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  1. I wonder if the Mowatt signing paves the way for Boyd-Munce to go out on loan 🤔
  2. Just sat here waiting for Burnley to come in for him 🤣
  3. Who is having a pop at fellow fans? Those words are not quoted in the EG article so for all intents and purposes CW did not say those words. I post infrequently here and tend to lurk hoping to pick up transfer information. One thing I have learned is that some posters such as yourself seem to 'rule the roost' and what you say goes. It's not healthy.
  4. If I was a local a journalist and the manager definitely said 'marquee signing' I'd certainly quote it. But the EG journo didn't which leads me to think that CW didn't utter those words at all.
  5. Erm, that's exactly what I'm saying. It's an EG quote, not one from CW.
  6. And here's the Gazette article to back you up. https://www.gazettelive.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/wilder-middlesbrough-transfers-big-name-24296619
  7. Not sure where the £12m valuation has come from. I've read elsewhere that they're after €10m.
  8. Understand what you're saying there Riverside but I don't think the club ever considered our coffers would be swelled by upwards of £24m this summer.
  9. Appreciate there's a gap in the two club's valuation of Larsen but longer term the player could have a very good resale value. You'd think we need to do a deal sharpish before another club nips in.
  10. I'm sure we done something similar with Duncan. Delayed signing him do we didn't need to pay him a month's wage or something like that.
  11. Every player gets played out of position, or dropped, at some point in their career. That's not being treated badly. And I don't categorise criticism on here or on twitter as evidence that he was treated badly by the club. That's just ridiculous.
  12. Folk stating with some certainty that Spence was treated badly both by the club and Neil Warnock. Is there any evidence to back this up?
  13. An Irish newspaper has three clubs in for Parrott but not us. https://m.sundayworld.com/sport/soccer/three-clubs-chasing-troy-parrott-as-antonio-conte-ponders-his-future/965000603.html
  14. I don't often post here as I prefer to lurk. Have to say the persecution of Juninho23 is troubling. Some of you lambasting him need to take a good look at yourselves.
  15. And it's why I very rarely post here. Some folk are just not happy unless they are creating mischief.
  16. I certainly think the work permit application would hold up a formal signing but international clearance wouldn't. International clearance would only prevent a player actually playing, not signing for a club.
  17. https://www.instagram.com/p/CYbs2cQsuNZ/?utm_medium=copy_link
  18. And that is why I never get picked for the quiz team 🤣
  19. In fairness to the Manics they said "Everything Must Go" which sounds more like a firesale to me. 🤣
  20. Easy for you to say 'from a distance'. Some of us have spent a fortune on season tickets and are not particularly happy to write off this season and next.
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