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  1. Warnock saying he couldn't get hold of Bausor today. Seems a bit bizarre? Our manager can't get hold of the chief executive who is away negotiating transfers. Shouldn't they be on the phone every few hours?
  2. We are a bigger club (time spent in top flight, historical attendances, trophies won even) but that's where Boro being more attractive stops and Muniz won't know or care about each clubs history. Our only hope would be to blast Fulham out of the water in wages which we can't do.
  3. Shame, but clearly the club are pushing, showing ambition. That is a massive positive.
  4. It won't be 50% of any sell on fee. It will only kick in once it goes over a certain threshold. If we sell him for £4m they won't get £2m.
  5. Fu**k it let's add another tier to the Riverside. Golden era incoming.
  6. He will undoubtedly sign for Fulham and play for one of the most inoffensive clubs in English football in one of the least intimidating grounds in England. He won't have a clue though.
  7. These long drawn out Boro transfer sagas are really boring. Seems to be common thing these days.
  8. What is evident from translating Argentinian tweets/articles is how rated Payero is. Fingers crossed it gets done. If it is happening for 5m then clearly the club think it's worth the push financially.
  9. I'm desperate for transfer news so did some digging on Argentinian newspapers 😁. Nothing massively new - https://www.ambito.com/deportes/banfield/vendio-martin-payero-us8-millones-al-futbol-ingles-n5212840 I did a google translate on the article, mostly nothing we haven't heard about him coming. However, the quote translated says this - "The officialization will take place in the next few days, when all the documentation is signed, and Payero will join his new club when he returns from the Tokyo Olympic Games, where he will be part of the Argentine team," a spokesman for the 'Dr
  10. I would be shocked if a mid table french ligue 1 side were paying anyone 35k. Outside of PSG the league is financially poorer than the championship.
  11. It's not pesos, that would be too cheap for a guy in the Argentinian Olympic squad. It is the equivalent to 60k GBP? Has Gibbons thought *** it? Let's have a go?
  12. Sunderland are putting in bids of £1m for Wolves reserves too. Don't think we have a penny to spend personally.
  13. Hated last seasons, this is much better. Still loved 19/20 top the most.
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