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  1. Ha yeah that comment was timed great wasn’t it? ? hopefully we can build on this and it gives the lads the confidence that they so desperately need
  2. Well this is what you get with a paper thin, unbalanced squad and an unproven manager. Edit: and just like that I ‘anti-jinxed us’
  3. I’ve sort of fell out of love with club football to be honest. I think it’s the money involved. I mean it’s been a massive part of the game for years but these last few years have felt like the tipping point. Bang average players going for £25mill plus, £200k a week players being the norm. That plus all the soap opera around it. It became tiresome. Compare that to how I felt watching the World Cup. It’s a level (ish) playing field where you can’t just buy whoever you want and the minnows don’t lose their best players. I enjoyed it. It felt fair. Also life has me very busy at the minute.
  4. Although tongue in cheek Jimmy you are not far off the point!! This has happened before during my time on the forum and that is why I have always encouraged pre match meet ups with forum members, though home games are more difficult. It is often hard to judge people by comments and posts alone because often you have no idea as to the tone of the person posting. BoroNut mentioned that Humpty was not missed but I for one certainly miss him along with many other infrequent posting members. Matthew in the past has helped enormously the forum and having met him on a few occasions he really
  5. If we are chasing Silva then we should be using the lads who went to Wolves as an example. Something along the lines of They joined a championship team and they are now Premier League players’
  6. I think you're right we'll be shot of Britt, but I'm 110% certain that Waghorn is being bought to play on the left of the front three. Our three CF options will be Hugill, Gestede and Fletcher. I’ve had a lot going on lately so I’m hardly on here. Just logged on and seen this. Wow, that is a depressing selection of strikers. The targets be touted are so uninspiring it’s unreal. Looks like it’s going to be a long season.
  7. Really lacking creativity in that team though.
  8. Will you be doing an average over the season again BU?
  9. We’ve basically stopped playing the long ball since he came on haven’t we?
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