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  1. For any Scandinavian Boro fan, this might be of great interest. The terrific Swedish football journalist Erik Niva visited Midldesbrough and the Riverside yesterday, and made a short film for Aftonbladet. I guess most locals never heard of him, since he is doing most of is work in his own native tongue. He is by far the best football narrator I can think of. To anyone not from Denmark, Sweden og Norway: He speaks highly about the town and its football club. Red Faction gets an honorable mention too. The clip
  2. Thanks, Oslo_Syd. I was under the impression that the website was still able to stream in other countries.
  3. Anyone else watching from abroad, not able to watch todays game. It's not listed on any Norwegian channel, so don't understand why I'm not able to watch the game one Mfc.co.uk
  4. He was. They followed him since June, the Norwegian press has reported several times. As with RB and Manchester United. At least they have been scouting him. As for the Belgia club, a fee was agreed, and personal terms as well, but he rejected in order to win the league with Bodø/Glimt. And maybe he thought he could get a better transfer, who knows. He wasn't even a regular last season, so it has all gone up, up up for him this season. how come you follow norwegian football so closely, Dan? Have you got relatives living there? Yes, The Kåre Ingebrigtsen had a liking to the good ol
  5. Yes Dan, his transfer came as a bit of a surprise to most Norwegians. Although I don't remember where, I do believe he has been rated as someone with incredible potential by some european football experts. That caused a few raised eyebrows back in Norway. I reckon it has to be some sort of hype because of other talented Norwegian and Swedish talent currently playing in Norway. I remember thinking he would not succeed in Boro, and I still stand by that. Its going to be interesting seeing if he gets regular gametime at Milan in the future. He signed a five year contract, and made his debut on a
  6. I might be able to add something here. Last time I was out drinking, I was out with a friend who is now coaching in the Norwegian 2. Division. He has actually coached Erling Braut Haaland, for what its worth. He has also played in Tippeligaen, which is the top flight in Norway. Amongst us was a friend of his, that used to play in the EFL. We discussed the current level of norwegian club football. They said that Molde and Rosenborg would probably be fighting for promotion to the Premier league. All the others would be league one/league two. Bodø Glimt is heavily influenced of the
  7. Glad to see I'm not the only one, hoping to see Reach back in a Boro-shirt. With the likelihood of one, possibly two big money sales in the transfer window, let´s just hope we are in a position to spend some of the money too. I would love to see Gibson and Reach back. What do you guys reckon they would cost? If Roberts is 3, I would guess a similar fee for Reach.
  8. Just want to add what I've been saying to my wife ever since Monk went bad. I miss Karanka. I do, and I'd love to see him back.
  9. Logged on to praise Mikel, and seems I'm not the only one. I've followed him ever since he played as a teenager in Norway. He is so good, and makes everyone around him better. The way he recycles the ball. He is the best player wearing a boro shirt since Juninho in his prime. There, I just had to say it.
  10. Me neither, the streaming service from www.mfc.co.uk is working terribly today. Brings back memories from the start of the season.
  11. Don't often post anymore, but I've promised myself not to bother my wife. This is the worst string of performances that I've seen since the Strachan era. We need to start looking at other options than Pulis, because... Well, this is simply dreadful to watch.
  12. So, albeit playing a system that our manager doesn’t prefer, we seem to have settled on a system that suits our current group of players quite well. Plus, we have added players that I hope will improve and enable us to maintain the system for a full season and eventually what to me looks like a serious push for promotion. I was initially somewhat skeptical after selling what was imo our three best players, possibly our fourth too with Martin seeming to leave. Now however, I am more optimistic and this is why: We look like a team that are set up as hard to beat, and having the ability to
  13. This stuff is absolute shambles. The sound is off too. I have turned it to the max, and i can barely hear a word of the commentators. now the video is gone too. They should now be allowed getting paid for such a poor service.
  14. Its working. 43.40 minutes.. Considering it did not work for the previous game either, while Millwalls service was working smoothly from my experience, I`d say the blame is on the born for this.
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