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  1. I don't often post here as I prefer to lurk. Have to say the persecution of Juninho23 is troubling. Some of you lambasting him need to take a good look at yourselves.
  2. Make sure you claim for petrol on expenses!
  3. I think David Bentley runs him close.
  4. And it's why I very rarely post here. Some folk are just not happy unless they are creating mischief.
  5. I certainly think the work permit application would hold up a formal signing but international clearance wouldn't. International clearance would only prevent a player actually playing, not signing for a club.
  6. https://www.instagram.com/p/CYbs2cQsuNZ/?utm_medium=copy_link
  7. And that is why I never get picked for the quiz team 🤣
  8. In fairness to the Manics they said "Everything Must Go" which sounds more like a firesale to me. 🤣
  9. Easy for you to say 'from a distance'. Some of us have spent a fortune on season tickets and are not particularly happy to write off this season and next.
  10. Checks calendar. It's the middle of October Neil.
  11. The original tweet doesn't say it's off. It says "Turnaround in the case. It is not said at all that the Rennais will join England eventually ... track in Spain still active"
  12. "Not yet done for James Léa-Siliki at Middlesbrough. There could be a turnaround. Discussions are stuck today on some points."
  13. I've never thought we use our ex players enough for transfer targets. Imagine MvB getting calls from Bolo, George, Reiziger etc. It would have some sway surely.
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