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  1. A lot of companies will do it even if they don't really need to.
  2. Yeah it's the company who does it rather than the individual.
  3. I'm not sure that's the case. The population of Ireland is lower than the population of Scotland but Ireland has more confirmed cases and almost an identical number of fatalities - 71 against 76. Population, population density, population age and population distribution will be factors that make the difference in a lot of countries. England has a much higher population density than either of those countries, and actually Spain and Italy as well, so the virus should spread more easily here unfortunately. Edit - I do wonder if they are dragging their heels on this antibody test because it might show a huge number of people have had it already and the mortality rate is therefore very low.
  4. A new study by from Imperial College London estimates that up to 2.7% of the UK population may have been infected so far - that's about 1.8m people if it's correct. It's a statistical model though so you have to keep that in mind. Also says that between 20,000 and 120,000 lives might have been saved across the 11 European countries they were looking at thanks to the measures put in place so far 👍
  5. God, I couldn't even pick just three. Lots to choose from over the years, including some of the great choices selected above 👍 Hendrie's two against Luton, bye bye Ayresome but hello Premier League and The Riverside. Ravanelli at Wembley 96/97, it looked like we were going to do it finally but then we didn't. Festa, a whole week later, at Old Trafford against Chesterfield, when it looked like we'd avoided an absolute catastrophe only for history to repeat itself. Rav's last minute penna winner against Villa at the beginning of the week of destiny. The whole first 5 mins of the Liverpool League Cup semi final in 97/98. The first few minutes of the second half against Oxford in the same season. Festa's last minute equaliser at Southampton when we were down to 9 men for a 3-3 draw in the 98/99 season and Brian Deane's goal to put us 3-0 up at Man Utd a few weeks later - I think that was the last game Man Utd lost that season before winning the treble - "We're gonna win the league", well maybe not. Boksic twice up at St James park against the Geordies a couple of seasons later. 01/02 season against Man Utd in the cup, hardly any bugger there because there was some argument about the ticket pricing and the fact that it was a lunchtime kick off on the telly, two goals in the last 5 mins to win it, hurrah! We had some good times against Man Utd back then for whatever reason. Speaking of which, the following season at home against them on Boxing day, all three goals were decent but the Job one at the end to clinch it because of the second or two it took for Maccarone to head the ball across to him was nice. Same sort of reason but earlier in that season, against the Mackems at home and Nemeths second goal (our third) when he kind of ran through on his own to score in front of the North Stand - I think it was just the sense of anticipation really. 03/04 season in the Millennium Stadium, Cardiff. The first 6 or 7 mins as a whole but I was partly hysterical throughout the entire game really when I think about it. It was ours to lose after that start and unfortunately we seemed to experts in finding ways to do just that up until that point. Same season, scoring twice in injury time maybe to get a 3-3 draw at home against Leicester and another win at Old Trafford, Juninho scoring twice with his head! and Job getting the winner after Man Utd came back to level. How did Man Utd win so much back then when we used to give them a going over on a regular basis? Weird, football, isn't it? 04/05 season, not a goal but Schwarzer saving that penalty at Man City in injury time on the last day of the season to get us into Europe again has to be right up there. The following season has to be the European goals already mentioned above, the games as a whole were mental but scoring late on to win not just once but twice is about as crazy as it gets. Humping Man Utd (again) and Chelsea was also a lot of fun. After that point things got darker and those amazing moments never seemed to come around, at least not for me anyway. There were always odd games or whatever but we were in decline and you could feel it. We had some good games under Mowbray and obviously we were in the hunt a couple of times during seasons but we always fell away. I think you're probably waiting until the 14/15 season for some more great moments - Leadbitter's freekick at Huddersfield was fantastic, Bamford's goal at Derby and the own goal at Norwich, the play off games against Brentford. I stopped going away from home by this point though so most of those weren't experienced in the same way, the home play off game of course was though. Following season, both games against Brighton had goals which got me going and against Derby over Xmas with the two goals in two minutes. Nugent against Hull and Forshaw against Reading, mental. Probably loads I've missed out as well. I think I just enjoy us scoring goals in any circumstances 😀
  6. I don't know if this will help but the screen needs cleaning.
  7. Yeah, mate, that's pretty much it. I should have looked around for some graphs to save myself the trouble. Theirs is miles better as you would expect. I'm not sure what the significance of starting from the 10th death is but there must be a good reason for it. I just looked from the first to see what I could see. After 15 days based on their way of looking at it then Italy and the UK are on similar paths but we are still a bit lower than Italy. Based on my way of looking at it there would be greater difference and that difference was slightly increasing, well, until today anyway. The last two days have seen quite big jumps for us sadly, hoping for better news later today. I also hope that curve is showing Italy's situation flattening out, maybe even Spain's starting to do the same as well 🙏
  8. I'm not sure what they could start allowing people to do that wouldn't be risky? Even people who have had the virus could still transfer it from someone else with it to someone else without it, if it got on their hands or whatever. The fact that they've asked vulnerable people to hole themselves up for 12 weeks is hopefully going to help and then maybe the less vulnerable could return to some normal activities but I'm really not sure what that would be?
