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  1. I don't have my sound on but there were some audio issues with the stream apparently.
  2. I think Dijksteel would be fine. If he can play in the middle then I don't see what the issue would be at full back? If anything, his weakness last season seemed to be going forward, and you'd think he'd have less of that to do under Warnock than whatever Woodgate was trying to do. The left back position I can see his reluctance although I still think Coulson could be develop into a good attacking full back.
  3. Another reason why we should get actual wide attacking players and play 4 at the back. If that's where your attacking play is focused then surely they should be your best attacking players? You can't say that about Johnson and Spence, you just can't.
  4. I was going to ask what it was like? I remembered you had managed to get a ticket.
  5. I don't think he does it for the sake of it but I do believe we could build up our play differently and be less direct if we wanted to. It's when you see us playing a lot from back to front that I don't like because we choose to do it if you see what I mean? When it's not being forced then I think we're doing it and often giving the ball away too cheaply as a result. I don't think Warnock minds that if we can then pressure them and win the ball back a lot further up the field. I understand why he wants to do it, it's just not my particular cup of tea.
  6. But seriously, it is length of pass, yeah, as I understand it, not sure what the exact distance is, but it's long, as opposed to say, short. Who is Forbes?
  7. Rather than a left footed CB, we should be signing a left back. We're persevering with a poor left wing back rather than just replacing him with a genuine left back and then moving to 4 at the back, which we could do quite easily. Then you can add your wingers etc. It's completely daft to be forced into a system in order to accommodate a poor player, and that's exactly what I think we're doing at the moment.
  8. I think Warnock wants us to play as much in the final third of the pitch as possible. If we can win it back higher up the park, as we did today, then we won't need to be as direct. If we can't then we will be. I don't believe that Warnock simply wants us to throw it long over and over again just for the sake of it though, that's not what I'm saying. Today was maybe the first time we've had a higher pass success than the opposition since Warnock arrived. That to me is because we completely knocked Bournemouth off their game rather than because our passing was better. It was still a relatively low mark at 62%. Essentially, we forced them to play our game.
  9. Yeah, the stats are clear, we are a long ball side. Laziness would be not making an effort to understand what the data is showing. Warnock definitely has a record of direct football, why would you think he doesn't? It's like the Pulis stuff again, where we had to pretend that we weren't direct early on, until people were fed up of him and we could just be honest about it.
  10. I would have made that change though, I think you're right 👍
  11. We did use all three subs but yeah, that seemed like an obvious change.
  12. We are. I mean, watching the games tell you that, even without stats, which also tell you that.
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