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  1. I think it's nailed on or as nailed on as deals can be. I'd be more surprised if he wasn't a Boro player next season than if he was, put it that way.
  2. None of it means anything if the Owner and his Chief Executive continue to do whatever they feel like. We appointed Orta as Head of Recruitment, and then they sidestepped him whenever they wanted to sign someone else.
  3. He's reasonably articulate, he says the right things, and he's inoffensive, that's why he has the job. Got the Boro job for no reason at all really other than being a player here. Somehow found himself in the role of the FA's Head of Elite Development, absolutely no idea why, other than he's reasonably articulate, he says the right things and he's inoffensive. This turned into the England Under 21 job, which ended in tournament failure, and then he walks into the England job after Allardyce got done. The FA like people whose faces fit and Southgate is ideal for that, especially at this mome
  4. The daft thing is that both players had their arms up whilst jumping. To give a yellow card the referee is saying it's reckless but if they are both doing it then surely it's reckless both ways. The injury shouldn't dictate the decision.
  5. We need to add some goals one way or another. Arguably, we need to add some in midfield and attack, rather than either/or. If some of them can come from players already here then that would be a help, and I think some of them probably can.
  6. Moore's moves have almost always been upwards haven't they? I think with the exception of Yeovil to Forest Green? That's someone who started in non-league and worked their way up. Smith's career path hasn't been the same. He's bounced around the bottom two divisions without ever settling anywhere really until Rotherham. Their goal records aren't really similar either. There is actually a direct comparison to be made as they both played for Rotherham in the 17/18 season. Moore scored 13 goals in 22 games at 1 goal every 131 mins. Smith scored 6 goals in 20 games at 1 goal every 261
  7. Darlington, Charlton, Accrington, Newport County, Colchester United, AFC Wimbledon, Swindon, Barnsley, Portsmouth, Northampton, Bury and Rotherham. That's who he has played for, most on loan though in fairness. I think journeyman probably applies to him given his career to date He's never really caught on anywhere before Rotherham. As for his ability, I dunno, he has 36 goals in 152 games for Rotherham, which isn't great, especially when two of his four seasons have been in League One, but he does have a decent handful of assists (14). He looks to me like a fairly typical lower league str
  8. Awful news. Thoughts are with you mate. Be strong.
  9. Still should have won the game regardless really as they did actually have chances. I reckon 10/15 mins of Traore wouldn't have been the worst idea though. I don't think it would weaken them as they were dominating possession either way, and maybe he does something special, but then it would still need someone to take the chances he created, unless he took one himself.
  10. But not the Blackwell? You wouldn't consider him as a viable option?
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