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  1. I just want a goalkeeper who can do goalkeepery stuff well. Not bothered about the rest of it really.
  2. Historically yeah they have because they were lowish down the list of creditors. That changed recently I think.
  3. It depends on whether they believe they will end up with nothing or not. I suspect as you say that some kind of instalment plan is really what they are angling for.
  4. Just a negotiating tactic I think you'll find. HMRC will want the lot, Derby/The admins/Potential new owners will want to pay as little as possible. Can they make HRMC believe that liquidation is a real possibility and they'll end up with nothing at all so as to facilitate a better arrangement?
  5. Happy Birthday mate 🍻
  6. I believe you mate I just don't remember seeing anything myself.
  7. Did Warnock rave about Wing before he became our manager? I think Wilder will have a look at him and maybe also look at how he's been used at Sheff Wed and see if there's an issue with that. That he's played better at Championship level should probably be more important than him not playing well out on loan in League One.
  8. Wasn't there some interest in Wing from Sheff Utd while Wilder was the manager? I could have sworn there was.
  9. I think it's actually in the laws of the game that if a player knocks a corner flag over he has to replace it not the officials. I'm sure it used to be anyway.
  10. I thought we won some kind of award a few years ago? Might have been medical rather than sports science, mind.
  11. I'm not sure how relevant having access to information is quite honestly. What information do you think would change people's minds about homosexuality? Is there any that could suddenly take someone from 'I hate it' to 'I think it's fine'? I'm not so sure? There's plenty of people in this country who don't like homosexuality, and as I said, it wasn't that long ago that it was illegal here. As I also said, it is a religious thing. Even in this country it was essentially illegal because the dominant religion here held that it was wrong. The difference isn't that we are more enlightened, I
  12. Aren't minority groups the worst though 🤦‍♂️ They spoil everybody's fun 👎
  13. It was illegal to be gay in this country not that long ago. Possibly something worth considering while we lecture others about right and wrong? 1967 when it was decriminalised I think? Some people on here would have been supporting Boro for longer than that. The world doesn't doesn't move at the same pace so you've got to try and make changes incrementally. Maybe this will help facilitate some change over there in time, you never know but it's important to remember that this is about religion, not politics.
  14. Lots of people have spent far more on football clubs than Gibson. Mel Morris at Derby has apparently. This Yusuf fella is just the owners representative who runs the club so he wouldn't put any money in. I have no idea how much Prince Abdullah has invested. The issues I was talking about were the comments linked on here, and decisions made, that were clearly no different to what we've had here for a few years. If it's understandable that he's keeping his head down for a while, then what's the issue with the owner at Sheff Utd doing the same? Absolute nonsense, just applying differe
  15. Well, I mean, Wilson being made a mod. Something like that puts everything into perspective really. It's just a game of football, what does it matter when bad things like this are happening in the world. I couldn't even bring myself to listen to the game, let alone try and watch it. It all just seemed so pointless after that 🙁
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