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  1. Am I not allowed to express a disapproval about the direction the club is going without being referred to as a “supporter”? Correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t remember saying that we had a god given right to play attractive football. Nor anything even similar. I do believe, however, that, based on recent evidence, it would be better for the club’s future if we tried to play a more modern and expansive brand of football. Look around at the club’s similar in stature and budget to ourselves who have achieved success in the last 5 years. None have done it by playing long ball football. Leeds
  2. In my opinion the milk has been poured, and spilled. For me, personally, last season was awful. I actually, for the first time in my 30 years of supporting Boro, completely lost interest during the second half of the season. Not once did I enjoy watching a Boro game last season. I am now seeing NW fill the squad with more of his style of players, hence prolonging the time that NW’s impact will be felt by the club and there lies my issue. But I’ve had my say on the matter so I’ll leave it at that to avoid derailing the thread any further.
  3. The long term future of a football manager and the long term future of a football club are two totally different things. Most clubs, nowadays, change managers on a frequent basis. But some clubs have a much better long term plan than others. Unfortunately, this is where Middlesbrough are falling way behind the better planned clubs. Surely you aren’t suggesting that we should only plan, as a club, for what happens between now and Christmas?
  4. It’s not the results that I’m worried about. Like I was with Pulis, I am confident Warnock will get us the results to be a comfortable mid table team and, with a bit of luck, we may even get close to the playoffs. But it is the cost that managers like Warnock and Pulis have on the long term future of the club that worries me. They bring in their style of players, they coach the players to play direct, long ball football and when they go we end up with a squad full of poor footballers who don’t know how to play in any other way. This was one of the reasons why we nearly ended up getting relegat
  5. He’s a poor (at best) Championship footballer and there is absolutely no evidence that suggests otherwise. But he’s 6 ft 4, so along with Ameobi (6 ft 4) and Ikpeazu (6 ft 3), Warnock is well on his way to achieving his ambition of having the tallest team that has ever played in the Championship. I am well aware that I’m boring you SmogDane (and probably quite a few others) but surely I can’t be the only one massively worried about the fact that Warnock is currently filling the squad with carthorses knowing full well that he is supposedly retiring at the end of the season. I do apologise
  6. I didn’t think the style of football could get worse than last season but we are going to be absolutely disgusting to watch this season!
  7. Got to love the difference that signing a player who has some of the worst statistics in the league, and another, who was average at his best and is now 34, can do for the mood of this board. Let’s face it, we have signed 4 poor Championship players. And as much as I would love it to be true, I am nearly certain that this Payero thing is an agent leaking an interest from us to get a deal at a bigger club. I really can’t see him ending up here. And of the other players linked, they are all average, at best. I apologise for the pessimism but I just don’t g
  8. Yeah I get that… I’d just much prefer us to change managers now, employ a manager who wants to play attractive football and stick with that!
  9. I take your point but I really can’t bare the thought of another hoofball manager coming in after Warnock. We have suffered enough. It is so clear that now is the time to start afresh with a new manager and build for the future. Unfortunately Gibson can’t see that.
  10. Greatest fears (nearly) confirmed… Warnock using our very limited resources to fill our squad with cart horses ready for a season of hoof and chase… fabulous!!! Can we please fast forward 5 years when (hopefully) Warnock will be long gone and so will his players?
  11. Are you claiming that Hoilett is consistent, reliable and dependable? Because I know a lot of Cardiff City fans who would beg to differ.
  12. You talk about 2 years of wages as if it’s nothing. Even considering Hoilett was coming in on a basic £10k/week (although I’d be surprised if it was that low), that’s still over £1 million over 2 years. Therefore, unless he fires us to promotion (which looks highly unlikely given his recent form) then we are accepting a £1 million loss as soon as we sign him. That’s just bad business. And it’s the type of business that has got us into this debt. Short term planning at its finest.
  13. Could you argue that? I never once thought that experience was what was holding us back... we have plenty of experience... Bettinelli, Hall, McNair, Saville, Morsy, Howson, Britt, Fletcher, Marvin Johnson, Bolasie, Kebano, etc. are all very experienced players at this level...
  14. If our finances are a bad as people are claiming, we need to change strategy. Start buying younger players that might have some sell on value. Wasting more and more money on wages for players, who are 29+, that add nothing to the club and who will cripple the club in years to come when we can’t get them off the books isn’t going to improve our current predicament. But it seems it’s what Warnock is intent on doing. Seriously, it’s not bloody rocket science. Just takes a little bit of creativity. But creativity seems to have been non existent at the Riverside for the past 10 years (on and off th
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