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  1. Honestly cannot see it happening or being any good for us if it does.
  2. Surely putting last reasons top scorer an top yellow card earner as DM is shooting yourself in both feet.
  3. Definitely. And our top scorer last season, leadbitter got a lot of pens and was playing in a side that were finely tuned. I understand his flaws, but take Crooks goals and assists away from a team that find it difficult to score at our own peril.
  4. When you think about it, Spence and Tav going to PL sides actually makes us more attractive to the likes of Strand Larsen. Young players wanting to get into the PL will see us as a real option to further their careers. We'll obviously be trying to keep them, but our outgoings so far give us more leverage in the minds of potential incomings. For the record I don't think we'd have had any different results so far with Tav in the team, just hoping the backroom lads can pull 5 good ones out of the bag before the window closes. And you know what they say "when one window closes, a door o
  5. Wilder was surprisingly chipper I thought all things considered. Seems like he was treating it like a pre-season game which is fair enough as long as the paying punters don't mind. How come Watmore was starting though, isn't he Wilder's preferred starter in the league and has only one good leg? I can't believe the situation we are in, but I remain tentatively hopeful the backroom lads are going to pull something out of the bag, and that Wilder can get a steamer on.
  6. It seems we are more about the spirit in the dressing room and not engaging big earners at the moment.
  7. Disappointed with that, we definitely had the chances to win it, the same can't be said of WB. A half decent centre forward would compensate for some of our other failings, but overall a positive start against a team that will be up there. Ryan Giles looks to be a good addition, lenihan too was mostly dominant, now can we invest the rest of the transfer money as wisely... UTB
  8. The lads are looking well up for this. Giles gets his cross in every time, but that time watmore papped his wabs as the keeper came out. We are making WB seem lethargic and disjointed, a great start to the season so far, keep it up the lads. Marcus who?
  9. Yes, we are already 0 GD and wouldn't have been last season.
  10. Yes Tav had a good season, but I can't remember him setting the heather alight with goals and assists. His set pieces need a lot of work also. Slightly disappointed with the fee, but really we just need to replace someone who covers a lot of ground. Tav's link up play and end result have been sporadic at best, an opportunity to improve imo. We certainly are leaving it late, but that's part of the excitement!
  11. They use them in amateur boxing to reduce intensity of impact on skull. When I was boxing it just meant you tried to punch them harder. But certainly an observable difference the day after between being punched on the head with and without one. Just anecdotal though. You've pointed out people objected to the halo, but there is no comparison. The halo did not change how F1 is raced. The halo was the addition of some safety equipment not a change of the laws of the game. Not sure of your point: People argued against the Halo which works, but you are arguing against a helmet because yo
  12. And I've just quoted myself. Hopefully my ability to discuss comes across better than my ability to use this forum...
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