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  1. Think ollie golly will be an ex man u manager tomorrow Or maybe not
  2. unfortunately will gloss over a poor excuse for a side and Warnock will continue
  3. Did Wigan not use the Force Majeure Covid reason in their appeal and lost? So in my view its cannot possibly be reversed on those ground as the precedent has been set if as expected it is on COVID grounds.
  4. Thought this was rather funny taken from Derby forum regarding Barcelona, basically taking the mick out of Derbys excuses
  5. Some of the Derby's conspiracy theories are amazing. 1. Gibson used Steve Mac to gather information on Derby while he was manager and consultant. 2. Steve Mac didn't play Bamford in Playoff against QPR to prevent him signing on a perm- then Bamford joins Boro following season. 3. Steve Mac managed Forest, and tipped boro off regarding Assomberlonga ( Think that is more like sabotage). Bitter seems too weak a word. I wonder how much might be true-Agent McClaren
  6. Just got home forgot it was an early KO. Its all gone Pete Tong. Time for a big change and we need to stop worrying about derby as at this rate they be over taking us. How ironic if Derby and Boro are relegated or worse Derby survive we dont
  7. Well thats Derby in Admin, - 12 points and with another 9 at least to follow
  8. we owe so much to Warnock but his tactics are too outdated,,, UTB
  9. Oh well....long gone are days when boro winning or losing would impact on my mood. That kind of love has been long gone unfortunatly as i believe many other fans feel the same loss.....UTB
  10. Currently sat in the riverside carpark and can confirm ive just seen me dad. At 71 im sure NW will play him
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