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  1. It would appear that I am one of a small minority who actually saw him play. Undoubtedly one of the better keepers that have been regulars at Boro. Was he better than Pears? ....... possibly, maybe even probably - Jim Platt ? now that's a tricky one and the answer is maybe not. Schwarzer was also one of our better keepers and I always felt safe with these guys in goal Ugolini however was from an era when goalkeepers had to be much stronger. Shoulder charging a goalie into the net was perfectly acceptable in his day. His stories of battles with Trevor Ford, a***st others, is an interesting read but I never saw Tim Williamson although I'm told he was very good and his appearance record suggests that this is true
  2. I'd be devestated. We certainly wouldn't be playing Premier League football. I found your response interesting. I tend to assume that you think Morris is too young and Smallwood not good enough. I'm not sure I agree. All I would say is given another 2 years Morris ought to be in a completely different place. A***st his peer groups at the club he has been the "go-to" man when you are struggling to keep the ball. It was very apparent at the England u18 game that he has the same role with that team. Hence he should be he man for the ist team in that role in a year or two as he's now on the fringe of the u21 England squad. As a sub 18yo that is no mean achievement. Smallwood is almost a Laphroaig moment - you love him or hate him ! I saw him a year or three ago take apart the Man U midfield and control the reserve team game. He passes over 70 yards much better than most and he has his head up looking for the pass much sooner than others. The right coach will bring that out Hence I would not be quite so dismissive of their collective ability
  3. mcgannd

    v Everton u21

    The Boro won 1-0 through a goal in the first 10 minutes from Mc Carthy. and 10 minutes later he lifted the ball over the keeper but one of the Everton centre backs got back to clear as the ball bounced gently towards the empty net. There were a couple of other chances as Boro dominated and outplayed the Everton lads. I was very surprised at the ineffectiveness of the Everton team but balance that with an outstanding performance from Adam Jackson against their most potent attacking threat ( wearing a headband as he had 10 stitches in his head!). McAloon and McCarthy kept the defence busy and Mark Kitching made a valuable midfield contribution. Second half Everton made a couple of changes which mean that Jacko had no one to mark and slowly but surely they go into the game but persisted in playing to the left wing where Bradley Halliday gave a cracking performance at right back. With a bit more calmness in front of goal they could easily have equalised. They then brought on a couple of subs that added to their effectiveness but the defence held out and Leutwiler had little to do although there was one save that was essential. Having said all that Boro hit the angle of the post and crossbar with a header from a corner about half way through the second half two wins in two nights one at Rotherham for England and one for Boro at Southport leaves me with a good feeling so hopefully the Millwall fixture will give the first team a similar result. ...... and finally a congratulations to Bryn Morris for being tapped up for the u 21 squad
  4. as Morris has spent the last few weeks on the bench then the logical conclusion would be yes. Fewster has played most of the season for the u21s. I assume if he's playing England u 18 he's a club u 18 ( doesn't always follow) hence he has to be regarded as very promising and assuming he works hard then yes. He is not small but not particular large either. If he were to go 1st team now he would be too lightweight to cope with the big clumsy thugs masquerading as centre backs in the Championship. I hope that adequately answers your query
  5. There's a short description on the junior sectoin of this site but they both played ok. Morris perhaps took the eye rather more than Fewster as he had more of the ball
  6. I was at Rotherham last evening and the news about Richie Smallwood's new contract was filtering through. I was surrounded by Rotherham supporters who were a little disappointed that he'd decided to go back to Boro and fight for his place. They were not gutted nor were they highly delighted to see the back of him. Sounds like he has been good for them rather than ok With Bryn Morris running England's midfield are we to see Morris and Smallwood take over from Whitehead and Leadbitter in the next season or two. I don't think I'd be too upset if that were to be the case.
  7. last night Morris and Fewster both played 90 minutes for the England u 18 team against Germany. We won 2-1 and it was played at Rotherham in front of a crowd in excess of 9,000 Fewster ploughed the lone furrow that is the role of a Boro striker these days. He was unlucky right at the death to see the ball bounce out off the post as he tried hard to score England's third of the night. He worked fairly hard without much support up against two good German centre backs. Morris was the captain and ran the midfield for England. I was interested to see that he was often the player of choice for those England players who did not have another outlet. In fact it was often the case that he was playing in the centre of a back three as England started to build up another attack. Some of his passing was sublime and passes to the wingers particularly Kent (Everton) in particular was extraordinary in its vision and accuracy. The keeper was from Southend and there were no players from Man U, Chelski, ***nal or Liverpool. The two centre backs were from Reading and MK Dons
  8. There's been a debate about how good Steele is or how he has upset AK. I am wondering if this is what it is really all about Cast you minds back through the academy goalkeepers. I'm struggling to remember one of the first choice keepers who have not played for England at Age Group level. Turnbull, Steele, Ripley, Coddington and Fryer have all played. You have to conclude that the Academy is one of the best, if not the best, training ground for young English goalkeepers. Should we be crediting Steve Pears with this achievement ? It would seem a logical conclusion. We now have a new goalkeeping coach who seems to disagree with the England age group selectors and Steve Pears. Is it logical to question if Leo is getting it right or changing things for the sake of change I have always taken the comments on board that Steeley was an outstanding prospect and maybe a future England international. One now has to ask, is that correct? If it is are we allowing our current head coach and GK coach to decide that that is incorrect. Both sides of the fence cannot be correct
  9. Mark Kitching is a tall midfielder who is currently playing for the u 21s See reports on the games against the Manchester clubs. H e scored the goal against City at Hyde by picking up the ball in the centre circle and outpacing the central defenders. He covers the ground very well and has a good stride length which means that he appears to be moving slower than he actually is. I can easily see him fitting into the Karanka pressing game better than many of his peers
  10. Whilst Adomah's second was due to a defensive error. I was very impressed with Graham's peel off to the left. This left the centre back with a problem and whilst the split second of indecision was just that a split second Adomah was through. Excellent work The Well's goal was worth the admission money on its own. I could see from the stand the opportunity. How he saw it I don't know. He had only a small window of goal to aim at and to hit it exactly right was a remarkable achievement. Williams looked a different player. I do wonder if he is the number 10 we're all hoping Tomlin will be. He has always had the skill. His application has been inconsistent. Ledesma was frustrating. He is either very good and a match winner or falling over and claiming fouls left right and centre. Yesterday he was the latter. I found the match entertaining but that was partly due to the errors both sides perpetrated whilst displaying wonderful levels of individual skill and 4 goals to boot
  11. not a patch on Spam Fritters
  12. mcgannd

