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  1. What an I on about? - it's very clear, Dael Fry is a better centre half than Marc Bola.
  2. It's concerning that Wilder believes Lenihan, Bola get in the team over Fry.
  3. To be fair to him, If Groningen have accepted an offer and then asked for more after he has travelled over here I can understand how frustrated he would be. They are clearly messing him about. Young lad thinking he is about to move to England, then the next second he isn't.
  4. Don't underestimate the championship. The promise of the premier league (either through us or a move after us) and a bit of cash.
  5. If we can get Greaves and a proper striker over the line we wont be far away. Fingers crossed.
  6. Chuffed with this, a proper signing. Makes us look stronger in the middle of the park. Wilder will be happy.
  7. I've only ever said ITK stuff once before about Forss and it was right. For what it's worth same lad has told me Alex Mowatt was at Rockliffe today. Could be ***, just passing it on.
  8. Can see us getting Larsen, we are edging towards what they want.
  9. This window would all be worth it if we got Greaves, Mowatt and Larsen in the next couple of weeks.
  10. Hopefully the likes of Forss and Hoppe will go on and become excellent players. Club could really do with that 'marquee' signing tho. If nothing else to lift everyone, the fans are on side. Don't lose them Boro.
  11. There is also the elephant in the room that maybe everyone has worked out Wilderball 🤷‍♂️
  12. I think the Tav transfer really took any new season feel good factor away. The fact we are 2 weeks later without a replacement even close is frustrating and makes you question what the club are doing, especially when everyone else won't let players leave without a replacement. Just looks a bit amateurish. On top of that we then parade a young striker who hasnt done much in front of 6k fans. All we need is the Benny hill theme in the background.
  13. Not shocked. Club is a bit flat at moment caused by a transfer window that hasn't quite delivered - yet.
  14. Exactly, we did bid a lot of money for a striker who looks like he has real pedigree. So ending up with those strikers would be a dissapointment.
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