club mate 👍
  5. There is another possibility that he doesn't want to play for the international equivalent of Boro over the past 18 months. Have you seen Ireland play recently? The Irish lads and lasses on here must have been just about suicidal watching us and them lately. They have my sympathy ☘️
  6. I might be being a bit harsh here but hasn't he been kinda underwhelming for Man Utd? I accept that they signed him for big money and of course it's all relative but I haven't really seen what they paid it all for so far. On top of that we're talking about a central defender, which let's face it wasn't really one of the areas we needed to improve upon. I can't say I'm remotely bothered about missing out on him and until he starts playing consistently well I'll see him more as a £3m player than a £30m one.
  7. Could be some truth to that. The current lot are more the Van La Parra and Flint selections really. And Hugill. So we're in safe hands.
  8. Looks like they paid more for him than we did for Fischer? Maybe we weren't prepared to spend the money on him if we could get someone else cheaper?
  9. If you're suggesting that Brunners is a dummy profile of mine then actually I do take great offence at that 🙂 I imagine Brunners wouldn't exactly be thrilled either although it would mean a step up in the world for him at least 👍
  10. I suppose I could try and persuade myself that you're ITK 🙂
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