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  1. I honestly cannot believe what I’m reading. Are people seriously blaming the strikers for our lack of goals and not the fact that Warnock plays a full back and a league 1 winger as the two players nearest our lone striker. We show absolutely zero ambition. We are set up to be solid and turn each game into a scrap. That, and that alone, is the reason we score no goals. Play a front 4 of Tav, Akpom, Roberts and Britt and give them a little bit of freedom and we will score goal. Warnock is the reason for our dull, blunt “attack” not our strikers.
  2. But Warnock says we are amazing to watch and the most attacking team he’s ever had so what are we all worrying about? Seriously, it even feels like I’m listening to Pulis.
  3. He was actually trying to make something happen, unlike any other player in a Boro shirt. Just as well Mahrez, Salah, etc don’t play for Boro. They spend a lot of time coming inside, running across the area, looking to make room for a shot. Sometimes they make room for a shot and score, other times they have to recycle the ball. I’d much rather that than have Spence and Johnson predictably running down the wing to cross and hit the first man every single time. But it’s okay, because they are fine defensively. Because that’s the most important part of a wingers role (according to Neil Warnock)
  4. Does it? Really? We scored more under Pulis... and were higher in the league.
  5. Can someone please explain to me the difference between Warnock and Pulis? Both disgustingly negative.
  6. Hahaha 1-0 down and we go like for like up front. Bore off Warnock!
  7. That’s what you get when you show a complete lack of ambition.
  8. For what it’s worth, I don’t think Reading will be anywhere near the top come the end of the season. I do think Brentford and Cardiff will be well above us by the end of the season though. Neither looked particularly great against us but, as NB4 said, that’s due to our main tactic being to turn every game into a scrap. But they both look to actually try to beat teams rather than settling for draws so will pick up more points than us over the course of the season.
  9. I really do love the “if you try to play entertaining football you’ll get stuffed 3 and 4 nil” argument.
  10. I mean... only 3 teams have scored less goals than us in the whole league. We’ve scored 4 in our last 7 games. We practically play with full backs with wing backs in front of them. For much of this season we have started with 5 at the back with 3 defensive minded midfielders in front of them. We are in exactly the same position in the league as Pulis left us. Honestly, the only difference is expectation.
  11. Is it? We are playing full backs as our wingers, and playing with 1 completely isolated striker up top. It’s exactly the same as 2 years ago. The only difference is the expectation is now lower. It’s been a Steve Gibson masterclass.
  12. If we had more quality up top, they’d be sitting alongside Roberts on the bench.
  13. Here’s my conspiracy. Warnock sets his team up to defend and hope that we fluke something down the other end. Roberts doesn’t fit into that so doesn’t play. Pulis time and time again got absolutely mullered for exactly what Warnock is doing now.
  14. Would help if Warnock wasn’t afraid to put on a creative player.
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