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  1. How many teams will now have the chance to get injured players back. Relagation and promotions may have a very different outcome..apart from the PL winners
  2. Its not 3 or 4 wins needed. What is needed is those wins and for those around us to lose more than we do. Pointless winning all 10 remaining games if those other win too...( unlikely i know but still)
  3. Think Woodgate will walk if we lose. Gibson saves face by not sacking him after stating he backed him and in Secret he's paid him off.
  4. well he's going nowhere....least not today. Delusional
  5. Oh how we laughed when Sunderland went down. Could never happen to us. Stable ownership, invests own money loves the club. Big players........well we're not laughing now
  6. Keep saying this. our winning streak began when Warnock was here “helping” out and ended once he left I assume. All those who think relegation would be good thing look at Sunderland, and we are far smaller.
  7. serious question. Did our winning run coincide with the rumoured Neil Warnock helping out? And since he left back to normal or am i getting wrong?
  8. I still don't see the building of a team for next season. We are still very inconsistent- bad more often than not. Our reputation has been built on defense and now that seems to be the only constant we can rely on...poor.
  9. nigel pearson.......missed opportunity there i think. However poor old Woody just going 2 steps forward then 5 back..a run of 5 good games and now it seems that confidence has gone again since the spurs game. It just cant seem to get it right..injuries aside.
  10. Does anyone know if Warnock is or is not helping out? If not good on Woody.. UTB
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