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  1. Oh well it could be worse. We could be 4 down. Why did we ever get rid of that forward thinking manager Woodgate. He is tremendous at Bournemouth
  2. Good result. Very close in this league for several teams..never seen it so tight. Utb
  3. 1st time I've said or thought this but maybe Warnock isn't the guy for us. Done well but maybe this is one club too far. UTB
  4. Merson " brilliant save there, well actually just a save'
  5. Still looked like keeper could have done better.
  6. I'm hearing a strong rumour that AK has been sacked. ( the guy who drives the TNT wagon from Birmingham way- his mates texting him)
  7. We Still have Keith Lamb too
  8. Reading the Birmingham threads they absolutely hate AK with a passion. An 8% win rate since arriving. Not beaten anyone in bottom 5. Only beat boro and I quote due to a "covid" hit/recovering squad. Odds on to go down, can't see where next win is coming from. Unable to change tactics when required. All sounds too familiar.
  9. Different subject but Birmingham are now 3 point clear of the drop zone. Surely that's the end of the road for karanka. Doesn't seem to be able to achieve elsewhere.
  10. If we are looking at Mendez Laing, and as reported he is keen to join up with NW then surely that tells me if he signs a permeant deal that NW will be manager next season!
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