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  1. Gutted to miss the game because of the storm knocking our the electricity but from the highlights we looked class, that second watmore goal is a thing of beauty.
  2. yours may not have been but plenty of people have been acting in a similar way with no hint of irony. The fact that our fans can't see this as a long term appointment just sums up our last few years.
  3. after that first five minutes we've been playing some lovely stuff, really happy to see the progress already.
  4. You've got to give it to pulis for being willing to just be honest every press conference. Gutting that Braithwaite still wants to go. He's been alot more professional than Ramirez though. I'm just hoping we can spring a surprise in the loan window since none of the names linked seem to be the cure to our ills.
  5. Lazy journalism for me, we already have a striker who looks good half the time.
  6. There is no point changing the manager, we've been boring under 4 managers in a row and changing the manager again would just bring more upheavel and likely result in us losing alot more games anyway. People complain about it being "pulisball" like we were some amazing attacking team under monk that won 4-3's all day when we were boring under him and just conceded alot more. If we actually make good signings for once we'd probably be alot more entertaining than simply being traore and the other 10 waiting for him to do something. and yeah I'll be renewing my season ticket regardless.
  7. The state of football these days when a manager is already getting called on to be sacked after half a season in which he made it into the playoffs with a team that isn't his.
  8. I mean apart from digger who has a deity as their source, I wouldn't take anyone's word for it on a forum until the team sheet is released. Randolph is in goal tonight though. You only know that because your source told you that Dimi is starting up front. alongside slaven, with merson in the hole.
  9. the ref for the home leg is andrew madley, but the really amazing news is the away leg we've got riverside mike dean so we've pretty much won lads.
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