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  1. Lol, thanks mate but no I'm actually fine with leaving. It's not a big deal but I shouldn't have snapped earlier and felt bad about it. I came to see if the account was already deleted and when it wasn't I thought I should say something by way of an apology for calling people names. Other than doing in jest, it's not something I like to do and like I said, I like everyone on here a lot. However I'm cool with not posting any more, it's just an internet forum at the end of the day, a good one but still that's all it is. I'll miss the emojis though, not sure what I'll do without them at all 😢 😉
  2. I'm fine mate, thanks for asking, I've just had enough now. If I'm being a *** and people call me on it then fair enough but today the stuff I posted about Howson had nothing to it at all and I'm still getting slated for it. Anyone else posts the same stuff, word for word, and there wouldn't have been a reaction. I post it and it's a big deal and I'm tired of it. It happens quite a bit and occasionally other people will step in and say that I haven't said anything wrong, which is very kind of them, and I just tend to let it go, but today was the final straw for me. If I can't post the stuff I posted earlier about Howson without getting grief then I don't want to post on here any longer and it's better that I don't as I genuinely don't see any issue with it at all. It's ok saying it's not what you say but how you say it, but when I post a few lines that don't say anything bad or say anything in a bad way, then I don't really know what else I can do other than say nothing at all. So that's what I'm going to do. I shouldn't have called people arseholes because I like you all a great deal as it happens but hey I'm only human and I was annoyed. Duvel - Good riddance to you to 😀👍
  3. Twice hasn't he? I had my account removed once but came back after a while, initially just because people were accusing other members of being me and I thought I should point out that they weren't, so that they'd be left alone. Once it's removed this time, tomorrow I guess, I won't be heading back. I thought it might have been done by now but obviously it hasn't.
  4. Thanks but nah I can't be bothered any longer. It's been enjoyable chatting to you all so cheers and take care 👍
  5. These are the two posts that are apparently so bad. The first one is about Bola and the second one is about the three players mentioned in it. It's quite clear that I'm just giving my opinion. I don't think I tell anyone what they have to think or that they are 'wrong', I just say why I have the opinions that I have. Incidentally, that's exactly what everyone does whenever they write a post on here. Other people give their opinions in exactly the same way, sometimes without an explanation, and they don't get the grief I get. If I act like a *** in a post then fair enough but if I'm getting grief for posts like the above then I'm just wasting my time.
  6. Cheers mate, but I'm done with this place. Just a small group of hypocrites who can't seem to see that they do the same thing they criticise others for. I could understand it if my posts had been terrible but they weren't, I just gave my opinion on a few player's performances from last night. I didn't tell anyone what to think, I didn't even get into it with anyone, I just explained my own point of view. Like I said, just arseholes at the end of the day who want to blame others for their own shitty behaviour.
  7. No, I'm not accepting that any more. You are being an arsehole because you are being an arsehole, don't blame me for it. I said what I said, if you are reading it in a different way then that's your own failing, not mine, so sort yourself out and stop giving me grief for whatever crap is going on in your head. None of my posts had anything wrong with them, saying I didn't think a player was that good isn't some terrible thing and that's all I did. You are a hypocrite but you're certainly not alone on here.
  8. Or, alternatively, I meant exactly what I said, which was that I thought Howson was ok but not good and that nobody was good last night. If you want to take it further then we as a team weren't good, neither were Wigan and nobody on their side was good either. Finally, does it actually matter what I think so much that you need to be arsehole about it? If you say he was good and I say he wasn't then that's the pair of us giving an opinion on his performance. I didn't give you grief for your opinion so why are you giving me it? Honestly, there are a few of you on here who are absolutely *** sometimes but are straight in pointing the finger at me on a regular basis. Complete *** hypocrites.
  9. That's what I said on Howson. No mention of him being bad at all and nothing different to what I said on the ratings thread.
  10. I didn't say he was bad and being the best player in a Boro shirt wouldn't necessarily make him good, would it? If you're going to continue being a *** then at least put some effort in.
  11. I didn't think they were overall. Randolph made a decent stop but his poor passing almost gave the goal away, should have given the goal away actually, but their lad shot right at Randolph instead of hitting it low and hard. I don't think he had another save to make all night? His distribution seemed dodgy to me and in the first half it seemed like him, Shotton and Ayala weren't on the same page. Howson, I've already said on another thread did ok but had a lot of help from McNair and Clayton and didn't do as much as he could/should have done with the ball. Lovely cross for the goal though. McNair was solid but to me that's all he is and he seemed to be spending quite a bit of time playing where I thought Howson should have been. Mishit a couple of shots, don't remember him setting any chances up but he might have done a few good defensive things?
  12. I know he did and people still talked about him needing time, that's my point. The same thing happened with Pulis, he needed time to sort out the mess than Monk left. It's one of those things that people say but it doesn't really mean anything (to them I mean). What they actually want to see is clear signs of progress asap.
  13. Nobody was good. He wasn't terrible but I think Coulson looked better in the short time I saw of him but in fairness it's difficult to tell. The way we played yesterday wasn't the way we played against Brentford really or Luton so it's probably not comparing like with like. With the ball he put a few crosses in that I don't remember amounting to much. I think he had at least one run with the ball where he beat a man but he kinda looked like he did it accidentally. Without the ball I think he made a few clearances, I don't remember many tackles from him, maybe he intercepted a pass. We weren't good for a decent chunk of that first half though and he got wiped out after about 15 mins or so, I don't know if that had any effect on him or not. I've seen worse league debuts at left back mind, remember Alan Wright 😨
  14. Aye, Pulis needed it as well and Monk and everyone else. It's the standard thing that fans say, isn't it? If most of them didn't want him in the first place then which of the two opinions do you think is going to hold most sway? He needs time or we didn't want him? I think for a lot of people it will be the latter as that's what they really think when it comes down to it.
  15. I think lots of Boro fans weren't saying that at all. They were saying the squad needs work doing to it (we didn't really bother) and Woodgate shouldn't get the job (he did).
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