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  1. If only we had a few player signings pencilled in for THIS summer.
  2. The thing is Randy I get the feeling you'll be doing that alone.
  3. I don't often post on here but Randy Sandwich you do come across as a vvanker of the absolute highest order.
  4. And at the same time we've increased the cost of season cards for our loyal, long suffering fanbase.
  5. What was Woodgate actually doing at Liverpool for him to be so highly regarded and who was he highly regarded by?
  6. I didn't read any interviews in which Steve Gibson said we had no money. However he did say, “Over the past 18 months Tony has been proactive, not only in the ambition to win football matches and promotion to the Premier League, but also in addressing our financial position in order to comply and respect the Championship Fair Play criteria. He has ensured that the club is stable and strong for the future. He leaves us in excellent condition."
  7. As of 1st July he'll be earning precisely £0. At the age of 31 he may have no option but to accept whatever is offered to him.
  8. If they're not transfers D.Z. I'll be delighted. Might even get one to take on my jollys ?
  9. Hey smart*** there are further close up shots on Hummel's twitter feed. Angled shots accentuating the difference in texture between the white and red.
  10. It looks good but all of the white markings look suspiciously like they are vinyl stick ons.
  11. Probably the reason that Kenyon is massively involved in the recruitment process. This makes me feel a bit better. In the run up to the 2017 General Election Steve Gibson sent a letter to all residents of the Stockton South constituency advocating the re-election of James Wharton. That told me everything about Gibson's judgement Boro related or not.
  12. Had you completed the emailed survey Will? The club sent me an email today with a linked survey asking for the reason(s) I hadn't renewed. I also said it was down to Tony Pulis. A further question asked what the club could do to get me back onside. Of course my answer is obvious! On the basis of your experience Will I'm fully expecting a phone call from Gibbo tomorrow :cheese:
  13. I always thought it was Vicks Vaporub I have seen players pour the water .. Vics you would put under the jersey and massage it into the skin, I guess ::D Someone give us the right logical answer! Yes it is Vick. They put it on the outside of their jersey as it helps clear the airways during the game.
  14. I thought that. Let down by his attitude here. Hope he’s one of those that needed to get away to realise their potential. Blackburn will have paid next to nothing for him and will more than likely have an option to extend on their terms.
  15. What leg work? Contacting Everton to see if he's available, contacting his agent to see if he's interested? After that what else are we likely to have done and Villa will have done exactly the same things as we have anyway. Brighton apparently wanted McNair but he's here not there. That's just how it goes sometimes. You've reminded me why I don't bother posting on here that often. Some people are not happy unless they're having an argument.
  16. Players are allowed to choose another club ahead of us. Yes, they can, but this is a player we've chased all summer, had as far as being at the *** club, and had stolen out at the last minute by some final minute interest from someone else. I don't think it really matters how much time you spend on a deal unfortunately. Granted he is free to choose whichever club comes in for him but you can't help thinking that it's us whov'e done all the leg-work on the deal only for Villa to pop up at the last minute.
  17. Have to say looking at the stadium planner it doesn't look like 30,000 tickets have been sold. I know Villa will be bringing significantly more fans than Bolton but there are still plenty of seats left in most areas for Boro fans.
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