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  1. Ah I completely missed this Am I too late? @Raf smog
  2. Unfortunately I don’t think Warnock is all that interested
  3. Jeepers. You really do want us to have a team with absolutely zero flair don’t ya? 😬
  4. If we get Gibson and we are going with 3-5-2 this season, the first 11 isn’t far off. There are certainly areas that could do with strengthening and improving but I wouldn’t be too displeased if this was the side we put out against Watford: ———————Stojanovic——————— ———Fry———Hall———Gibson——— Spence———————————Coulson ————Tav—Howson—Saville———— —————Britt———Fletcher—————
  5. Went looking for opinions of Kevin Stewart on Hull fans forum last week. Most were generally pretty positive regarding Stewart, with a few suggesting his name for the captaincy after Lichaj left. However one thing that I did notice while browsing was that they do not rate Maddison. Just a couple of examples below: “Maddison has been a complete waste of space.” “If maddison was 1/5th as good as he thinks he is, then we may have had a good player!”
  6. Before biting, just remember what happened to the last Hull City player that KM wrote off without watching him play...
  7. Or, the more likely scenario, is that different people have different opinions. Those that didn’t want him were the posters on here saying they didn’t want him when we were first linked. And the posters that did want him are the ones that are now annoyed that he might not be coming. Is that such a far-fetched idea? I mean, I would be extremely surprised if you went back and found posts from the exact same poster, one saying he wasn’t good enough when we were first linked and another post from the exact same poster saying that they are now annoyed that we might not get him...
  8. There’s a big difference between saying a fee is nearly agreed and the deal is done surely?
  9. Just going to leave these here... Sorry guys but with the volume of people claiming to be ITK recently, I thought it would be best to do a bit of filtering!
  10. Yes! Okay he hasn’t played much football over the last 2 season. But there’s not a hope in hells chance that any other player of his stature (touted to be an English international just 2 years ago and played for England at all youth levels), who would be welcomed by pretty much every club in the Championship, and is only 27 years old, would ever actively pursue a move to us had it not been for the fact that he is from Middlesbrough and supports the club. There’s absolutely zero chance that we would currently be able attract a player of his quality otherwise.
  11. Am I the only one on here that is glad that we haven’t overpaid for a player that struggled in League 1 and has only found his feet when he’s dropped to League 2? It would be different if he was 20. But he’s 25. He could turn out to be a bargain but it’s equally likely (actually more than likely given his playing history) that he will turn out to be not good enough for this league.
  12. I would still classify Robertson as pretty small... and I don’t think he’s a very good defender... but if you’re not willing to take him as an example, let’s go Roberto Carlos... smaller than Coulson, a poor defender, yet many (not me by the way) would have him in their All Star XI. Even looking at our own league... Joe Bryan is probably one of the best left backs in the league yet he is the same height as Coulson and not very good defensively. My point is, height and being brilliant defensively are not necessities to be a good full back. However, I would agree that in a Warnock system, they probably are necessities. And there lies the problem. Under a different manager I think both Spence and Coulson could be excellent full backs. But unfortunately they won’t suit what Warnock wants of a full back.
  13. I’d love to see a front 4 of: Roberts———Tavernier———Murphy ———————Fletcher———————
  14. So demoralising watching us hand a new contract to a player that has been consistently poor for us for 3 years and is clearly a League 1 (at best) player. Starting to become really really worried about the local media overhyping of Browne, Johnson renewing his contract, very few (if any) solid links to wingers and Warnock’s constant stressing about the spine of the team (and appearing to be completely ignoring the main issue we have had for the last 5 seasons). If we start the season with either Browne or Johnson (or, God forbid, both) as our starting wingers, we will 100% be struggling around the relegation zone again this season.
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