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  1. He was. They followed him since June, the Norwegian press has reported several times. As with RB and Manchester United. At least they have been scouting him. As for the Belgia club, a fee was agreed, and personal terms as well, but he rejected in order to win the league with Bodø/Glimt. And maybe he thought he could get a better transfer, who knows. He wasn't even a regular last season, so it has all gone up, up up for him this season. how come you follow norwegian football so closely, Dan? Have you got relatives living there? Yes, The Kåre Ingebrigtsen had a liking to the good old Rosenborg of old. In the 90s, when they did well in the Champions league, and bought up all the biggest Norwegian talents, and sold them later to foreign leagues for big money. Its crazy to think we once had two teams at the same time in the Champions league, with Molde and Rosenborg. Its a long time since, and Norwegian football has similarities to the development of english football. After the TV-money increased drastically in the early 2000, the clubs were being run a lot more short-sighted. My club, Bryne (Where it all started for Erling Braut Haaland btw) is a perfect example. Still paying for old fun, and now playing in the norwegian second division. Local talented are getting a chance, like Erling. I remember watching him play for Bryne at the age og 15, but like with most of our talented youngsters, they are being swooped up by bigger clubs in Norway. Some again are sold to foreign leagues for profit. Yes, Vålerenga is doing better now, but this season has a lot of similarities to last season, so they can still end up like before. Personally, Im really curious to see how Rosenborg will do in the future, with Åge Hareide back as a manager, and signing som quality established players. Markus Henriksen, Per Ciljan Skjelbred. Local players, with a history in the club, and yet with quality to offer. To bad they didn't make the European league, Like Molde did. Molde almost qualified for Champions league too. Thats some chance that has gone begging.
  2. Yes Dan, his transfer came as a bit of a surprise to most Norwegians. Although I don't remember where, I do believe he has been rated as someone with incredible potential by some european football experts. That caused a few raised eyebrows back in Norway. I reckon it has to be some sort of hype because of other talented Norwegian and Swedish talent currently playing in Norway. I remember thinking he would not succeed in Boro, and I still stand by that. Its going to be interesting seeing if he gets regular gametime at Milan in the future. He signed a five year contract, and made his debut on a 20 minute cameo yesterday. I don't think he made much of an impact. The Atalanta link is an odd one, I must say. Bodø Glimt reminds me of a Rosenborg of old, quick on the counter, and capable of playing a good passing ball, and like atalanta: Good at breaking the press, and harassing the opposition. The assessment got most of the players strengths right, no doubt, but apart from that, I don't get it. Most Norwegians agree Bodø/Glimt play a game much greater than the sum of their parts. Kjetil Knutsen has had some development the latest years, both for himself and the club. They have sold several key players already, and will continue to do so in the future. The coach will probably join a bigger club next season, as topping this one is next to impossible. both the development and recruiting of players has been highly impressive over quite some time. In a way, the last two seasons has similarities to what Leicester did in the Premier league. Everything just clicked, and at the same time the other big teams in Norway are underachieving, and has been for some time. Well, maybe not Molde, which is OGS old club. It has got to be said though; the level and recourses of the Norwegian Tippeliga is pretty poor. The best teams are probably somewhere between lower championship and league one. Another important aspect is that most teams play on an artificial surface, which is why most foreign scouts deducts 15-20% of the assessed quality of a player in Tippeligaen. Jens Petter Hauge has been added to the Norwegian national time for the first time now. Unfortunately, Lagerback is a proper 442-man, and I can't really see him playing in another system then 433 for now.
  3. I might be able to add something here. Last time I was out drinking, I was out with a friend who is now coaching in the Norwegian 2. Division. He has actually coached Erling Braut Haaland, for what its worth. He has also played in Tippeligaen, which is the top flight in Norway. Amongst us was a friend of his, that used to play in the EFL. We discussed the current level of norwegian club football. They said that Molde and Rosenborg would probably be fighting for promotion to the Premier league. All the others would be league one/league two. Bodø Glimt is heavily influenced of the Rosenborg of old. Great game plan, great system, with all the players knowing their task. Making the team greater then the sum of their parts. Junker to me, is just like Pukki. Suddently it clicks. The young winger just rejected a move to Cercle Brugge, because he wanted to win the league. He is probably worth 5 millions, at least now. Personally, I would spend my money elsewhere, as Norwegians seems to struggle with the english style. We tend to move to belgium, netherlands, italy or germany. I would think he would flop in a warnock side, but rip it up for Ajax or PSV. From abroad, english football has a lot of talent, but lacking in so much elsewhere.
  4. Glad to see I'm not the only one, hoping to see Reach back in a Boro-shirt. With the likelihood of one, possibly two big money sales in the transfer window, let´s just hope we are in a position to spend some of the money too. I would love to see Gibson and Reach back. What do you guys reckon they would cost? If Roberts is 3, I would guess a similar fee for Reach.
  5. Just want to add what I've been saying to my wife ever since Monk went bad. I miss Karanka. I do, and I'd love to see him back.
