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  1. This, right here! The man is an absolute con artist. Unfortunately, some Boro fans lap up the absolute *** he comes out with and ignore the fact that we are going backwards with him in charge. Why doesn’t he do us all a favour and actually follow through with retiring from management? No matter how bad things have got over the last 10/15 years I’ve always looked forward to the new season with hope but I can honestly say that for the first time ever I’m absolutely dreading next season.
  2. And still no youngsters on... Warnock is a *** muppet!
  3. Do you believe Warnock is the right man for the job? And what evidence supports it?
  4. At this stage I’d happily take any other manager in world football over Warnock. We are going nowhere with him in charge. Just another wasted season next year. And what’s worse is that we are about to fill our team with all his rubbish which we won’t be able to offload this time next year. Fed up of the *** decisions made at the top of this club. Completely lost interest.
  5. Glad it’s not Ched Evans... but let’s be honest, if Warnock is doing the picking, then it will most definitely be some alternative cart horse for us to boot the ball long to.
  6. Long term vision? That’s a laughable question when it comes to Gibson and Boro. I don’t think we’ve ever had a long term vision under Gibson. And the appointment, and continuing backing, of Warnock just highlights how short sighted Gibson really is.
  7. Don’t be afraid to let an agenda get in the way of reality. Granted Bettinelli hasn’t been great this season. But to claim that he’s the reason for us being 21 points behind the promotion places, or even 9 points behind the playoffs is ludicrous. There’s also been more than one occasion this season where he has pulled off vital saves to earn us points. And, let’s say, for a second, he has cost us 20 points this season... what does that say about the man who continues to choose him week after week? Lets take the rose tinted glasses off for a minute Blanco... We a
  8. Are you claiming that Bettinelli has cost us the best part of 20 points?
  9. This is exactly the problem though. Fans are so blinded by the shambles of Woodgate’s era that they are willing to put up with the mediocrity of what is currently happening. The thing that these fans are forgetting is that the squad that we had under Woodgate (and the squad that Warnock adopted) was never a relegation-quality side. It was a decent Championship side, that admittedly had a few holes, which was horrendously managed. I am convinced that had Warnock came in directly after Pulis and churned out the rubbish standard of football that he is currently churning out, t
  10. Did you enjoy our performance today? How are we ever going to become a promotion-winning side when we go into every game with the attitude of stifling the opposition rather than believing that we can beat the opposition by playing our own game? We may grind out the odd upset playing that way but we are never ever going to gain promotion with that attitude. I thought we may have figured that out during the Pulis era. The football is grim. Which I can (just abouts) accept if we are successful. But the football is grim and the results are mediocre (at best). And yet we give him another y
  11. I might give it a try... can’t be any worse than watching Boro at the moment.
  12. I honestly can’t believe that we are going to have to put up with another full season of Warnock’s horrendously negative attitude and *** poor football. Any other sports worth a watch as an alternative to watching Boro for the next year?
  13. Unfortunately he’s not English. If Gibson had the choice of Big Sam, Pep or Klopp, I guarantee he’d choose Big Sam
  14. Ched Evans... unbelievable! Please please please *** off Warnock! Feel exactly the same way for the club as I did when Pulis was in charge... absolutely nothing! Bored of putting up with absolutely *** and mundane football. Roll on 2023 when, no doubt, we will have some other dinosaur in charge.
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