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  1. I just gave Warnock a standing ovation. Let's see if it works 🤞
  2. It's just nice seeing us pass the ball to feet now and then so people get overly excited by it 🤭
  3. I think it was similar to the Johnson goal against Derby really in that they had overcommitted and we were able to catch them on the break. It wasn't a difficult pass to make, it's just whether you get your head up and see the opportunity or not.
  4. I might be being thick here but if millions of people have already had it then presumably they already have the antibodies?
  5. Well yeah, if he keeps scoring two goals a game it will!
  6. Surprised he didn't rest him tonight then since Morsy was back.
  7. Then we'll reach the point where we feel it's not worth it, and we'll look elsewhere. He had a good game tonight. A contract should be about more than one good game. If he's happy here then that should factor into any decision he makes anyway. If it doesn't then frankly we'd be better off not bothering.
  8. Better to wait I think. Just see how he goes for the rest of his contract or at least up until the start of January.
  9. Any game where people give Spence the Motm, and people are asking for Warnock to bring Assombalonga on, is indeed a strange game.
  10. Morsy was there but was a bit too far away the lad dropped his shoulder and that was it.
  11. He hasn’t played that well. He made a decent pass and had that good effort from distance. Don’t think he’s actually done much else at all. Yeeesssssssss
  12. It was a shove from Johnson. Soft as *** for going down like.
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