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    Thanks tmcc I think what this shows is that both Middlesbrough and Stockton have taken disproportionately high numbers of asylum seekers rather than taking in the 'majority'. Other authorities take 'more' but we take more per head of local population. I have to say it doesn't impact on me so I'm not necessarily concerned by it however I would like to hear the concerns of Teessiders who feel it does impact on their daily lives and why.
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    Is there a link to this tmcc?
  3. I'd like to see a table representing the net effect i.e. incomings minus outgoings. That would paint a truer picture.
  4. And today Grant, his partner and their newborn are loving it at Rockliffe Hall. The Gazette story is a complete smokescreen designed to distract.
  5. Yes but only with the benefit of hindsight, come on! Look I think we share the same admiration for Aitor and what he done for us but even after acknowledging that the club let him down badly in the transfer market (both summer and winter) he'd simply backed himself into a corner with some outrageous public statements.
  6. His position was simply untenable. His criticism of the fans, the staff and the club were all carried in public which was unprofessional and unacceptable. Nobody knew who would go on to manage the team after he left so I'm not exactly sure why you are referencing his successors in an attempt to determine who we would have been better off with. Some of my best times following the team in recent years were when Aitor was at the helm and we've had nobody better since. That doesn't mean to say that it wasn't right to let him go at that time.
  7. In my opinion Aitor was 'working his ticket' during that January transfer window. It was if he was actually begging to be sacked. If you recall he had a go at the fans after the West Ham home game, he publicly criticised the physiotherapy team, he lashed out at the recruitment team and the club for not getting the signings he'd been asking for 'since one and a half months ago' (his words). In a tv interview after his departure Steve Gibson remarked it was a relief to Aitor and he'd been put out of his misery (or words to that effect). The prospect of him seeing out the season with re
  8. You might get a paragraph out of it as far as Pulis goes. As long as a player worked 'aaaared' he got in the team. Tactics was an afterthought.
  9. I'll tell you a little story. The night before the play-off final we stayed in the Watford Hilton. I was surprised to find many Norwich fans staying there also. It turns out that it took them as long to get to Watford from Norwich as it did me from Teesside. Geographically, Norwich is in a hellish place 🤣
  10. Good God he'll be traumatised for the first 3 months of the season 😁
  11. I know it's a highlights video but what's not to like 😁 Pace, power, left foot, right foot, headers, pennas.
  12. I think what is being overlooked here with Karanka is that he was clearly working his ticket and had been for some time. To me it was a clear case of wanting to be sacked and some of his public utterances essentially 'encouraged' Steve Gibson to do just that. He spoke of his frustration with transfer targets; "I gave them my list one and a half months ago and here we are one week to go and nothing" or words to that effect. He fell out with the fans, players, coaches, the medical staff, the Chief Exec. and finally the Chairman. Who can forget is indignant reaction to the crowd chanting 'attack,
  13. Well he's not going anywhere and neither is Woodgate according to this. https://www.gazettelive.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/steve-gibson-exclusive-middlesbroughs-relegation-17841031.amp
  14. After the Leeds game the BBC Tees guy said something along the lines of 'Steve Gibson is always welcome to come on the station to speak to the fans'. Something like that anyway but I sensed that invitations had been made in the past but not taken up.
  15. I remember 3 or 4 seasons ago the club did trial a couple of nice Theakstons beers in one of the North Stand concourse pop-up bars. Both were part of the 'season card free pint' deal but the trial wasn't continued for whatever reason.
  16. Call me picky but the spelling of Forest is incorrect in the topic title 😆
  17. He'd walk straight back in to Liverpool's set up surely. You know, where he was so highly regarded.
  18. Oh dear George. He must be set for the knackers yard.
  19. From December 2007:- Steve Gibson has turned the knife on Steve McClaren by insisting he is happier to have Gareth Southgate in charge at Middlesbrough. The Middlesbrough chairman launched a scathing attack on the former England head coach. He said: "If Steve said to me the grass is green, I would go out and check. He can be charming but he had this streak of ambition that was absolutely bloody ruthless. "You can't go through life trying to achieve your ambitions at the expense of others. "We shake hands when we meet but he's never been back since he left and he's not
  20. Why would Britt go to Burnley to try and push through a deal to Forest? 😁
  21. Boro's will be 3rd Party, Fire & Theft no doubt 😂
  22. I recall, for a very short period period admittedly, Boro did publish transfer fees when they were permitted to i.e. the selling/buying club did not object. This was more to spite/correct the Evening Gazette more than anything.
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