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  1. Won't be long before the Spurs fans are up in arms if they do hire him. It would also be a strange choice after what seemed to be a deliberate decision to not go for it in the transfer market over the last few seasons when Pochettino clearly wanted them to do so. Perhaps Mourinho will be prepared to work on a budget 😏
  2. We're already signing Ivan Toney for £13m so what more do you want? 🙃
  3. I would be staggered if he ended up at West Ham. Even Southampton seems a stretch, given their particular way of doing things but I suppose they could get so desperate that they forget about all of that.
  4. Just be Boro fans and don't worry about the rest of it. The club are only ever going to do whatever suits them anyway so this is no more than a PR exercise from their point of view.
  5. Thank you, Petyr Baelish 👹 Sorry, and SmogDane as well.
  6. Aww, look at that lovely Martin Braithwaite commiserating with Randolph there. What a charming goal scoring hero he is 👍 Robbie Keane is fecking useless wherever he's coaching it seems 🤬 Well done to our Danish friends ✊🥓✊
  7. You can't keep a good man down! 🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓
  8. Britt would get into either of these teams 😁 Fletcher would be on the bench 🤣
  9. Yeah but they thought he could score a goal as well?
  10. Denmark didn't really select that striker to cover Shane Duffy, did they?
  11. Yes but my day job is as a Boro fan so I can still empathise whilst trying to understand why I'm watching this atrocity when I support neither of em.
  12. It's funny that you think this is football 🙃 At least it's clear now why you were more forgiving of Pulis 🤭
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