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  1. Well, I suppose I'd be slumming it a bit, intellectually speaking, but ok I guess.
  2. I thought both teams were ok at best. I was a bit surprised at people suggesting during the game that we were playing very well. But then again, whenever we string five passes together some people use it as evidence that Warnock is in fact Guardiola, and the rest of us are just not seeing it. First half was very bitty, neither team could get going at all. I think that was partly down to the referee, and partly down to the teams kinda cancelling each other out. It didn't come as a shock that the best chances of the half for either side came from defensive mistakes. Sadly, theirs went in. Second half we got going straight away, should have had a penalty or a goal, and got them under pressure early on. But then they came through it, and the game just drifted along. I think there's a case that we could have made the more aggressive substitutions earlier than we did, once the steam had gone out of our initial charge, and that might get lost in the controversy perhaps. It's a common criticism of Warnock, and I'd say it's a justified one more often than not. We got the goal we should have already had but then they got the penalty. We deserved a point for the earlier refereeing mistake rather than the award of a penalty. We're still not out of it yet, and we were always relying on other teams to slip up more than us. We've got Bournemouth and Barnsley to play, win those two and we will be right in it, assuming we can take care of our business elsewhere.
  3. Ok, I could never stay angry at you, Blanco. Bro's for life!
  4. I'm not sure what your point is? If their player wasn't careless, reckless or using excessive force then it isn't a foul, which is what I've said. The Swansea player just had a shot, Saville slid in to get the ball but missed it, the Swansea player gets to the ball before any contact with Saville is made. He's not careless, reckless or using excessive force, and Saville doesn't make contact with the ball, so it's his foul, not the Swansea player's.
  5. He doesn't boot through the foot of Saville. Saville's foot is not there, it's up in the air and away from the ball. If their player booted Saville then yeah I can see your point of view but he doesn't because Saville's foot isn't there for him to kick. You can see that point quite clearly. If Saville's foot and leg weren't in the air then Bidwell would have to kick him to kick the ball. The problem is that his foot and leg are in the air so he doesn't have to kick him. He kicks the ball underneath Saville's leg essentially.
  6. Again, he didn't. The player boots the ball, Saville doesn't boot the ball. Therefore he has committed a foul. I don't really see what the issue is with that? If you make a challenge and don't get the ball, while the other player does, then you have committed a foul. You can't slide in between the player and ball but not get the ball especially when that player clearly does.
  7. That seems a strange thing not to include to my mind.
  8. If a player slides in to make a challenge and doesn't get the ball but gets the opposing player then it's a foul. Their player didn't run into Saville any more than Saville slid into him, and the problem for Saville is he didn't get to the ball but their player did 🤷‍♂️
  9. I've already proven it conclusively. If people just listened to me more things would be much better all round.
  10. No, he kicked the ball first mate. If Saville touched the ball at any point it could be foul the other way but he doesn't. Their lad is going to kick the ball, Saville has simply missed it. Therefore it's a foul and a penalty.
  11. Saville hasn't touched the ball and never does.
  12. No, he doesn't. He kicks the ball. Saville's boot is already past the ball, in the air, cos he misses the ball.
  13. Cos you can see Saville's foot miss the ball, that's how I can tell now. I couldn't at first until I watched a few times and then froze it from both angles. Saville simply doesn't touch the ball. His foot and leg are up in the air and miss the ball, the Swansea lad kicks the ball underneath his foot. Unless Saville gets to the ball first then it has to be a penalty and he doesn't.
  14. He didn't get to the ball at all mate. He never touches it at any point. His boot actually goes past it rather than through it. I think it's just cos of how he's having to slide in.
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