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  1. How often do you think we will see them both on the pitch at the same time?
  2. Every Boro fan knew Kebano should have started... but Warnock knew better...
  3. Who’s squad of players would you rather? Ours or Barnsley’s? Ours or Readings? we have enough quality out there but the tactic is to boot everything long. If that can even be classified as a tactic. What is Warnock being paid for? To tell the players to hoof it? His tactics are non existent. His substitutions are poor. His man management is worse. And his interviews are cringeworthy.
  4. I am going to be so gutted if Warnock is still here next season. Honestly cant bare another year of him.
  5. Completely agree. I also can’t stand the man. He is no better than Pulis in any way... playing style, man management, position in the table, bullshitting in interviews,...
  6. Fair. But please explain taking Kebano off for Saville...
  7. Please please please just get rid of Warnock now and allow a new manager to come in and start preparing for next season.
  8. How dare you question Neil Warnock logic BD...
  9. Why would you make attacking changes? Didn’t you know: Attacking football = concede lots of goals Oh wait...
  10. Neil is trying to keep the goal difference down.
  11. It really is painful to see the difference in the current fortunes of us and Leeds. Only a few years ago, Leeds were looking up to us... Now they’re stuffing teams like Southampton 3-0 in the PL whereas we are getting stuffed by teams like Bristol City and Rotherham. Only difference is that they appointed an ambitious, foreign, forward thinking, positive manager. Whilst we have been fed a variety of unadventurous, boring, negative, managers. But it’s okay, because apparently attractive football means you lose every game 4-3.
  12. And still, somehow, we have a lot of fans that think the sun shines out of Warnocks ass.
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