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  1. What Wilder achieved at Sheff Utd is far more impressive than Farke at Norwich.
  2. When I first heard Wilder I was a bit underwhelmed. I'll get behind him in the hope he isn't just another bloke on the managerial merry go round.
  3. I can't remember the last time the Gazette actually had a 'scoop' or some exclusive Boro news. It's been years and years. They just regurgitate stuff from other sources. The chances of a gazette journalist knowing something about Warnock and then daring to confirm it is minimal.
  4. I wouldn't worry too much about what gazette journalists are saying.
  5. Payero goes all in, I'm loving it to be fair.
  6. Warnock loved his time there you know. Fantastic club. Fantastic people.
  7. True, I was more refering to the fact that he was going.
  8. The only hope is that Lurker initially reported it.
  9. Yeah, it doesn't get much worse than an international break with Warnock surviving and our form player being a 36 year old Sol Bamba. Absolutely class.
  10. Just can't see anything happening. Hope I am wrong.
  11. True, although in recent years he has been willing to get rid quicker.
  12. Gibson hasn't been ruthless enough for me. This half way house of keeping Warnock whilst the rest of club is going in a different direction seems bizarre to me.
  13. John Terry's Range Rover spotted outside Manjaros next?
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