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  1. I'm a big Dijksteel fan however as a sellable asset I think he's the one who would make the most sense to go. Him, Crooks and Jones were really the key to our good run when Wilder first took over, and for a good few months after. Inevitably that got found out when our imbalance on the left was found out but I think a large part of that was also the amount of games at that intensity, especially for Jones and Crooks. However, I really agree about how good Dijksteel's recoveries are but I think a large part of that is how often he let a man go in the first place or was caught out of pos
  2. Been a few years since I've posted on here but still follow it every window and on and off all season. Think this summer is our biggest for a long time, a lot to build in since Wilder took over and some of the biggest calls to be made for a lot of years! I think some of the recent points hit the nail on the head regarding the biggest contradiction in idealism in modern day football. It's very easy to look at Brentford and where they are now and admire it, but it's also easy to be disassociated from it and assume they weren't gutted every time they sold a player who had done well
  3. I used watch Carayol play for Lincoln a couple of seasons ago, lads got a lot of potential and it's encouraging that over the last few seasons a lot of players are finding themselves able to make the step up from League 2 to the higher divisions (Lambert and Le Fondre being the two current best examples) and I would say he has the ability to go far. When he was at Lincoln he could be a bit frustrating- as much much as he could take players on his final product was often lacking- but he seems to be getting a lot better with that and his direct style is certainly exciting. He's a great option to
  4. Got to number 20 before i had to reply, otherwise i'd never stop. Ricard wasn't amazing but knew where the goal was. Also, yes he's in (or was in) jail but nothing to do with football and a controversial reason to boot. Stamp was actually alright, a trier rather that a brilliant player. Weirdly also the player Alen Boksic regarded as the 'best player he's played alongside' according to a Match magazine piece about ten years ago... Weird what your brain remembers! Folan was poor but was a loanee and rarely played. Kinder was alright and exciting in a very poor defence. Tavares was solid and pro
  5. Hi all, Just wrote my first in-season blog for Shoot magazine. Shoot is now an online magazine and gets a pretty varied reader base and still produce annuals and special editions on a regular basis. I'll be writing about Boro regularly throughout the campaign and feedback and debate is more than welcome. As the season goes on the blogs will be more precise and more focused- as blogs should be! Anyway, I hope it's a good read and don't hesitate to let me know what you think: http://www.shoot.co.uk/news/latest_article/C49/championship/boro_ready_to_build
  6. Got to go for Emnes and Smallwood although Haliday could be in for a shout. I have to say though I don't get the Franks hype. I don't think he'll ever be more than a good league one player and to be honest although I obviously hope I'm wrong
  7. I think it would depend on who it was, i think i'd be fine as long as it wasn't Shearer, I don't think he has the bottle for management, couldn't crack it at Newcastle and turned down the Cardiff job because it wasn't going to be easy. By all means settle for life as a pundit but be honest about it! I think as a manager he'd have the scare factor that Keane has but, like Keane, would take it too far.
  8. I think Smallwood and Williams, I agree with a few on here and just don't think Franks is cut out at this level. I think he'll move and have a decent career with another team.
  9. Hi guys, Just wrote my first blog of the year, http://www.shoot.co.uk/news/latest_article/C49/championship/boros_digard_surprise/ Any feedback would be great, Let me know what you think
  10. Agree completely, have a bench of youngsters by all means, try one starter maybe but only if he has the capabilities, let's finish the season on form and as high up the table as we can
  11. CF, i agree, he takes his own point of view and that's it in my opinion, i know he's playing there now but he's not a Championi player generally so seems a pointless argument
  12. And again with Bailey, who would have thought he'd be so central to our plans!
  13. I thought Parlour was decent for us, it was just that we always tried to play him on the wing which was a ridiculous idea at his age and as someone who was a central midfielder. I was always a huge fan of Morrison however and was gutted to see him go. I remember when he first broke in to the team, his speed was such a welcome boost to the squad. Shame we haven't got him now. Then again even the likes of David Murphy, Ross Turbull, Stuart Parnaby would all be very welcome now!
  14. Just a note on Taylor's goal... was it me or was it a horrible scuff!? Looked like he nearly missed but that's only from the highlights. Not knocking him though, I think he's a very solid and capable player- just not much more unfortunately. As for the Hull game I feel confident with Lita and Emnes back, I reckon we can grab a 2-0 victory.
  15. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chris_Brunt Not the most reliable source but... you're wrong haha
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