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  1. would anyone take Andy Carroll, he's got to come good at some point, still only 32. ( god I thought he must 60 by now)
  2. I dont understand why the group winners play 2nd placed team. Surely the reward should be against 3rd place for winning the group
  3. It has come out, told you all yesterday it was a done deal. Just not Out out
  4. Lol just seen same on FB too now. So a few people now
  5. From my mate who got it from a sale rep earlier this evening. Signing on a free.
  6. bolasie deal done. Joins 1st july 2 year deal
  7. To be fair we spent £10 mil on Rhodes- Fail £15 mil on Britt-fail (ish) £7 mil on Fletcher- fail £6 mil Gesteed--fail £3 mil on Akpom-Fail So at least our striker fails are getting cheaper...
  8. If derby had been boro we would have got hammered
  9. 10 more and they might be safe. I can see them getting them too
  10. If swansea can get a winner and other scores stay same be a good final day
  11. Good result and practically sends them down..UTB. Rooonies days must be numbered at Derby
  12. Really? Defending it? So it's OK then because is was only sarcasm..Racist to even depends it
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