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  1. Right off out. Back for the next manager and transfer threads..
  2. I wonder if Wilder has had his head turned and an agreement to keep everything quite so not to derail the boro play off chance and he's off on the summer.... Let the Rumour mill and ITK begin
  3. While I know the players are pants but surely Wilder needs to take some responsibility. We should have been well up for this
  4. To be fair we should never of been in a position of needing results to go our way. We threw away our chances with poor recent performances.
  5. For what it's worth Luton all over Reading so don't think we can count on that result I'm afraid
  6. 5 this could really damage lutons chances and confidence Pressure is on them
  7. Mcgree is fantastic for me in FM22 and looks like the game wasn't too far from fact
  8. Great result for Derby. It goes on still think 9 points from 12 is too much. Fighting all the way. Fulham was shocking makes our result even more annoying
  9. After the comments made previously on social media by Kirchner, regardless of how long ago I cannot see how he can pass the fit and proper test. When players including our own are being punished for remarks made on their social media accounts when they were so young. How can an owner then be appointed to do the same?
  10. Barnsley were always going to go for it, we traditionally struggle against low, expected to win teams. Doesnt help we gifted them 2. This season was always lets just see what happens. Next season is the one to watch..UTB
  11. Think the honeymoon period is over. Some odd player picks, must be a contract claus. Goal keeper is a liability and needs dropping. Sack the manager...( joke before i get kicked)
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