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  1. It is getting to the point where you have to think people at the top of the club are incompetent. The club clearly released a version of the Bolasie goings on to the gazette and echo that it wanted the fans to believe. They weren't banking on Bolasie coming out telling the truth. Bolasie thinks the club did all it could to get it through. Looks like they pulled the wool over his eyes too.
  2. You just knew it. Once Everton came down on wages, the Benny Hill music kicked in and Bausor started running round like a headless chicken.
  3. There is definitely a lack of intensity in our play, just no oomph. We have some quality but when watching us it is all a bit flat. A player like Paddy McNair sums it up. He seems to have a lot of qualities but just seems to coast and get by. We need him and Howson and Saville to set the tone. Grab the game by the balls a bit.
  4. You would think we will hear something from Warnock after match.
  5. Wouldn't shock me if Wing leaves on loan or something. Don't think Warnock fancied him before tonight, nevermind after that display.
  6. Yes mate watched it. He is in stands too. Says it all.
  7. Yup, No doubt he is happy to be out of it.
  8. I just hope he has some good news on potential signings. If he comes out and says things have fell through it will be a horrendous night
  9. The consequence of years of sheer incompetence from the very top of the club. Warnock will probably keep us up, about as much as we can hope for based on this.
  10. It does sound like the deal is fairly far on. Is this your Barnsley player @Raf smog?
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