    u18 v Man City

    Whilst in theory he did poorly as his winger scored twice and he was the wrong side of the no9 on the first goal, that is not a fair reflection. I guessed he might be an u 16 as had not seen him before. He did not look out of place in this company The no 9 had come from nowhere and the goals were both during the "three pots in" period in the second half when were fighting a rearguard action. Etherington was under pressure all the time with a defender always at his back until Armstrong came on and he moved a little further back. A bit more space give him that little bit more time and he looked more creative.
  13. mcgannd

    u18 v Man City

    Of course it was !! .................. but they'd spelled it Etherington. I've no idea which is correct. Hetherington is the usual spelling but I did play Rugby with a bloke called Keith Etherington. You'd think I'd have remembered as when I saw it on the team sheet, I thought of Keith as he'd gone to University in Manchester and played rugby for Lymm. Sadly he died a couple of years back. Apologies to Mr (H) Etherington and yourself I'll put it down to age and stupidity particularly as it says Etherington on the "post it" note next to me. Well I can read it as that. My writing is appalling too
  14. Whilst most of you lads and lasses were getting ready to go to see the "big lads" at the Riverside I was stood at the side of the pitch at Platt Lane Manchester with some bright sushine but a stiff cool breeze. The young men were beaten 4-0 The side we put out was 1 Fryer 2 Wyke M. 5 Fry 6 Eldon 3 Coulson 4. Wheatley 7 Griffiths 8 Jowers 10 Johnson 11 Mondail 9 Emmerson I was scratching my head as there was no Helm, Tinkler or Cooke. It was only when I got home that I found out they were at Chelski getting beaten 1-0 as part of the u21s The under 16s were also in Manchester and winning 3-1 The game was fairly even for the first 20 minutes/ half an hour with little action at either end. then a left wing cross well over Fryer was being covered at the far post by Coulson when the muscular quick no 9 appeared form nowhere and scored. We did have a couple of attempts on goal and Jordan Jowers hit the post with a header. Fortunately no 3 Oseni who is a very broad defender was defending well getting the ball but his distribution was not great and it gave us a few opportunities to attack. However Emmerson and Mondial are not really big lads and the defenders they were against were large quick and aggressive. Nice to see Fry and Elsdon play the ball on the floor and do it well. Matthew Wyke had a very energetic game and was able to match the physicality of the Man City side. Unfortunately the City midfield particularly no6 Jack Byrne got on top and muffled the midfield. Wheatley matched force with force and eventually made the refs note book. Priestly Griffiths seemed to be struggling after a tackle in the first half. The second period became more and more of a rear guard action with the inevitable further goals Our best opportunity fell to Luke Armstrong who nipped in and did all the hard work rounded the keeper but got a poor angle from which to shoot and hit the side netting. City's no 11 Brendon Baker had a good shot and Fryer saved one deflected shot very well. He managed the dive of the day in the Boro penalty area which the ref waved away. I'd have given him 10 minutes on the naughty step for such a poor piece of acting
  15. Sorry if I've taken things off track with my recollections of Mannion and Clough. Your reference to Sunderland being a Bank of England club rings a vague bell but I cannot be more specific. It must be nigh on 50 years since Clough moved to Sunderland. Even my memory loses some of the peripheral detail over that period
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