  6. Logged on to praise Mikel, and seems I'm not the only one. I've followed him ever since he played as a teenager in Norway. He is so good, and makes everyone around him better. The way he recycles the ball. He is the best player wearing a boro shirt since Juninho in his prime. There, I just had to say it.
  7. Me neither, the streaming service from www.mfc.co.uk is working terribly today. Brings back memories from the start of the season.
  8. Don't often post anymore, but I've promised myself not to bother my wife. This is the worst string of performances that I've seen since the Strachan era. We need to start looking at other options than Pulis, because... Well, this is simply dreadful to watch.
  9. So, albeit playing a system that our manager doesn’t prefer, we seem to have settled on a system that suits our current group of players quite well. Plus, we have added players that I hope will improve and enable us to maintain the system for a full season and eventually what to me looks like a serious push for promotion. I was initially somewhat skeptical after selling what was imo our three best players, possibly our fourth too with Martin seeming to leave. Now however, I am more optimistic and this is why: We look like a team that are set up as hard to beat, and having the ability to turn tough games in our favor. Its a mix of graft and guile, with real quality from back to front. We have options and at least what i would call adequate cover for every position. Plus, we have a midfield that can do whatever required. We are no longer having trouble creating chances against the best teams, or loosing, but are actually turning tough fixtures into wins or draws. Goalkeeper options: Randolph is as good as it gets at this level, with the only obvious weakness his commanding of the area. Our centrebacks are more than capable of handling that Our three at the back: Ayala, Flint and Fry looks solid atm. Adding both a goal threat from set pieces and Fry’s eye for a pass. It looks really good imo. Friend, Shotton, Batth and possibly Clayton in a Connor Coady like role makes us look well equipped imo. Our left side looks well equipped, with three options if you include Downing. Although neither looks as defensively sound as i would have liked, all three offers an attacking threat. Particularly Downing and McQueen. Our right hand side is an obvious question mark considering the length of the season. Shotton initially looking a square peg in a round hole, but I am so impressed of what he brings. Plus his long throw is a nightmare to defend. We dont have any obvious backup, but McNair is capable by the looks of it. In retrospect, selling Christie and Fabio looks odd with us suddenly playing wing backs with seemingly no proper wing back but I would be willing to argue that the options we have now are actually doing the job quite well. Our midfield three options looks fantastic imo. It has a lot of running through Besic, Howson and Saville. Clayton can defend our defense, as can Besic and possibly Leadbitter. Downing can add class alongside Saville. We can swamp an opponent, we can contain the ball quite well, but most important, we will be hard to break down because of the pure energy our Midfield brings. Hopefully, both Saville and McNair can add an actual goal threat. We have a lot of great options for midfield, and that is not even including Wing and Tavernier who are both more attack minded. Surely, we can only play three from the nine at the time, but we have a wast pool of players to choose from, capable of setting us up both to be hard to beat, master a pressing game and simply recycle the ball well and be creative. As for our attacking options, maybe we dont have pace on the wings, and the terrific dribbling skill from Adam and his ability to win free kicks for our Pulis-ball. We have different options still, and our attackers offers different qualities then what maybe Pulis would like, but still something that makes us very efficient and hard to beat. To me, the key is Braitwhaite, for adding skill and a link between midfield and attack. I am so glad he is still our player, and we should back him the best we can. To me, he has been a terrific professional. Assombalonga offers pace and goal threat. Hugill graft and great defense from the front. Fletcher has pace and can break quickly. They are all different options, with the only obvious question for me being if they are capable scoring enough goals. I cant really see any scoring the 20+ goals expected from an attacker in a promotion winning side. Our fifth option being Gestede, who I think it’s obvious isn’t right for us as a lone striker. As an option from the bench however is fantastic. He has a terrific leap and just the thought of having to defend a long throw or other set piece pushing 90 minutes with the likes of Ayala, Flint, Batth, Hugill and Gestede is terrifying to me as an old defender. We were already one of the best teams in the championship for set pieces, and I’d be very surprised if anyone can come even close to us come May. Even after loosing arguably our three best players, we do look the better team this season. This might not be what we have wanted, but the signings of Saville and not least Batth tells me that we at least had a backup plan at the ready: 352, and for this I’m very happy. Yes, we have missed out on quite a few players, but I still think we have been lucky recruitment-vice, with all players coming in actually offering something to our team. This is no fluke, and to me, Pulis is a terrific pragmatic. I didn't really look forward with great anticipation when he first was appointed, but he has now won me over. There is so much more to him then what I first expected.
  10. This stuff is absolute shambles. The sound is off too. I have turned it to the max, and i can barely hear a word of the commentators. now the video is gone too. They should now be allowed getting paid for such a poor service.
  11. Its working. 43.40 minutes.. Considering it did not work for the previous game either, while Millwalls service was working smoothly from my experience, I`d say the blame is on the born for this.
  12. "We are currently experiencing technical difficulties with the website login process. The website should function correctly but you will be unable to login whilst we work on a fix. We hope to have this resolved very soon, so please try again shortly." This is poor. Why not beta test it before charging 150 pounds for something clearly not ready.
  13. Can someone verify that the service is actually working?
  14. Not able to log in... this is poor. Almost as poor as out transfer window.
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