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  1. I’ve no doubt they’ll be on the same page... that page being ‘deluded’.
  2. J.T.

    Steve Gibson

    Yep. These rumours that he is, are a load of nonsense. Gibson’s terrible decisions and stubbornness over the last 3 years have been the ruination of this football club.
  3. J.T.

    Steve Gibson

    The sooner Gibson sells up, the better!
  4. Gibson’s an absolute muppet
  5. I’m normally one of Woodgate’s biggest critics but you’re deluded if you’re putting the blame on him for today. We were in complete control before Johnson decided to be an absolute idiot. it was inevitable we were going to sit back and protect second half. There aren’t many managers in the world who wouldn’t, especially given our position in the league. Who’s to say we wouldn’t have lost 5-2 if we had decided to keep going at Hull. At the end of t he say we were only broken down by a worldie and then the nerves kicked in. Today is 100% down to Johnson. I hope he’s sold in January. Coulson should be starting in that position anyway.
  6. Marvin Johnson is an absolute ***. Hope he’s never seen in a Boro shirt again.
  7. Absolutely comical. Referees just promoting time wasting. Why book him? You’re just wasting another 15 seconds running down the pitch to book him, which again you’re not going to add on. I don’t agree with the abuse referees get but they don’t half help themselves at times.
  8. Woodgate is well out of his depth. But we all know that Gibbo will not have learned from previous mistakes. Its Southgate mk2.
  9. Britt is absolutely abysmal. His link up play and hold up play has to be the worst in the league. Fans go on about the goals he scores but his all round play substantially reduces the amount we score as a team. And I’d much rather us score a load as a team than having one individual scoring loads (which isn’t even happening) and the rest scoring none.
  10. Actually think that formation suits our team better, however I would go for slightly different personnel: -------------------Randolph---------------------- ----------Fry------Ayala-----Friend------------ Howson-------------------------------Coulson --------------McNair-----Wing------------------ -------------------Tavernier---------------------- -------------Britt---------Fletcher--------------- If Friend is fit, I would like McNair in midfield as I think we would lose his energy in midfield if we took him out of there. If Coulson is fit, I would have him over Bola as I think he has shown much more than Bola has in the minutes each player has player. Toss of a coin between Tav and Browne. Neither have shown much so far. But Browne has had more time to prove himself so far and hasn't done enough so I think Tav should be given the chance over Browne.
  11. Didn't see all of it as my stream kept jumping in and out but what I did see was awful. My summary of what I did see. - I missed his goal but Britt's all round play is terrible. The man does not know how to hold the ball up. - Browne was terrible. He showed a bit of promise of the bench against Luton but has been very poor since then. - Our recruitment in the summer has proven to be extremely bad, so far. I worried that all our signings were League 1 players but hoped they would be able to make the step up but so far all three look like League 1 players. Still early days but I am not liking what I've seen from them so far. I think the fact that I'd prefer to have Howson starting instead of Dijksteel at right back, Coulson over Bola at left back and Johnson over Browne says it all, really. - Ayala and Shotton, as much as they will get abuse this evening, actually defended well this evening. They aren't, and never will be, footballing centre halves and therefore do not suit the style of football, which I imagine, we are trying to play but they done their primary jobs well tonight. - Randolph solid as ever. - Fletcher anonymous for most of the play that I saw. - McNair probably our best player on the night. Though, that wasn't difficult. - Worst game I think I've seen Clayton have. - Likewise for Wing. He's been pretty poor this season. Even in the Luton game I thought he was poor, his fantastic strike aside obviously. - End of the day, it's 3 points and I think this could be a massive 3 points come the end of the season. Unfortunately, I think we will be down near the relegation positions come the end of the season. We are trying to play a style of football which very few of our players are capable of playing. And I think Wigan will be one of the other teams down there too so these 3 points could be significant come the season end. As long as we stay in this division, blood a few youngsters, continue to get rid of the deadwood, reduce the wage bill, progress towards a more positive playing style and get in a few more players who conform to this style of play then hopefully we will be in a better position to move things forward next summer.
  12. I was at the reverse fixture last season. This might be bad but there will never ever be a worse game of football that one.
  13. My two streams worked for the first 15 mins but both cut off at that point. Anyone else have a similar problem? Anyone got a working steam?
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