  9. No, I think you have misunderstood what I was looking at. I haven't been comparing Italy now and the UK now, I've been comparing Italy a couple of weeks ago with the UK now, looking at each days changes in numbers. So we are on day 22 since the first fatality here and I was looking at day 22 over in Italy to see where they were at. I did this because I'd read in a few places days ago that we were two weeks behind Italy because the fatalities and number of cases at those corresponding dates were almost exactly the same. That to me didn't quite make sense as a comparison unless the rate of increase was the same in both countries and that's what I was looking at with this. It seemed quite clear that the rate of increase in Italy was greater than here all the way through the pandemic but that has shifted slightly over the last 24 hours. In terms of day on day increases, ours was higher for the first time today. So, the first fatality here was on the 5th March and the first fatality in Italy was on 21st February. Counting forward you can measure each days increase and see the rate of change. You can then put them side by side and look at how they compare. Today we sadly saw 181 fatalities announced. On the corresponding day in Italy, 175 lives were lost. That's the first time that the increase in total here has been higher than Italy's. Over the previous few days the gap was actually getting greater between the two countries but all of a sudden today it swung around the other way. Tomorrow, Italy's corresponding day saw an increase of 368, if ours is lower than that then the trend that mostly has been seen will be continuing. If it's more then it's a sizeable shift in the other direction. It's the rate of increase that was interesting me rather than the totals. If our rate of increase is lower and if we truly are a couple of weeks behind them then our fatalities won't reach the level that Italy has. Not exactly good news but less bad, bad news. I can't even believe I'm typing about this kind of thing on here to be honest. What a shitty time this is. I bet you'd all rather be talking about accounts and player wages now eh 😢
  10. That's not going to happen for at least a couple of weeks and it'll probably be longer than that.
  11. One case obviously doesn't mean anything but I'm more and more inclined to believe that the number of people carrying this in the UK, or who have had it, is many times the official figures. Even more than I was guessing at before now. I've been tracking the comparison between Italy and the UK as I read somewhere that it was believed we were two weeks behind them. One slightly comforting thing I've seen is that the rate of increase in fatalities here has been nothing like over there and in fact it was continuing to diverge away. At one point a few days back we had 60% of the total number here after the same number of days since each nation's first fatality. That steadily dropped to just over 40% indicating the divergence. However, the last couple of days has seen it jump up for the first time to just over 50%. It might mean nothing at all as each nation records their fatalities in different ways but I was hoping it meant that the flatter peak we were hoping for might be coming to fruition. The fact that it has increased is a little bit worrying though for obvious reasons, I sincerely hope that it doesn't continue to do so.
  12. They can't even decide how to handle the financial aspects of it. The hardest hit countries want more help, the usual suspects don't seem to want to give it quite as easily though. I don't believe there was any email mix up, mind. I think we simply decided to go it alone, which is what we are going to be doing from now on so we might as well get on with it.
  13. Yeah it was the right time for him to move on in my opinion. He was coming to the end of his career and we were trying to move on as a team as well. The injury he'd had at Atletico had taken some of the zip out of his play anyway even before he came back. He didn't have that immediate burst of pace that he had in his first spell. He was still a clever enough player but that wasn't really his game, it was always based around being able to beat players and quick darting movement. He wasn't really someone for sitting in pockets of space pinging balls around and he was never going to be a prolific goal scorer. Downing was coming through at that point, Zenden and Boateng were about to form a good midfield pairing and we signed Viduka and Hasselbaink. Juninho could still have been a squad player within that but I don't think he'd have been a regular and I think he moved to Celtic hoping to be a regular starter for a bit longer.
  14. Perhaps the UK government have simply decided to focus on purchasing the equipment for themselves as opposed to distributing them among lots of countries? Do you think that massive bulk buying will see the equipment being manufactured more quickly because I don't. We're sourcing ours from wherever we can get them and everyone else is doing the same so I doubt it really matters what the process is for acquiring them. The EU is seeking to do what it always does, which is to show it's togetherness even in tough circumstances, even if the reality is quite different when it really comes down to it.
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