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  1. I would like to see baker and Harrison thrown in against Burton at some point and go for it I thought instead of putting craine on i thought baker should of been thrown on it was ideal situation for him to exploit areas of the field we had failed to do
  2. Taking me son today who has never seen the boro lose a game at home not a bad run for him he's been 35 times over the last 5 years UTB ?⚪
  3. Really hoping it's Hummel I love the retro makes I might even get the full tracksuit even at 35 year old ?
  4. Viduka is a great shout but a player of his credibility would be a big challenge to get him to play in the championship if we are talking strikers for a moment I would say Hamilton Ricard he would play at this level and was a proven goal scorer in the prem for boro
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