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  1. Is this more guessing or is there a source?
  2. Is this just guess work mate or are you in the loop??
  3. It’s been such along time from I’ve join you lads!! Come on the BORO
  4. Can I get code I'm usually play in the forum league every year
  5. Don't know if any of u guy r interested but I run a league on the EPL game. £25 in and £1000 to the win we pay out top 10 and have 5 mom prices plus we run r own cup after the second wild card. We have 100 player in already and we cap it at 128 so 28 points left. Drop me a PM if u fancy it!
  6. With the personnel we have now this is also the team I would play. If we get a new keeper that's a hell of a team for the championship
  7. Is gaston staying now? Sorry it been a busy summer and haven't been keeping tabs things
  8. Rw Adama/Bamford 10 Mc Cormick/ Hoolahan Lw Burke/chapman
  9. Thanks folks. I'll keep a wee eye out for them going on sale
  10. Thinking about traveling over from Belfast for the Sunderland game! Do any of u know when tickets r on sale for that game or know if it would be impossible to buy them?
  11. Downing 2/7 on sky bet to join palace
  12. 100% yes..... It would take a few to get up to speed but a quality forward player with a eye for goal. But I'm not sure we can have two loans from the same prem team??? Yes I actually think your rite. Victor Orta's jobs safe with me around lol
  13. Don't know if it's been mentioned but would any one take Danny Welbeck on loan for the rest of the season? He needs game time and he can play more or less anywhere across the front three
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