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  1. Possibly, but I think people will need to give us good value. Same goes for any player. I think Randoloh, McNair and possibly Wing are the only players who's get any interest
  2. Playing with Pears on the bench.. looks like you're a bit wrong
  3. The positives: We won, Britt scored... The negatives: We looked disjointed, players lacking confidence and form, system still not right, were lucky not to concede. Still 3 points though... Maybe the first brick of this season's foundations. Another home game to come, a positive start against Millwall and it could start to look a little better... COULD
  4. You've got a point CT, it's been a tough thing to commentate on..
  5. Could be Dorset or Kent.. if at all either of the Gillinghams
  6. Sadly only a few games were recorded. I'll have a look to see what I can dig up once I'm fully established back down here. My Mac is currently in a box under a bed ?
  7. I'm sure he is, I've followed a few commentators careers and being biased on local radio hasn't stopped the best rising to the top. I'm led to believe Ali turned down moves up the ladder as he only wanted to commentate on the Boro. He was also the reason why so many of our games were picked for 5live/sports extra in his days when nothing else was on. Because the standard was high.
  8. I do agree, far from the worst commentary team we've had to listen to following the Boro. Addo is a decent presenter and the trio thing works. Bernie had his time, it worked well as the Yang to Ali's Ying. Higgy was good too - far more tactical awareness in his comments.
  9. My problem with Mark Drury is it feels like he's commentating for a bigger aim - like it's a constant 5live audition. It's not what people generally want from a local radio commentator. Nothing wrong with a bit of bias - his only audience is Teesside and those willing to pay MFC - get less excited when the oppo score
  10. BBC Tees have a perfectly good commentator.. just a shame it's Rob Law and not Mark 'I love a cliche and club nickname and talk about anything but the game' Drury I don't think I'd go down too well either, with my southern accent and all.. long commute too as back in the land of over priced houses ?
  11. Essentially, yes. I'd like to think with none of the nonsense that you often get with radio commentaries. I describe exactly what's happening, very little time for fluffy stuff. It's more like the original radio commentaries before personality started to get in the way of things ?
  12. Spent the last two seasons working for the club as their audio descriptive commentator for blind and partially sighted supporters... Best job ever, despite having to put up with Pulisball ?
  13. Some great logic here - can't argue with any of it
  14. I'm with Jimmy, let McNair sit. I think he's got more in the tank than Howson energy wise and also has more defensive qualities having played right back and center back through large parts of his time at Man Utd.
  15. The next penalty is tricky.. it could be a while waiting for it too. Ideally it comes when we've got a decent (2+ goals) advantage in a game and the scoring of it isn't vital. If that's the case, Britt takes it for me. If it's 90+ mins and the game is level, my thought process might be different... Tricky game this, we need to improve as a pressing unit, were still half doing it leaving space at times. Randolph Dijksteel - Ayala - Friend - Coulson Howson - McNair - Wing Johnson - Britt - Fletcher Is how I'd go. Clayton looks a bit lost in the press and is found too deep now allowing the back 4 to squeeze too, McNair clearly gets the press better and has been all energy so far this season. I think Howson is our best all round midfielder and Wing does what Wing does. No need to tinker with our front 3 yet
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