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  1. Absolutely wonderful this… Not only have we got to endure another game with this *** in charge… but he’s already got his excuses lined up before the match even kicks off! We must be the only club in English football that wouldn’t have sacked him given that he is ruining the club in every possible way… Woodgate was a terrible manager but I’d happily argue that both Pulis and Warnock have set this club back much further in terms of footballing mindset and ruining youth than Woodgate did.
  2. That Gazette article this evening is absolutely laughable. It is also massively disappointing to hear that Gibson is happy to just let this season drag on just to keep Warnock happy. The football is rubbish, the results are rubbish. He has lost the fan base. Any other manager would be long gone. If Warnock had any decency, he would have walked. Unfortunately, he has none. If this is the decision that has been made and we are to continue with Warnock until the end of the season, then that’s me done wasting my money this season. I’ll check back in next summer.
  3. Easy way to sort that out Neil… Hand in your resignation and you’ll not have to speak to them again!
  4. That Hull side have to be one of the worst sides I’ve ever watched us play against… …and we lost 2-0 to them! Absolutely embarrassing! Please save the season Steve… sack him now!
  5. Exactly this. I’ve said this before. It isn’t coincidence why we get so many bad decisions given against us. When our manager constantly abuses every single referee, it is only natural that they will give 50-50 decisions against us.
  6. Depressing but I also feel this is the case. Gibson won’t sack him and Warnock is a stubborn old *** who won’t admit he’s wrong so won’t walk.
  7. Because we have a bloody awful manager
  8. There’s a reason we get so many bad decision against us… because our manager constantly berates referees/linesmen/officials throughout the 90 minutes… it’s only natural that referees will seek a bit of revenge if they can.
  9. Warnock is an absolute embarrassment to this club. His tactics and his behaviour.
  10. This man marking tactic that he employs is comical. Absolutely embarrassing that he starts every game with his only intention being to stop the opposition playing. Absolutely never any intention to take the game to the opposition. Against a team who don’t have a centre back playing, we haven’t even tried to cause them problems.
  11. Warnock is a woeful manager… absolutely woeful. How he still has a job is beyond me!
  12. Warnock chats so much ***. It’s also worrying that he claims that this is the most football one of his team has ever played. Our football is horrendous. I feel so sorry for all of his previous clubs.
  13. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…the only reason Warnock still has a job is because of Woodgate. Woodgate’s failures helped to lessen expectations. Warnock is a *** poor manager. He has one playing style and can’t adapt to the modern game. The quicker he’s gone, the better for this club!!!
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