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  1. Both sides really struggling to pass the ball, so many turn overs in dangerous areas, then instead of countering whilst they are out of position they check back into a deep lying CM, doesn't seem to be a tactical plan from either team atm.
  2. What an underwhelming team, all the videos on the Facebook page have been of Britt and Fletch working together as a partnership and they're both benched. Can only think he's wanting to play on the counter using the pacey lads off gestede. With a view to bringing on the other lads when we're chasing the game.
  3. It's poor management, there's a couple of players in poor form, a manager with any idea if what they're doing brings them out of the limelight for a couple of games.
  4. Not really, all he did was hold his ground, pears has to be stronger and a defender needs to see that coming and drop back onto the line
  5. I'll be honest I didn't see the Leeds game, I'm coaching on a Wednesday night, I agree for 21 he's good, but not a championship level keeper atm for me, in a year or two maybe but not for a team that is supposed to be looking to finish top half.
  6. Still stand by what I said, pears isn't good enough. One good ball out doesn't make him a good keeper.
  7. Biggest issue we have is that we're trying to play football that the players just aren't good enough to do, the few times we've tried to pass through the lines quickly our players have either passed it into the stand or straight to a defender.
  8. So where is Stojanovic? Pears is not a championship gk, jeez, even I would have saved that, it trickled past him, no excuse for allowing that much space on the edge of the box though.
  9. Please please please please please let it be AK. I know he wasn't great in the prem for us and fell out with some of the players, i'd hope he learned from those mistakes, and to think a lot of us have been resigned to settling for woodgate, it would be IMO a much better appointment.
  10. Scratch my last post, I've just managed to get to it by pressing the black dot, my fat fingers must have accidentally hit the thread title when I opened the first thread.
  11. This, Iove the new look of the forum but an option to go to the first unread post is essential, a lot of people don't have time go go through and find the last post they read.
  12. I'm away on a cruise at the minute and thought to myself when ajax went 1 up I may aswell just go catch some sun up on the pool deck, kinda wishing I had stayed down and watched the rest of the match, absolute madness but great to see an English final.
  13. Good to see them following through and banning him, although IMO two games isn't enough of a punishment.
  14. I think the braithwaite thing is a very good point, he is obviously a talented player and if only he didn't have a heart the size of a pea i have no doubt we'd have secured a play off position by now, he's exactly the type of player we've been missing.
  15. I heard a couple of weeks ago that he was back training but thought it was a bit soon, hopefully he has fully recovered and isn't being rushed back into it.
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