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  1. Our defenders are atrocious. Basic marking lacking. George Friend is awful.
  2. I think no matter what Warnock should be given next season Who would you want to get us promotion out of league one? Who would you want to maybe have a surprise play off push on a limited budget in the championship? Warnock for me. Stay up or go down we ain't getting someone better than him. And I couldn't care less about expansive entertaining football. I want to see us win, how many clubs below the PL actually play good football.
  3. Exactly - who would have hired Woodgate apart from Boro? Nobody. Not even a league 2 team I reckon. I want the best manager we can possibly get. Even on cheap wages we could have done way better. Gibson wants to look at himself and ask - is Jonathan Woodgate the right man to manage us? This is his first full time appointment when the vast majority of the fans said it was a bad appointment from the start. Monk and Strachan had their backers. Sometimes Steve you have to listen to the fans. They watch the team more than anyone.
  4. This lockdown re-start is a real test of any manager. It's embarrassing how under prepared and lost we looked. Tells me Woodgate is out of his depth. He was unable to prepare and bring together a team. Is there any hope Gibson takes action this season?
  5. Woodgate said he would play attacking pressing football. He said it because that's what Klopp and Guardiola do and he has absolutely failed to implement it. The team has no identity. Woodgate just said what he said because he thought it sounded good. The lad is from boro but he isn't a manager. We need a proper manager.
  6. I'm sorry but even if we somehow stay up Woodgate is not the answer at this level.
  7. He should be scrutinised and questioned about his awful recruitment of people to senior positions in the club. The way we have capitulated since promotion has been nothing short of disastrous, it shows there has been some serious incompetence at the top of the club since 2016. Including Gibson.
  8. Looks like Gibson is staying at Burnley. What a mess that move has been. Wasted 2 years of his career. If he has any sense he will do what he needs to do to get out of that club.
  9. We are due 1 more Gibson on Teesside sighting before the window closes.
  10. So Ben Gibson is 'training' at rockcliffe today?
  11. 😂 apologise if it is rubbish. Just random for him to post it.
  12. This is it. Lads seems adamant. Obviously he is there so can see things more clear than a pic. Apologies in advance if this is all rubbish!
  13. Ha. The lad never posts anything like this. I know he knows someone in the club but that's about it.
  14. I'm not ITK but someone on my Facebook has posted Gibson is having a medical with a grainy picture from far away.
  15. Is Britt leaving a real possibility? ITK posters?
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