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  1. I recall, for a very short period period admittedly, Boro did publish transfer fees when they were permitted to i.e. the selling/buying club did not object. This was more to spite/correct the Evening Gazette more than anything.
  2. The number of times a Fulham player has kicked the ball away after we've been awarded a free kick is astonishing. No sanction from the ref on any occasion 😡
  3. Did he not score a header away to Brentford last season?
  4. And if Dijksteel had have been fit? Just confirms what a shocking summer transfer window we had.
  5. He's injured apparently and I think the day has passed when clubs were concerned about buying cup-tied players.
  6. It's a fair point though. You do hear stories where players have said they're desperate to go here or there to get some playing time but are they desperate enough to forego part of their salary, even on a temporary basis i.e. 6 months? Would the player put pressure on his agent to not request a facilitation fee? I'm not criticising Ben here but first and foremost he must look at his career and wonder what went wrong when he sees the likes of Keane and Tarkowski regularly called into the National squad.
  7. Think my radar needs its batteries replacing 😁
  8. Not necessarily his last Uwe but almost certainly his last lucrative contract.
  9. Listening to Woodgate's post-match interview on Tees he was definitely sending a message to the powers that be to tie Howson down to a new contract.
  10. Erling Braut Haaland has signed for Borussia Dortmund 😮
  11. They don't have a huge squad. Certainly not comparable to the size and depth of City's. This makes their achievements even more admirable and if they're currently not firing on all cylinders I'd hate to be the opposition when they do click.
  12. That's not true either. He used an Etch-A-Sketch.
  13. There is one person to blame and that is Steve Gibson. He's taken his eye off the ball. He's lost interest in MFC. He's preoccupied with supporting his 'mates' in the Tory Party to the detriment of MFC. RIP Boro
  14. DZ I rarely post here but I view it often. My impression of you is that you must wake up every morning with the sole intention of having an argument on this board and over quite trivial things I may add.
  15. Zonal marking or man marking means nothing to us. As free a header as you'll see this weekend. Fry flat-footed, deep in his own 6 yard box.
  16. But Gibbo 'grieved' when TP left although he'd left us in a fantastic place. Woody owes everything to TP and was equally devastated when he left. Woody's son needed counselling when 'uncle Tony' left. This cannot be the same person who 'broke' players surely?
  17. He's possibly been reading some psychology books or taking advice about not dwelling on a poor result/performance. I suspect he'll be giving quite a few more similar post-match interviews this season.
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