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  1. See Sheffield successfully appealed their points deduction. 6 instead of 12. Wigan must feel hard done by. Different circumstances i know but still seems so inconsistent
  2. Jesus give your head a shake man. Narrowly avoid relegation last season. Mid table is what we can expect. You seem to think we are going to be challenging for promotion. We'll lose plenty more before end of season. Can't beat whinging boro supporters who think we deserve more than we are actually capable of after the 1st game- away to a team that was PL just a few short weeks ago. New manager, new team wanting to impress at home
  3. Its day one. Against an ex PL. 1st game still 3 weeks of transfer left. We held our own minus one error. UTB
  4. So to the ITK guy who said the Gibson deal was done you was wrong.
  5. Why do you think Warnock has anything to do with it. Be his uncle pulling the strings on this one.
  6. Shows what i know....zero
  7. Bet it get over turned and applied to next season. Saves any chance of being sued because of the sheff points deduction mess
  8. Wolves want 135 mil for traore...hope we had a sell on clause
  9. Said it before. Woodgate will be back as manager or assistant manager and Gibson will say he made an unfair appointment with Woodgate and it was too much to ask of a young manager. He feels responsible so Woodgate will work along side Warnock.
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