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  1. The Athletic published a list of all the EPL players whose deal runs out in summer. Would you take any/are any realistic? *\*An asterisk means they are likely to re-sign, or are already pretty certain to have a club lined up\** **Arsenal**: Alexandre Lacazette, Eddie Nketiah, Mohamed Elneny\* **Aston Villa**: Ashley Young\*, Conor Hourihane **Brentford**: Christian Eriksen, Julian Jeanvier, Mathias ‘Zanka’ Jorgensen **Brighton**: Danny Welbeck\*, Pascal Gross\*, Alex Cochrane, Tudor Baluta, Lars Dendoncker **Burnley**: Ben Mee, James Tarkowski, Phil Bardsley, Erik
  2. Ebosele looks like a young Adama. Natural left sided attacking wing back. He probably should be one of our top targets after a keeper. Especially if we can get him on a free.
  3. After watching reading v p’boro I feel Derby will stay up comfortably this season. They have better players/quality and more fight than them two clubs put together. Young Ebosele at left wing back looks like he’s going places. Glad he was injured when we played them. He could be a good signing for us imo. Would Derby do business with us? 😅
  4. Thanks mate. This is helpful. I think we are in sync on most of this. It sounds like we have bigger allowable expenses figures than what I was estimating which is positive. I don’t know if the EFL has accounted for how difficult the 2023 submissions will be for most championship clubs. I would expect the clubs will need vote on another one off rule to make it visible. Hopefully we won’t need to worry about it as we will be getting premiership revenue money again 🤞
  5. Yep. It’s not going to look good for most clubs. £17m is our average for the two covid seasons. Take away the estimated £2mill for youth, training ground,etc costs we will be around £15m. If we lose £30 million over these next two submissions we will still be ok.
  6. Before 20/21 we lost Clayton, Friend, shotton, gestede, assombalonga, Ayala, Fletcher, Randolph and few others that would reduce or wage from £30 to £20mil or lower. We didn’t bring in any big earners during that time. We may have added one or two since(He’s slovenian). I’m predicting our current gates revenue will cover the current squad wages. We will still make a 6-7 million lost due to other expenses which Stevie G will kindly pick up being the legend that he is. I also don’t think we will have any concerns. Next accounts will be interesting(for me anyway)
  7. I noticed a lot of derby fans saying boro are in breach of P&S and it could be why Gibson is claiming against them. I think it’s complete nonsense but might be worth confirming. These Derby fans don’t seem to deal in facts. After all it’s Gibson fault they are in the situation they are in and nothing at all to do with Mel Morris. Anyway…Here is my understanding: The EFL adapted the rules last year, following a vote among the league’s 24 clubs, so the two Covid-impacted seasons of 2019/20 and 2020/21 are now taken as an average. So for last year’s P&S submission bo
  8. Happy New Year all you legends. Appreciate all the news, opinions, craic & scopes over the years. ps must be the first time I’ve logged in since 2011. See you all in 2031 🤪
  9. Bit of outgoing news. Don't know if it was mentioned or not. Celtic are close to agreeing terms on a Stewart Downing deal...this came from Dermot Desmond.
  10. He'll need to bulk up if he is to cope with the physical nature of English football Not really, he's 6ft 5 and weighs over 13 stone. I'd bet it's all muscle as well. I think what you mean is he'll have to learn to adapt to the physical nature of English football which offers less protection to goalkeepers than in the Spanish league he's used to Really? Jason Steele looks a lot bigger than him. Leo was saying in an interview he hasn't got the physical attributes that Dimi and Steele have too. I hope Mejias gets the nod over the other two tho
  11. He'll need to bulk up if he is to cope with the physical nature of English football
  12. This Clayton scenario is very similar to the Ross McCormack fiasco last year. Clubs agree fee, personal terms to be agreed, etc. Let's hope this isn't Claytons agent looking extra money for his client...his update on twitter earlier would suggest he's not a sure thing for the Boro
  13. Gazette reporting juke is away for £2.25 mil Yes please
  14. Real Murcia CF SAD announced that on Friday morning has reached an agreement in principle for the transfer of our player Enrique García, 'Kike', the English club Middlesbrough FC. Next week is expected to conclude the international transfer.
  15. We are signing Kike http://www.realmurcia.es/rm/principio-de-acuerdo-con-el-middlesbrough-fc-por-kike/
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