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  1. you can contact people outside the box till the cows come home, inside the box contact is also allowed. The initial contact was not a foul and was outside the box. if that was all that happened play would have continued. inside the box however the contact ramped up to foul level and Jones went down. you would never give a free kick or foul for the contact outside the box' if so games would stop all the time. The issue isnt when the contact started but where the foul occured. great play by jones to win the peno as he stayed up despite light co
  2. Sterling and Shaw are so poor yet they got 90mins each. Poor all over the pitch though and so slow. On that display we will get ripped a new one by any of the big boys.
  3. I'm so happy to read considered opinions on the subject, i must admit I've been lazy and only getting my boro chat from the Gazette website comments sections recently which are jam packed with very very dubious posts about politics and Marxism and subverting everything that is english by taking the knee. I'm very interested to see what happens, if an england player scores then takes the knee. The perma outraged booing mob will be conflicted and so I'm sure it's going to happen. Reading comments here has restored my faith fair play to oneboro, I will not stray again...
  4. still no mention of any names, and Sunderland have a bigger fanbase.
  5. cool idea that keeps being repeated variously, but no suggestions to the question of who will buy us? they would need to be happy not making any profit, (which probably isnt how they got to have a lot of money in the first place). for boro to have a new owner more has to happen than many suggesting it happens on message boards. a) gibson has to want to sell b) someone with enough cash has to want to buy. until then, dream on.
  6. that is no guarantee of improvement sadly. so many questions, who would buy us and not run it as a business to ultimately take money out? Most people who could afford to buy, would not do so to sink money into it, unless another mad and rich boro fan.
  7. Did he sign Braithwaite? TP couldnt get a tune out of him but he's 1-2ing with the best now. The recruitment pays too high wages but it's the manager recruitment that's been letting us down. NW is a legend, gutted he's so old, Houlier just bought it and not much older than Neil. Hopefully Warnock will live forever and give boro a few more good years to get the foundations built that TP keeps trying to take credit for (which he didnt do at all) .
  8. Thanks SD, I always read here for the latest boro news, for some reason I feel the need to post these days... no idea why...! think it's the feeling of being on a driverless bus heading towards the precipice.. oh lordy.
  9. here's a question; is there some kind of weird advantage to be gained from dropping a division, I mean it seems like gibbo actually WANTS us to go down? the only thing I can think of is losing high earning players, but most of those have contracts ending anyway. someone tell gibbo ffs, not sure he's worked it out. and wooggate shouldn't take the blame for the problems he inherited, does that mean tonpullisball was a waste of time and he streamlined sweet fa in his time here? Jesus wept.
  10. If gibbo did sell then - apart from Red Bull - who is a likely buyer? Would a wealthy investor see Boro as a way of making money, ie a good investment or would they be doing it as a hobby? Probably an investment but what happens if they lost money? their profit margin would be their primary concern so unless they felt they could get us to be successful quickly they would see boro as an asset they could slice up. How much are we worth at the moment, how much would gibbo want to sell for? if he has invested as much cash of his own in there as we are expected to believe it will be
  11. Woodgate is in the middle of a period of intense self reflection if you believe the Gazette, I wonder what this long hard look at himself will reveal. i agree he's been hampered by the transfer policy which is a complete joke, we constantly fail to get good players and misuse the good ones we do manage to sign. it's looking seriously ropey, gibbo seems to not care so much, but why when the investment into the stadium means surely he wants to see it full. perhaps relegation will being clever incentives from the club - school kids free, over 60s free, 10 or 20
  12. I hope we make a profit on Randolph, I know we take a hammering in most of our bizniss but surely we have increased the boro black kojak's stock?
  13. on the plus side if it is Woodgate we stand a good chance of securing Downing's future...
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