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  1. I think David Bentley runs him close.
  2. And it's why I very rarely post here. Some folk are just not happy unless they are creating mischief.
  3. I certainly think the work permit application would hold up a formal signing but international clearance wouldn't. International clearance would only prevent a player actually playing, not signing for a club.
  4. https://www.instagram.com/p/CYbs2cQsuNZ/?utm_medium=copy_link
  5. And that is why I never get picked for the quiz team 🤣
  6. In fairness to the Manics they said "Everything Must Go" which sounds more like a firesale to me. 🤣
  7. Easy for you to say 'from a distance'. Some of us have spent a fortune on season tickets and are not particularly happy to write off this season and next.
  8. Checks calendar. It's the middle of October Neil.
  9. The original tweet doesn't say it's off. It says "Turnaround in the case. It is not said at all that the Rennais will join England eventually ... track in Spain still active"
  10. "Not yet done for James Léa-Siliki at Middlesbrough. There could be a turnaround. Discussions are stuck today on some points."
  11. I've never thought we use our ex players enough for transfer targets. Imagine MvB getting calls from Bolo, George, Reiziger etc. It would have some sway surely.
  12. I think the suggestion is that some of the players coming in are not Warnock's signings. So the question is a matter of trust. Does Warnock trust these signings and also the direction the club wishes to go in?
  13. I would like to think that Warnock simply doesn't want to increase the lad's profile by talking about a deal and risk another club coming in at the last minute. But unfortunately I don't think that is the case. He's clearly irked with the appointment of Kieran Scott as Head of Football and the fact that the club is looking for players who can make an impact long after Warnock's final season is concluded. It's going to be an interesting few months 'off the pitch' that's for sure.
  14. Ooh. https://lc.nl/sport/Mitchell-van-Bergen-krijgt-met-Middlesbrough-mogelijk-zijn-vurig-gewenste-transfer-26994639.html Mitchell van Bergen can continue his career in England. Middlesbrough is interested in the SC Heerenveen wing attacker. Van Bergen can sign a multi-year contract with the club that currently plays in the Championship - a level below the Premier League. With Middlesbrough, Van Bergen may get his fervently desired transfer. The English club took four points from the first two competition matches. The 21-year-old Van Bergen came over from Vitesse three seasons ago. E
  15. The rules around free transfers state that clubs will be due compensation for any player aged 24 or under who is offered equivalent or improved terms, but chooses to turn them down to move elsewhere.
  16. "But what kind of midfielder would Boro be getting in Payero? It's interesting to note the tactics used by manager Javier Sanguinetti. Setting out in a 4-1-4-1 formation, Payero would often play as the right-sided central midfielder in that midfield three." Does that actually make sense?
  17. Yes, presumably it's less straightforward because he may have been offered more money elsewhere.
  18. Sky just reporting now that Burnley, West Brom, Watford, Stoke & Swansea are all interested in Watmore. Agent talk?
  19. The 3 deal sheets mentioned only relate to PL club incomings not outgoings.
  20. Well I can beat Nketiah. We're only bloody signing Raheem Sterling as our wideman!
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