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  1. Phew! We needed that. Good result, a hardworking performance but no more than that. It probably suited us playing against a team with as limited a game plan as Millwall's, especially when they couldn't get much joy out of the big lad up front, as they had nothing else to offer really. Everyone had solid games today, did their jobs and most of the basics well enough. But it's easier to do that in those types of games because it's just a battle. There's no football being played and you're not having to think too much about anything. Clear the ball, chase the ball, etc etc. I thought everyone from back to front played their part, the back three cleared just about everything that came their way, the wingbacks got up and down, same goes for the midfield and the two lads up front worked their socks off. Another win from somewhere and hopefully we'll be fine.
  2. He was going so slowly that he almost caused time to start going backwards. Just a lack of confidence maybe. Did the biz with the penalty though 👍
  3. I know mate. I’m just saying that’s why the ref only gave a yellow.
  4. It was straight at him. The first save was good. The second was what any professional keeper should be capable of.
  5. We aren’t playing decent football. Neither team is. The football is dreadful.
  6. Maybe in fairness to him the defender put him off. I wouldn’t class that chance as the same as McNair’s.
  7. I'm not. It's *** football against another team playing *** football. It's easy to look more organised when you're not playing any football and you're playing everything in front of you. No concerns about people being caught ahead of the ball when nobody really gets ahead of the ball as every pass is from back to front. We're scrapping but as I've said before, lack of effort really isn't one of our problems.
  8. Good lad Fletch. If you can’t get the ball then make sure you push the defender into the GK 👍
  9. Well it’s the only approach we are going to see under Warnock.
  10. This is a team picked for graft, mate. There’s no football being played and no intention of doing so. Get the ball forward early and get people running after it. Millwall are basically the same in fairness. Two of the worst footballing teams in the division.
  11. I watch it in silence. What’s he said so far?
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