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  1. He should be scrutinised and questioned about his awful recruitment of people to senior positions in the club. The way we have capitulated since promotion has been nothing short of disastrous, it shows there has been some serious incompetence at the top of the club since 2016. Including Gibson.
  2. Looks like Gibson is staying at Burnley. What a mess that move has been. Wasted 2 years of his career. If he has any sense he will do what he needs to do to get out of that club.
  3. We are due 1 more Gibson on Teesside sighting before the window closes.
  4. So Ben Gibson is 'training' at rockcliffe today?
  5. 😂 apologise if it is rubbish. Just random for him to post it.
  6. This is it. Lads seems adamant. Obviously he is there so can see things more clear than a pic. Apologies in advance if this is all rubbish!
  7. Ha. The lad never posts anything like this. I know he knows someone in the club but that's about it.
  8. I'm not ITK but someone on my Facebook has posted Gibson is having a medical with a grainy picture from far away.
  9. Is Britt leaving a real possibility? ITK posters?
  10. The club is in a real bad state, the club/recruitment have made an absolute pigs ear of it for around 3 years. The whole Barragan, Fischer, Bernardo summer really hurt us. It destroyed a dressing room that had just won promotion. Since that summer it has just been a disaster, paying all that money for Britt looks horrendous business, selling Bamford and keeping Fletcher, Gestede and Britt, Buying Flint and selling him for less a year later, Savilles value has halved in 6 months, etc etc.
  11. Pulis teams were far easier on the eye than this. This is a disgrace. Woodgate should be embarrassed he has prepared his team to play like this.
  12. I cannot believe the reaction form woody. "Oh we were both bad today, we go again" I couldn't care less if Blackburn were poor, it doesn't make it ok for us to be rubbish. Is this guy for real? I was at Ewood Park and that was a disgrace. Nevermind the lack of quality we weren't up for it. Second best to every ball.
  13. Some of his footballing decisions have been absolutely crazy. He must look back and think he really ballsed stuff up since promotion under Karanka. His managerial appointments have mostly been extremely poor. Even McLaren, yes he did well but he had the club at its most ambitious and richest, I will always wonder what Terry Venables could have done had he taken the job with the money McLaren had. I reckon higher than 7th with that team. Anyway, it does feel like we are entering the final chapter of Steve Gibson's reign. Considering he has been with us for over 30 years that final chapter could last a good 5+ years yet.
  14. The issue is he has never had a long extended run in the team. I would like to keep him but if club took more than £20m I wouldn't be shocked
  15. Man of the match was McNair for me. Immense. Great atmosphere, definitely could see the style of play difference from last season. Stuck in traffic on the M1 now.
  16. I meant Nathan Wood not Walker. Fletcher has been training all week as well.
  17. That was Nathan Wood. Not Fletcher. I was literally sat next to the bench. Fletcher was not on bench.
  18. He was named but he wasn't there. I was sat behind Gestede and Randolph.
  19. Absolutely desperate for 3 tickets for this. I realise it is a long shot.
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