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  1. If derby had been boro we would have got hammered
  2. 10 more and they might be safe. I can see them getting them too
  3. If swansea can get a winner and other scores stay same be a good final day
  4. Good result and practically sends them down..UTB. Rooonies days must be numbered at Derby
  5. Really? Defending it? So it's OK then because is was only sarcasm..Racist to even depends it
  6. No...it was racist and shouldn't be up for debate. Sorry it's wrong, not funny. Not a joke
  7. Sorry that comment was not right, regardless of how it was meant. Its the reason why BLM exsist and racist
  8. Wow...bad comment..2 black guys??? So they all look a like. Super rasict comment
  9. Can I just say and I know I shouldn't but with nothing to play for I wouldn't mind a rotheram win...would love to see Derby go down the cheating gits...plus I don't like shrek
  10. I hate that Woodgate is getting results. I feel so betrayed
  11. Not to worry. Sky says deserved point, still in with a chance but its all about next season now
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