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  1. Strachan did do a better job than this. Honestly, I thought Pulis was bad but this is just a novice trying to imitate Pulis. It’s absolutely embarrassing.
  2. Woodgate is a *** ***! Get that absolute bellend out of this club now! Does not have one clue about football management. And get Gibson gone too! Another idiot that has no clue! The two of them are bringing this club to its knees.
  3. Getting dominated by the team bottom of the league. And still no Tavernier and Coulson. You know, the players that shone when we were playing so well. *** off Woodgate!!!
  4. Please please please get Woodgate out!!! He stumbled onto a winner because we had so many injuries that he was forced to play the youth. As soon as our over paid and over rated players recovered from injury he’s back to playing them again and guess what, we are back to being *** again! All this bullshit about wanting to play youth. Give me a *** break. Woodgate is Pulis 2.0. I don’t care if we win, lose or draw today. My only wish is that we get rid of this clueless ***!!!
  5. Woodgate’s lack of understanding of the game is baffling
  6. Woodgate is absolutely clueless. Why do we keep getting managers who resort to sticking 4 men up front when we are behind with no creativity to supply the strikers? When do you ever see managers like Klopp or Pep stick 4 up top. Absolutely amateurish from Woodgate!
  7. Why the *** is Johnson still in the lineup? He is one of the worst footballers I’ve seen in a Boro shirt.
  8. So would I. However after just watching him get 1 on 1 with the last man, and stumble straight into him, I can’t see it happening.
  9. Great way of killing his confidence and knocking some of that ‘fearless’ attitude out of him to drop him the first time he has a bad game. That’s providing he’s been dropped and isn’t injured.
  10. Tav was our best player against Fulham. Maybe not saying much but the substitution to take him off made absolutely no sense.
  11. Why is Johnson starting? He’s terrible. I can only assume Coulson is injured. And Tav has been our best player for the last month... the fact he was taken off against Fulham was baffling... and now to drop him for this one!? I don’t see what Nmecha has done to deserve to start ahead of him.
  12. Oh I completely agree with this. If the price is right it’s a fairly low risk project. My original post was in response to a comment about preferring signing Oxford to Gibson which I don’t really get as other than a good debut at the age of 16, 5 years ago, Oxford hasn’t really done anything of note. I mean, he struggled to get into Reading’s team when on loan there, albeit he was still only 18. Comparing that to what we know Gibson can do i.e. he was one of the best, if not the best, centre backs in the Championship and did well with us in the Premiership too. Oxford could turn out to be a gem but right now I’d much prefer Gibson (finances permitted) than Oxford.
  13. That’s all fair enough. I just feel that if two different clubs (West Ham and now Augsburg) are happy enough to let a supposed “hot prospect” leave their club’s for next to nothing, there’s something not quite right.
  14. I just feel that if he was all that, West Ham wouldn’t have let him go.
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