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  1. He tried to nerd shame me on the transfer thread, the rotter 😢
  2. Any early snippets of team news?
  3. Yeah, he could take action against them but his case against the EFL would done unless he could take action against them as well for financial loss? I wonder what valuation they'd put on the financial loss? I assume they'd have to bring PL revenue into it to make it worthwhile otherwise you're just talking about losing out on an extra couple of play off games. Leeds would have a stronger case I assume having lost to them in the play offs?
  4. Aye, just view it as a really expensive loan signing for them, like Gibson 🙂
  5. They are clearly very determined then? He's not just one on a list of names?
  6. All they are challenged to do is create a sellable story. I keep telling Anth this but he won't listen 🙄
  7. Good faith clauses like this are a catch all but they are also open to interpretation. So Derby say we acted in good faith, we asked you if what we were going to do was ok before we did it and only after you confirmed it was ok did we then carry it out. If you'd said from the beginning that it wasn't ok then we wouldn't have done it.
  8. I think that's exactly what it's about. Gibson is in the process of taking legal action against them so they try and take action to head that off. If they succeed then they can turn around and say that Derby have been punished and if the independent panel and/or further court proceedings find in Derby's favour then Gibson wouldn't have a case I assume.
  9. That's what I 🤓 would like to know because it appears from the outside looking in that they haven't been examining them all that closely.
  10. Now you know how the rest of us feel reading through your posts 🤭 I do like that you read the nonsense in the opening post and still read through the rest of the thread anyway, presumably in the forlorn hope that it was indeed the best thread in the world 😏
  11. Thanks mate, I'll give it a try as I haven't had it before 👍
  12. I'm not a massive fan of Duvel (genuinely). A few of my favourite Belgian beers at the moment are Westmalle, Delirium, Tripel Karmelite, Orval. All a bit different to each other but nice all the same.
  13. I saw something about that. It's something to do with the amortisation I think but this really isn't the thread to discuss it. I'll see you over on the transfer thread where we can really get into it 🤓
  14. Please don't derail the thread. I hate it when people do that 😡
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