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  1. Was reading on social media how its a shame for woodgate that he has been screwed over by Gibson and not given support. I disagree, there is no way that guy has taken a job and not been aware of the situation regarding player signings the ability to complete. He had a summer of signing lower division players and still had the belief he could manage on that. If it was true he was promised this and that and wasn't, walk away and tell it how it is. I believe he knew the situation and was to naive to understand the size of the task. I dare say he isn't short of a bob or two and doesn't need the job for the money side. He needs to take his share of the blame- we've been crap long before the injuries
  2. There are other clubs with no history to speak off who have been taken over by large money bag owners. Charlton the latest...yes i know its a London club- but just an example that buyers are out there. I wouldn't under estimate our standing in the world esp during the Rav and juninho days which raised our profile on the world stage.
  3. Dreading work on Monday..all leeds supports. I hate this 'well no one expected us to win' attitude. We're such a poor side.
  4. We haven't turned any corner and nothing has changed....
  5. Shows the state of our game when we are so nervous about throwing away a win to the bottom club in this league who we narrowly and undeserved win. Its a false dawn
  6. You know things are bad when there's hardly any comments on the actual game
  7. I'd have Pulis back if it meant we stayed in this league
  8. We will struggle to out of the bot 3. We won't attract new players or even a decent manager. We'er buggered
  9. I think it wasn't so much the money with Jorden it was the fact that in his opinion fans didn't realise how difficult it was to run a club and some decisions had to be taken without fans understanding of why but harping on about the glory days so to speak. With Gibson its the same. For as long as I can recall with Gibbo in charge we have had expectations of promotions, cup finals, top players and challenging at the top end of leagues because that is what we were use to and of course that should be the aim for all clubs. At some point the expectation can not be met and have to restructure just to survive which is Boro. Gibson has made some shocking decisions over those same seasons but he's also made some fantastic ones. AS Jorden said those good ones are soon forgotten when things don't go to plan and you soon become the no 1 person to blame but as he also said the Fans are the club and they have to be heard. If that means bitterly walking away then so be it.
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