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  1. Bet it get over turned and applied to next season. Saves any chance of being sued because of the sheff points deduction mess
  2. Wolves want 135 mil for traore...hope we had a sell on clause
  3. Said it before. Woodgate will be back as manager or assistant manager and Gibson will say he made an unfair appointment with Woodgate and it was too much to ask of a young manager. He feels responsible so Woodgate will work along side Warnock.
  4. Oh well that's the season over. Thank god. Looking forward to seeing the changes for the new season.. utb
  5. I'm worried....this night could make or break my marriage.
  6. Huddersfield have someone lined up already. Probably Pearson
  7. I can't believe we've not won at home this year. Thats got to be the worse boro run of all time
  8. No way would Woodgate have got us out of this. Late coming in but Warnock has to take some credit....as does Gibbo, tiny little tiny bit
  9. Just looked at me tea leafs and they are telling me we will see a win here. For either the boro or reading. Also a stray leaf staying draw....spooky
  10. We need to stop living in the past. Karanka is not coming back and some have short memories of his time here. Walking out on the club in a crucial season and failing in the PL. I suggest some go back and read the threads on how bad he was and we wanted him gone. We are what we are, low championship team who may or may not be relegated. We were lucky to get Warnock.
  11. I know we worry about our form, but there are several teams above us in serious danger of continuing to free fall. All 3 of the bottom haven't been cast aside, its all to play for still.
  12. Great win. Lets hope hull and wigan get beat and things suddenly looking up..UTB
  13. i'm at work, on a Wednesday and the Boro are playing a 3pm kick off which means my drives home will be even more depressing than normal.
  14. Just been reading on the sheff wed forum, they seem to think they won't be given a points deduction until they are safe from relegation and then given a small deduction that still keeps them up. If they are given a deduction that sees them in the bottom and relegated they will appeal the punishment and that could continue for months to come meaning the league cannot arrange the next seasons fixtures They also dislike Gibbo for obvious reasons and would love to relegate us on the last day of the season.
  15. I think its false, the information i was given just makes no sense to me- but the reason i've repeated it is that nothing that this club do makes any sense anymore.
  16. I've been told that the reason Woodgate is still at the club is that he has only lost the managers job on a temp basis. If we go down there are plans to give him the job again with a complete rebuild and a plan to return to PL as Sheffield did. If we stay up it will be woodgate with an experienced side kick or DOF. Gibson still believes Woodgate has the potential. The person who told me this is friends with a manager at sports management company and deals with someone at the club..non player. Might be ***....but wouldn't surprise me
  17. If we drop down its an opportunity for Gibson to put us into adminstration
  18. Good line up. Looks like we're going for it
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