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  1. I would definitely take Chalobah. A much better defensive midfielder than Howson and he would certainly return a bit of the work rate and pace in midfield that we have lost since Tav left.
  2. The worst thing is that you just know that we won’t get back into this… it’ll finish 2-1, 3-1 or 4-1 to them.
  3. Every game that goes by makes me feel more and more that the problem is in the man making the decisions in the Boro dugout!
  4. Some of Wilder’s decisions and substitutions are so bad.
  5. Super assist too… price is going to keep going up the longer this deal drags on if he keeps playing as he is…
  6. Happy with the signing of Mowatt. Adds much needed competition to our midfield. Based on what we know, this would be my guess as our transfer strategy for the rest of the window… Priority 1 and 2 - Buy in a permanent striker and permanent LCB. Going by the media, our number 1 targets are Larsen and Greaves for these positions but I’m sure we have plenty of other names if we can’t make these deals work. I think we will be trying to make these happen asap. Priority 3 and 4 - Loan a striker and a CDM from a PL team. I think these two will go right down to the wire.
  7. ...and that’ll be the last time I’ll ever post anything positive on here 🙈😂
  8. I’ve been a bit negative on here recently so let’s try a positive post… When was the last time players, who are extremely highly thought of at their current clubs (who aren’t in leagues below us), were turning down new contracts because they wanted to sign for us(Greaves) and coming out in public saying that they were frustrated that our bids were being rejected (Larsen)?
  9. I would say that Ronaldo is a big part of the problem. Thinks he can do what he wants because he is who he is. He’s supposed to be the experienced professional who the younger players look up to. But he behaves like a spoilt teenager and some of the younger players are being influenced by him and following by his lead.
  10. Just in case anyone is interested… this is a diagram comparing Tavernier and Mowatt statistically last season…
  11. I think he’s referring to the two we’ve already got as Hoppe and Forss and then, if Watmore was to leave, we might be wanting 2 more, which he is saying might be difficult based on how difficult getting Hoppe and Forss through the door was.
  12. Maybe we should get #FreeStrandLarsen trending on Twitter to put a bit of pressure on Groningen to accept our bid and to make Larsen feel wanted…
  13. Very disappointing… and unfortunately, I fear, not nearly good enough for a promotion charge. And that’s not even taking our midfield and defensive frailties into account.
  14. A lot on here seem to assume that he was amazing at Blackburn. Have a little look at Blackburn message boards… they never really rated him and weren’t very bothered that he was leaving.
  15. I really really really hope it’s not Muniz and Hoppe. Far too many “projects”.
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