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  1. The rules around free transfers state that clubs will be due compensation for any player aged 24 or under who is offered equivalent or improved terms, but chooses to turn them down to move elsewhere.
  2. "But what kind of midfielder would Boro be getting in Payero? It's interesting to note the tactics used by manager Javier Sanguinetti. Setting out in a 4-1-4-1 formation, Payero would often play as the right-sided central midfielder in that midfield three." Does that actually make sense?
  3. Yes, presumably it's less straightforward because he may have been offered more money elsewhere.
  4. Sky just reporting now that Burnley, West Brom, Watford, Stoke & Swansea are all interested in Watmore. Agent talk?
  5. The 3 deal sheets mentioned only relate to PL club incomings not outgoings.
  6. Well I can beat Nketiah. We're only bloody signing Raheem Sterling as our wideman!
  7. We may have an option on his contract remember. He may do well for Dinamo and therefore acquire a value in the meantime.
  8. PsychFur


    Thanks tmcc I think what this shows is that both Middlesbrough and Stockton have taken disproportionately high numbers of asylum seekers rather than taking in the 'majority'. Other authorities take 'more' but we take more per head of local population. I have to say it doesn't impact on me so I'm not necessarily concerned by it however I would like to hear the concerns of Teessiders who feel it does impact on their daily lives and why.
  9. PsychFur


    Is there a link to this tmcc?
  10. I'd like to see a table representing the net effect i.e. incomings minus outgoings. That would paint a truer picture.
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