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  1. I think you're right but we needed a win and we got it. Our first goal was one of the few moments of quality in the game, along with the chance for Hernandez early in the second half, when we knocked the ball around nicely and worked him in there. So in that sense I felt like we probably deserved the win if you see what I mean? I don't think we played especially well though, we just had a bit of quality where Forest really didn't. Yeah, I know what you mean about Hughton, comes across as a decent bloke.
  2. Was that the coaching staff getting stuck in there 😀
  3. Just watching them tonight you can see why they've been struggling. Mistakes all over the park.
  4. Forest are ***. Hughton will be out of a job before the weekend I reckon.
  5. Malley on and actually pass the ball to each other but I doubt it's going to happen.
  6. Genuinely, I hope Bausor and Scott are there to see if our coaching staff are anywhere near getting the most out of the players we have.
  7. Getting ready to swing the axe if we lost tonight ☠️
  8. Stats wise we aren't playing that well really. Passing isn't great, although not the worst it's been under Warnock. We haven't created much I suppose but one bit of quality movement, and a good but simple pass, and we have the lead. The sad thing is that we have players who can play football now, but we've got a manager who has no real interest in it.
  9. Just imagine how disappointed he is going to be in like 20 games time when that's still the only through ball we've threaded for him. He probably thinks things are going to be great for him right now the poor bugger 🤦‍♂️
  10. I think the defence has done ok mostly. The players ahead of them haven't done as well, just like Hernandez right at the end there.
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